Singapore warns Japan over Australian conman’s protege

We can safely say that C3 Church leadership (in Sydney, Australia) are incredibly unhappy with the way that Phil Pringle is still misleading his church into believing that Kong Hee is facing unfair persecution by Singaporean authorities. His deliberate silence on Kong Hee is obvious as he attempts to make sure that no one asks about it so he can “progress” his church.

Still Australian media turn a blind eye to Phil Pringle’s involvement in the Singapore scandal.

Recently, a Singaporean diplomat labeled Pringle’s protege as a “disgraceful compatriot” to warn their Japanese friends of Kong’s “criminal offence” of his “misuse of church funds.” His final warning?

“Do not be deceived.”

It’s funny how Jesus says “Do not be deceived” by false prophets in these last days.

By speaking out, Kausikan is demonstrating  love and compassion toward Japan. This man does not want his Japanese friends to be manipulated  by Kong Hee, a fraudulent man who uses Christianity for his own personal gain.

There are a number of leaders globally in “churches” on the other hand, who lack any form of love and compassion towards Japan. Why? Because they ENDORSE Kong Hee and stand with him in support. We are talking about the international New Apostolic Reformation network that is meant to exist to hold Apostles (like Kong Hee) accountable to each other. Kong Hee stands with most of these through Yonggi Cho’s ‘Church Growth International’ Apostolic network.

It says a lot about these people if they are willing to stand and support an unrepentant and  convicted criminal in the name of Jesus Christ.

There are many other fraudulent people who stand with the convicted criminal Kong Hee.

Asia One Reports,

S’pore diplomat Kausikan warns Japanese not to be deceived by Kong Hee

Singapore’s ambassador-at-large Bilahari Kausikan has warned the Japanese people to be wary of the founding leader of the beleaguered City Harvest Church (CHC) after noting that the latter had made missionary trips to Japan cities.

Blasting pastor Kong Hee as a “disgraceful compatriot of mine” in his Facebook post on April 19, Mr Kausikan told them not to be deceived by him as he had been convicted for misuse of church funds.

Wrote Mr Kausikan, who is the foreign ministry’s policy adviser: “To my Japanese friends: this disgraceful compatriot of mine has been convicted of a criminal offence and is now free only because he is appealing his jail sentence. His conviction was for misuse of church funds. Do not be deceived.”

Known for his outspoken ways, Mr Kausikan, who was the ministry’s permanent secretary before his retirement a few years ago, accompanied his post with a photo of Kong linked to an article on his missionary trips published in the Christian Post.



Kong Hee ministered at “many churches”

Kong wrote in a Facebook post that he and his wife Ho Yeow Sun were moved by the reactions of Japanese church-goers when they ministered at “many churches” in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Osaka and Kyoto in their Japan trip from March 29 to April 6.

He said: “We have a deep love for Japan and for our beautiful Japanese brothers and sisters-in-Christ. Their hearts are so hungry for the Lord Jesus and His Church. They are believing that God is opening up heaven and pouring out His Holy Spirit afresh upon this generation.”

Kong Hee’s post was accompanied by a video which shows him and his wife doing missionary work at sister churches, and enjoying sights and meals with church counterparts.


Appeals to be heard in September

The conviction of Kong, 51, and his church leaders in October last year for misuse of about $50 million in church funds followed a sensational court case that stretched over two years and became a hot topic of conversation in Singapore.

The six accused had submitted their appeals, which will be heard in September. They had previously posted bail of between $750,000 and $1.5 million.

Apart from church founder Kong Hee, they were deputy senior pastor Tan Ye Peng, former CHC fund manager Chew Eng Han, former CHC finance managers Serina Wee and Sharon Tan, and former CHC finance committee member John Lam.

They had used the funds to further the music career of pastor-singer Ho Yeow Sun, Kong’s wife. It was allegedly done by funnelling $24 million into sham bonds to bankroll Ms Ho’s career. They then misused a further $26 million of church funds to hide their tracks.

All six were given jail terms of between 21 months and eight years. Kong got the stiffest sentence as the alleged mastermind of the conspiracy which became Singapore’s largest charity financial scandal, according to reports.

The prosecution, which found the sentences “manifestly inadequate” after having asked for jail terms ranging from five to 12 years, had also appealed.

Missionary work continues

Meanwhile, Kong Hee said City Harvest Church has sent teams of disaster relief workers to assist in the town of Mashiki following the earthquakes that hit Kumamoto where he and his wife visited before the disaster.

One team helped to clean up Kiyama Christ Church, which Kong wrote in his Facebook post as “the only church left standing in Mashiki”.

“All other church buildings in the town have collapsed,” he said.


Source: By Leah Marieann Klett, S’pore diplomat Kausikan warns Japanese not to be deceived by Kong Hee, Asia One,, Published 22/04/2016. (Accessed 23/04/2016.)

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  1. If you added up all the tithes raked in by the billboard of scam artist pictured above it must stretch into the hundreds of millions.

    It would make a great dartboard tho. Throw your dart and try to pick the greatest heretic. So many choices.

  2. Wow its sad to see this con game being exported to other parts of Asia…

  3. Singaporeans have finally seen through Kong Hee so now he has to go to other countries to keep cash flowing in. The Suntec exercise that Pringle conned Kong into will be the downfall of CHC. CHC has huge debts and interest bills with the deal, and they only own leasing rights.They don’t own the building as Pringle and Kongvict portray.

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