Rosebrough: “The fault for all of this, lies on Houston who didn’t speak clearly”

Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith recently exposed Brian Houston dumbing down the Faith. Chris Rosebrough addresses Brian Houston’s clarification 37 minutes into the program.

Ba’al Divorce Certificates Cause Record Flooding In Texas?

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Program segments:
• John Benefiel’s Ba’al Divorce Certificates Cause Record Flooding in Texas?
• Analysis of Brian Houston’s Official Clarification
• Four Good Sermons by Pastor Ron Hodel

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Ba’al Divorce Certificates Cause Record Flooding In Texas?, Fighting for the Faith,, 28/03/2014. (Accessed 28/03/2014.)

Chris Rosebrough concludes,

“So here’s the thing. Having gone through this entire excercise um- I’m glad that Brian Houston has clarified. I think it was important for him to do so because you know to not clarify on such an important doctrine would have been to compound his error and create all kinds of problems. You know- for him and others. Okay? So I’m glad that he’s clarified.

It is wrong of him to blame this on the critics. The fault for all of this lies not on Houston’s critics. The fault for all of this, lies on Houston who didn’t speak clearly. The lack of clarity in his speech was caused by his twisting of the biblical passage and making a point and then not fully developing a particular point that he was making. So it was an error on top of an error. That’s why this happened. Not that critics are out to get him.

The fact is this: that the reason why Brian Houston has critics – and I’m one of his critics – the reason why Brian Houston has critics like me and like others is due to the fact that he is a heretic. He teaches the Word of Faith heresy, he twists God’s Word and I would recommend that if you are not sure about this, go into the archives of Fighting for the Faith. Go to Type in Brian Houston. Over the years we have covered many different things that Brian Houston has said and preached and taught. And we’ve demonstrated that this man habitually twists and mangles God’s Word. This was just another example of it that you heard in this episode of Fighting for the Faith.

This is a man who needs to repent. Repent of the Word of Faith heresy. Repent of the prosperity gospel that he preaches, repent of his bible twisting and ah- [inaudible] now he’s teaching for TD Jakes in Florida who denies the doctrine of the trinity and teaches modalism or at least some bizarre form of it […] So Brian Houston there’s- lets just put it this way. It’s not like this guy is just going along correctly handling God’s Word and preaching the truth and proclaiming sound doctrine and all of a sudden he got t-boned by some you know mean group of bloggers. No-no-no.

The reason why Brian Houston has critics is because where there’s smoke in his case there’s fire. And this is objectively provable. Again, I am glad that he took the time to clarify these things. But the issue is that the fault is not on the critics. The fault still lies with Brian Houston. And so although I am glad he clarified his statement (which is what he needed to do), I’m supremely disappointed that he’s painted himself out to be the victim of criticism when in reality the blame for all this rests squarely only on Brian Houston’s shoulders.” [1:12:03]

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