Who is Sunday Adelaja – and why should he be avoided?

Chris Rosebrough last year reviewed a sermon given by Sunday Adelaja.

Who is Sunday Adelaja?

Sunday Adelaja claims he founded the Embassy of Gof of at the age of 33 and “built what has become the largest church in Europe”. [Source]

Frankly, Sunday Adelaja is a fraud – not a Christian. After extensively reviewing a number of his sermons and materials, we have concluded he is a flat out fake. A wolf. He is an Apostle in the global ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ (NAR) cult and peddles their notorious false ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ and their false ‘Seven Mountian Mandate’ commission. He considers himself an Apostle and ruthlessly pushes the Prosperity gospel and Word of Faith gospel.

In this below sermon review – you will hear him peddle the CLASSIC NAR heresy and Word of Faith gospel: that believers in Christ are little gods. When you listen to this review, notice how he progresses; how we must spiritually elevate ourselves so we can be in control of our circumstances. Mr Adelaja does a very good job demonstrating the logical progression of the NAR/WOF gospel to the conclusion as to why Christians need to consider themselves as gods to see anything spiritually manifest on earth.

Here is Adelaja subtly feeding the idea that God sees Christians as “little gods”:

“So God was trying to change the mentallity of Moses. You know why? Because the biggest bondage is not physical bondage. The biggest bondage is mental bondage. The reason why you are not affective where you are, the reason why that everyone is better than you, the reason why you feel that you cannot do it, is because you’re in bondage!

You don’t see what God sees. You are not seeing yourself right. So God wants you to go back to your country different. He wants you to see yourself aligned with him [Apostolic alignment heresy].”

This is why the NAR/WOF heresy is so dangerous: if you don’t see results, then you mustn’t be seeing something right. And according to Adelaja later in this sermon, the reason why Christians supposedly fail is because they do not see themselves like Jesus. Apparently, we need to see ourselves as one “who comes from heaven is above all”.

As Chris Rosebrough pointed out, Adelaja’s use of John 3:31 was highly blaspemous when he applied this scripture to those listening. To counter this, Chris reminded his listeners that Jesus taught the opposite to Sunday Adelaja’s twisting of John 3:31 with Jesus’ words that those who exalt themselves should be humbled…

We’re not going to tell you the most blasphemous part of the sermon. It is worth your ears hearing so you can warn your friends and family about this dangerous man.

Hillsong’s Sleazy Silent Night


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Source: Chris Rosebrough, Hillsong’s Sleazy Silent Night, Pirate Christian Radio, http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2015/12/hillsongs-sleazy-silent-night?rq=adelaja, Published 17/12/2015. (Accessed 31/03/2016.)

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