The ramblings of a mad woman: Mad Madam Wells

Amanda Wells recently made it again on Fighting for the Faith.

After reiveiwing her, Chris Rosebrough concluded people are listening to “the ramblings of a mad woman”. Still Madam Wells’ pastor Katherine Ruonala of Glory City Church and Elijah List founder Steve Shultz endorse this lunatic?

One thing we’ve noticed about Madam Wells is that she is quite happy to put up a variety of sermons and videos explaining that people argue with her or refer her to being “mad”, “insane”, “off with the faeries” or “silly”. We’ve observed how often Madam Wells either doesn’t refute this perception or either vehemently confirms their claim. Rosebrough exposes Madam Wells of doing this again when she boasts about her dream with the Prime Minister of Australia. She even went so far to say that even her husband laughed at her.

In fact, this raving red-head often seems so proud to be perceived as a nutter, she reminds us of this raving red-headed witch. In fact this below song reminds remind us of this rant by Madam Wells.


Amanda Wells claims in this video:

“I had a weird dream. I dreamt I had a date with Tony Abbott when he was the Prime Minister. Now most would say, ‘Well she had too much cheese before going to bed. She’s insane!’

I was telling my husband. He was laughing. He said, ‘I hope that was fun.’ I was like, ‘I don’t think I actually got to go.’ Let me explain to you what that dream actually meant and how God was talking to me.”

How did Madam Wells interpret the dream?

“PM – Prime Minister, means Jesus, the high priest. A date speaks about intimacy. Tony – the word Tony means ‘invaluable’. Abbott means ‘Father, high priest’. It is actually saying to me, “Amanda, I want you to get intimate with me because in that intimacy, I’m going to show you something that’s invaluable.”


Amanda Wells’ dream “date”: Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Right Amanda. Do you know how we interpreted the dream?

  1. You think more about Tony Abbott than you do about your husband (which is why you’re dreaming about the Prime Minister and not your spouse).
  2. You suck at courting since you confessed “I don’t think I actually got to go” on the date with your hot shot.
  3. You don’t know God since you (rightly stated) Abbott means Father. Nevertheless Christianity teaches that Jesus and the Father are different persons. However you claim you “dated” the “Prime Minister” which “means Jesus” – who is Abbott- which you said means “Father”. That makes you a modalist (a modalist can claim that the Father is a mode of Jesus), which makes you a heretic.
  4. Because you claimed you saw this dream as having intimacy with god, we can only conclude that in this dream, you failed to be intimate with the god of this world – the devil – whom you interpret to be the one you want intimacy with.

Since you claim we can call down fire to destroy false prophets, would you have a problem if we called it down on you Madam Wells?

Here is Chris Rosebrough’s review:

Trading the Truth for a Mess of Rancid Beans 


00:06:51 Amanda Wells Dreams a Dream About Dreaming
00:37:45 Katt Kerr Basic Training in the Spirit Realm
00:50:52 Jesse Duplantis Details Regarding His Trip to Heaven
01:16:11 Sermon Review: Arresting Your Thoughts by Scott Thornton Life Church, New Zealand

Source: By Chris Rosebrough, Trading the Truth for a Mess of Rancid Beans, Pirate Christian Radio,, Published 12/04/2016.

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  1. It just shows how real the Word of God is for today , “There will be false prophets , lovers of themselves , greedy for fame and money at any price ” . Anyone who charges Gods people for listening to such rubbish is purely sick and possessed . I am amazed glory city church still endorses her , but then it reveals they are just as screwed up ? How sad it is that people actually listen to this mad woman !!!!

  2. Pastor Chris Rosebrough makes scathing comments in his review of Well’s ravings about the Pastors who actually invite Wells into their churches and submit their congregations to the kind of nonsense she “preaches”. It is, in my opinion, about time that churchwatch and other interested parties began to NAME and shame these Pastors. They are charged with a duty of care regarding their congregation and yet are inviting a wolf into their sheepfold! The Pastor in this case mentioned in Rosebrough’s review was one
    WAYNE SCOTT who is Lead Pastor at Life Church in Ipswich, Queensland. His wife, Pam Scott, also claims the title of “Pastor” in that church. If anyone attends that church they should immediately ensure that they listen to Rosebrough’s review of Wells’ sermon, and then run as far away and as fast as you can. The Pastors of the churches inviting these wolves to speak should be named at every opportunity until people wake up! What is WRONG with them!

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