Joseph Prince’s Prosperity Cult Pays For $500m Building

Joseph Prince is a Health and Wealth (HAW) and Word of Faith (WOF) heretic.


Prosperity heretics  teach that Jesus Christ was rich, Christ died to make you rich, that you must tithe because we are “blessed to be a blessing”.


Belief: Health and Wealth cults are incredibly ritualistic, believing that if you tithe or practice “hidden” principles in the bible, God will materially bless you. You can identify these cults when they preach their tithing heresy from Matthew 23:23, Malachi 3 or Genesis 14. They will often try to convince people that we are to give because we are “blessed to be a blessing”.

Gospel: They teach that Jesus Christ died so you can, by ‘grace’, be materially wealthy. They consider the curse of poverty as a curse that Jesus took upon himself on the cross. Christianity has never taught this.

Condemned: The Health and Wealth cults were publicly shamed by the Christian Church in the 70s, 80s and 90s for promoting such greed, division, strife, legalism, condemnation and blasphemy (see Joyce Meyer, Paul Crouch, John Avanzini, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Myles Munroe, Kenneth Copeland, etc).


The Word of Faith teach we are to align inner and external worlds to our lips and then to speak the things of heart, mind and spirit into existence. They teach that Jesus became sickness/satan on the cross/hell and was born again in hell so that we too can be born again to receive divine healing/fullness or slowly conclude that we were born again as “little gods doctrine”.


Belief: The Word of Faith cults are similar in ritual, but emphasize inner rites and strategies in how one aligns their heart, spirit, soul, knowledge, mind, (sometimes the bible) and mouth, to speak things into existence. Their theology is more metaphysical in notion and generally emphasizes the power of speaking  positive words of healing, spiritual wholeness and good health. Because they take passages from the bible where Jesus (God) speaks to a storm, and a fig tree and teaches that we can speak to “mountains” and also take passages from the Genesis account where God speaks “by faith” things into existence, the logical conclusion to this heresy is that we are “little gods”.

Gospel: To become little gods, they end up changing the gospel by teaching that Christ became our sickness on the cross and that he atoned for our sins in hell (often depicted as Satan’s base camp) and was born again in hell, so that we too can walk in divine health, fullness and also be born again like Jesus, a “little god”. They also believe all sickness came from Satan, which is why Jesus died on the cross for sickness and became sickness or Satan himself on the cross or in hell.

Condemned: The Word of Faith cults were publicly shamed by the Christian Church in the 80s and 90s for making such claims (see Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Myles Munroe, Kenneth Copeland, etc).

False teachers from these camps will often make the claim that Christians have a problem with them because they are jealous of their success “in the Lord”. These con artists also attempt to condition their members to embrace this form of pride, rivalry and jealousy to ignore what Christians have to say  about people like Joseph Prince.

The truth is obvious to the discerning – the only reason New Creation Church (NCC) can afford to buy a $500 million building for their congregation is because they were manipulated into giving by a false teacher who peddles lies, blasphemy and a false gospel. NCC can claim as much as they want that they are all about Jesus but still not be a Christian Church because of what their heretical founder believes. If Joseph Prince wants to be deemed a true shepherd, he must repent of these false doctrines. Otherwise he will continue to cause untold damage to people’s lives with his false teaching.

AsiaOne reports,

New Creation Church’s $500m centre fully paid for

New Creation Church, a fund-raising powerhouse, has fully paid for its 5,000-seat Star Performing Arts Centre costing $500 million located in the Star integrated development in Buona Vista.

In a Feb 15 video, the church’s senior pastor Joseph Prince said: “As I’m doing this recording, we’ve paid for our building completely.

“Every time I go out to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, something like this happens back home in my church or to my family. As of this month, it’s fully paid.”

The video was posted on the Facebook page of American Christian broadcast network Daystar Television Network.

The church has more than 31,000 members who meet at the centre and other service venues.

