Tinkerbell badly tinkers with Romans 8

Because Paula White is a renowned Word of Faith and prosperity heretic, she too is on our ChurchWatch radar. Recently we stumbled upon Paula White’s FaceBook promoting this image of herself for 2015 (under the username the ‘RealPaulaWhite’):

Paula White

Source: Paula White, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/realpaulawhite/photos/a.450215302312.240798.104988617312/10153145980332313/?type=3, Published 19/01/2015. (Accessed 19/01/2016.)


Another pose of her in green can be found on her main page:


We don’t usually focus on aesthetics. However, when false teachers touch on superficiality and teach people one thing but contradict their own teaching, it is worth pointing out. This is because false teachers are genuinely the ultimate hypocrites in this arena.

In this sense, it is ironic that Paula White advertises herself as the ‘RealPaulaWhite’ on FaceBook. With all her talk about purpose and accepting yourself as you are, why doesn’t she accept herself? Why the Tinkerbell makeover?


Paula White: Charismania’s Tinkerbell

Because of her makeover, we decided to check to see if Paula White has had a makeover of her theology. Here she is talking about your “purpose” sent by God. Did you know, according to Romans 8, the only thing that can separate you from the love of God (and God’s purpose for your life) is you?

Source: Uploaded by T.D. Jakes, Paula White – Sent on Purpose, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9JGgoiCKbo, Published 07/082014. (Accessed 19/01/2016.)


Clearly, he can change the sheep skin but not the wolf underneath. At the end of the day, all she can do is make you think wonderful, happy little thoughts, coating everything she says in faith and trust… and her own dust.

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  1. The reason this is uploaded by TD Jakes is he is Paula White’s mentor. Sad, but true.

    He’s a heretic, she is too.

  2. She is so full of herself. And especially since she married the rich Jonathan Cain. You can hear her talk about herself in her messages, directly and indirectly. “Sent people take over”…I think that’s exactly what she’s done, for the purpose of monetary gain. No one there seems to know or even care that she doesn’t have biblical authority to even be a pastor.

    Its absolutely unbelievable what’s happening in the “church” today, even though scripture foretold it. Dividing lines between the true and the false keep occurring rapid-fire. Jesus continues to call His sheep out into the safety of His fold…until one day SOON I HOPE He will call His own out of the world. Then things will really erupt! But oh glorious day for the saints!

  3. “No one there seems to know or even care that she doesn’t have biblical authority to even be a pastor.”

    Yes I too noticed in this clip how huge the audience is. Tons and tons of otherwise faithful believers, getting swept up into this lie. And totally disregarding 1 Tim 2 as soon as they stepped through the door, though supposedly they’re there to follow the Word of God!?

    “But oh (what a) glorious day for the saints!”

    Hallelujah! Well said. I personally cannot wait and am longing for that day.

  4. When will the weaker brethren stop listening to women pastors and teachers? Time to move off from milk onto solid food.

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