Beth Moore narcigetically hula-hulahoops Acts 16:14

Jesus makes it clear that the scriptures are about Him. Not you. Not Beth Moore,

You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life. I do not receive glory from people. But I know that you do not have the love of God within you.” John 5:39-42

Is this not what a false teacher like Beth Moore does? Rejects what Jesus said and reinforces the idea that the bible is all about you? In this case below, she’d rather make Lydiats instead of disciples of Jesus.

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  1. This lady needs to sit down and shut up.

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  2. Yes, and her husband should be the one to tell her to do it. But she probably dominates him. She’s partly responsible for the “dumbing down” of women spiritually (among other women false teachers).

    People foolishly choose celebrity personalities over truth.

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  3. Beth Moore seems to be saying that the women in her audience are like Lydia because God has opened their hearts to believe just as, “The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message.” (Acts 16:14). Can you explain what is wrong with that?


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