The Star Performing Arts Centre, which also features a 300-seat outdoor amphitheatre, was built to accommodate the church’s expanding congregation – its membership had jumped from 3,800 in 1999 to 12,900 in 2006.

The church’s business arm, Rock Productions, won a tender to build, lease and operate the integrated development at Buona Vista in September 2007.

The church held its inaugural service there on Dec 23, 2012.

Source: By Melody Zaccheu, New Creation Church’s $500m centre fully paid for, AsiaOne,, Published 28/02/2016. (Accessed 02/03/2016.)

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  1. From 1970-2005 I was sucked up into the WOF doctrine. I would send money to have my marriage saved, have my daughter get off drugs. Thank God, my husband thought they were all fakes or I would probably have bankrupted us. Even when I was diagnosed with cancer I denied I had it, but, still took the treatments. I’m really not sure how my eyes were opened. For one thing, in April 2014 my AoG pastor started teaching out of the book The Circle Maker. I read 30 pages of it, put it down, and thought, “this is no Biblical.” I googled it and found Chris Rosebrough Debunking The Circle Maker. Never heard of the guy. I listened, posted it on FB, the secretary at the AoG church shared my post, she got fired, I never returned to the church. I kept listening to fighting for the faith and now I am a Confessional Lutheran after being in the Assemblies of God for 68 years. The story is much longer but this is all I want to post. I believe when Joseph Prince and the others stand before God, He will say, “depart from me, I never knew you.”

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  3. Charlotte- had a similar experience somewhat. Understand completely. God will deal with many and great will be the fall.

  4. Haters will always be hater. See how the summary end. hello…..GOD in his majesty dont need opinion.

    • “Haters will always be hater. See how the summary end. hello…..GOD in his majesty dont need opinion.”

      And God says “Jacob I loved, Esau I hated.”

      You are worshiping a god that you have made up in your head. That is called idolatry and you need to repent of it.

      You need to get your theology from the bible, not pop culture.

  5. JP has an ego bigger than Kong Hee, (and Kong Hee’s ego is huge).
    The $500 million ‘tower of Babel’ is a monument to JP’s ego

  6. I can’t get past JP’s hair

  7. We are not to judge that which is not our’s to. Even Jesus told the Pharisees that ” judge not the person but the spirit” so you can’t just by any means condemn or expose a man of God, either be it false or not. It is by doing so people sin against the holy spirit ( calling that which is of God’s spirit false and devilish) and Jesus said such sin can not be forgiven. Are you field with the spirit of discernment, I doubt it if you are. Because you won’t create a Facebook page just to expose a man of God. I pray for your soul …
    Even the Jesus didn’t condemn any of us , while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. So why condemn the men of God (God’s general)
    Get a better thing to do and to adding calamity to your own soul.

    • “We are not to judge that which is not our’s to.”

      Confirmation yet again that people like you are prepared to make God out to be a liar at the expense of protecting your idolatrous beliefs. You need to repent of your blasphemy and lies and return the bloodied cross of Christ. Yes the Christ whom you’ve blasphemed and murdered in your rebellion.

      Those men stand condemned because they claim to be of God and yet are falsely representing as the false prophets and teachers they are. It is Jesus that has condemned them (Matt 7:15-21. And it is you who is standing in judgment with them in your attempt to twist God’s Word in your defense of their crimes against God.

    • Joseph, you’re confused. When Jesus said to not judge people, he was speaking of judging their heart or intentions, something we cannot see. In the case of Prince (and others), we can and SHOULD judge what they teach and compare it to Scripture just as the Bereans did with Paul’s teachings (Acts 17).

      I’d be willing to bet if you have children, you don’t raise them without discerning judgment, do you? You call them out on things they do or have done wrong. Why? Because you love them and what them to do what is right.

      This is why people write articles that expose the error of false teachers like Prince. It’s not done to be judgmental. It’s done out of love in the hopes that they will receive the correction.