Brian Houston’s babyless bathwater gospel

Next time a Hillsong Apologist insists that Christians or some specific group should embrace Hillsong and not “chuck out the baby with the bath water”, ask them this question:

“Where is the baby in Hillsong?”

Then give them Chris Rosebrough’s below sermon review of Brian Houston’s message ‘The Gospel’.

Just because Hillsong slaps ‘Jesus’ on their products and advertising does not mean Jesus is in the Hillsong movement. Just because Hillsong says things that are gospel-ish or throw around Christian language or ideas, does not make them a legitimate church that follows Jesus.

Jesus said that frauds are wolves that appear in sheeps clothing. Hillsong do a fine job presenting fruit that is ‘pleasing to the eye’. However, all they are simply doing is repainting their dead and rotten fruit:

If Christians simply examine the painted roses of Hillsong, their wolf fur is easy to spot. If Christians look past the gimmicks, bright lights, emotions and nice sounding words, they will easily spot the bad fruit of Hillsong.

What is VERY disturbing about Hillsong is their word games, how they change definitions and so easily play with people’s minds to get the gullible believing what they want them to believe. This is a classic mark of a cult. If a church preaches a false gospel attached to a false Jesus under a false ‘Holy Spirit’, they are a false church. A cult.

In contrast to the Hillsong cult, a Christian church will:

–  not play word games;
– communicate CLEARLY their stance on controversial issues (creeds/catechisms);
– and CLEARLY preach the gospel of salvation;
– and conform to the image of God, not the world.

We are dealing with different gods here.

“For God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.” 1 Corinthians 14:33

While Jesus commands his church to speak in clarity and to be a pillar of the truth, Hillsong’s god has been creating a cult of confusion, sowing discord, division and lies in the church and in the world. This can be clearly demonstrated in the below resource.

In the below Fighting for the Faith episode, Chris Rosebrough reviews and critiques Carl Lentz’ postmodern word games. Even though the bible is VERY clear on it’s stance on homosexuality, Rosebrough exposes how Lentz is sowing confusion in the minds of Christians where Hillsong stands on homosexuality.

In the sermon review you will hear a number of false gospels; a works-based gospel; the “potential” #Purpose Driven# Gospel#; the ~New Apostolic Reformation~ ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ ; the inclusive ?Liberal Gospel?; the positive “Word of Faith” gospel; and the $Prosperity Gospel$.

Houston will talk about the gospel – but as Chris Rosebrough points out, Brian never preaches the Christian gospel that can actually lead someone to become a born-again Christian. To this date, we have only ever heard Mr Houston preach every other gospel except the real gospel.

If a church is not founded on Christ’s gospel, it is a dead church (Revelations 2-3). This is one sermon review you need to hear to be convinced that Brian Houston does not know the core Christian message of salvation.

It is important to listen to the segment of what the gospel is before you hear the sermon review:

Postmodern Language Games


00:07:50 – Montage of Postmodern Language Games
00:46:48 – Carl Lentz‘ Obfuscation
01:14:14 – Sermon Review: The Gospel by Brian Houston of Hillsong

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Postmodern Language Games, Pirate Christian Radio,, Published 06/08/2015. (Accessed 15/08/2015.)

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