Will Elijah List & Australian Prophetic Council be duped by Well’s bull?

Founder of the Mormon cult, Joseph Smith, claimed to see both Jesus and God the Father. However, Amanda Wells, a notorious prophet from Katherine Ruonala’s Glory City Church, has done better than Joe. Wells has claimed to have seen God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit again in a series of visions.

Aren’t you glad that Amanda is still alive to tell us what God is soon going to do on earth?

Amanda sees things

Amanda: “Father was smiling and Jesus started dancing around the table and the excitement in the room was palpable.”


Someone needs to tell Amanda Wells to stop watching weird stuff on youtube:

Her prophetic vision can be fed to worms as far we care. She has no regards for what Jesus Christ Himself said in scriptures. Only Jesus has seen the Father.

“No one has seen the Father except the one who is from God; only he has seen the Father.” John 6:46

So it boils down to this – who is Steve Schultz of Elijah List and Katherine Ruonala of the Australian Prophetic Council going to believe? Are these prophets going to believe Jesus Christ Himself or the grand delusions of the liar and thief Amanda Wells?

Amanda Wells writes,

Here is the Word I received on April 24th as I had a vision in worship……. it was a word for many Nations. It has been sent in to EL & APC but maybe a few weeks before going up, so thought I would put it up here before:

An Awakening In The Nations

Amanda Wells

Some weeks ago as I was in worship in church I had an encounter about a number of Nations, and as I went home and prayed over the encounter God started showing me some exciting things as the earth is now moving into an awakening, leading to transformation, revival and reformation in the nations.

As I stood in worship I suddenly went into a vision, it was a huge room, I had encountered before, where Father Son and Holy Spirit stood at a very large table.

Suddenly Father unfurled a huge scroll onto the table but as He did the scroll turned into the nation of Australia.

The Nation on the scroll was red, dry and dusty. Suddenly it started to rain heavily over the scroll and the dirt turned into water and then blood, it covered the whole of Australia.

Then suddenly the blood transformed into the sons and daughters, looking as they were originally created to be, and they were crying out, ‘this is the year of the Lord’s favour!’

As I was praying later I was taken back to Genesis 2:5 God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, as there was not a man to till the ground.

Rain only came when a man was formed, created and was tilling the ground. Man is the Hebrew word Adam and ground is the Hebrew word adamah. Adam means in its prime root red, and adamah comes from the word Adam, red, but also means nation, land and territory.

Sons were created out of the ground, the red, the nation, and when we till which is the Hebrew word abad which means to serve God with our labour and work, and then rain comes to our Nation.

Sons are created out of the red ground of our Nation, we were created for our Nation, and even if we immigrated we are transplanted into the soil of the nation.

There is an alignment coming where the marketplace, secular and sacred have no divide! We begin to see our our work as service to Father, whatever that service is, and as we do the rain falls, the blood covers the nation, and sons and daughters arise, crying out an awakening in the land.

The sons and daughters were marching across Australia and were bringing Isaiah 61 ‘to bring good news to the poor; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;’

There was suddenly within the middle of the Nation, in the desert, a wave, a shaking, and a movement of people, young and old on fire for God, which seemed to set the blood on fire, and a baptism of fire swept through the land cleansing the generations and setting on fire those in their path.
They were building up waste places and the ruins left by generations and suddenly the nation became a land of Joy!!!!
Revival and Reformation had overtaken the nation!


Then Father rolled up the scroll and unfurled another, it was Iceland.

Suddenly the scroll started to erupt on the table, and it seemed in the eruption it was billowing fire and ice, and Jesus cried out, ‘it’s the Land of Fire and Ice!’

Fire like Australia’s was covering the nation, I knew this was the fire of revival, the baptism of fire, and then the ice breaking up because of the fire. Ice is water/ rain, and Deuteronomy 32: 2 came to my mind ‘May my doctrine drop as the rain,’ The land was going to have a thirst for pure doctrine, teaching and revelation, and the land of ice will become His frozen rain or revelation!

Men and women were coming into the land, Apostles and prophets in response to prayers prayed some years ago and the land of fire and ice shook with an awakening and revival never seen in the Nation before. Hearts turned and suddenly were set ablaze for Him.


Suddenly the scroll was gone and the next to be rolled out was the USA. The scroll wasn’t unfurled though it was turned as a page, history’s page.

Father was smiling and Jesus started dancing around the table and the excitement in the room was palpable. Then Father boomed ‘tell them do not throw away their confidence in me as this will bring a great reward to you!’

Then the page turned into a clock, and clock struck the twelfth hour and as it did I heard Jesus cry, ‘it’s her Time’.
There was such excitement in the room I could see that all 3 were thrilled that the plans and destiny of America were coming to pass. There was a Heavenly agenda taking place, and as I looked at the scroll it seemed many had felt the burden of transition, but then America seemed to REFORM as sons and daughters awakened the nation, into a Holy Nation.
I looked again and saw that a prophetic word I had last year which was, ‘you have to come out to come in,’ was now taking place in the Nation. Kings went out to battle and came back in with the spoils, yet the priests came into His presence before going out to the people!

America you have been in transition. Kings are coming out from among you to come back into you to bring the nation back to its original call and mandate. There is a priesthood of sons and daughters who have been in the secret place waiting on His presence who are coming out with a fire in their belly to bring awakening, and revival, as the kings bring reformation at the same time!

Just as the encounter was finishing, the Lord looked at me and said, ‘tell them much blood has spilt on the hills, the blood has been crying out and now I am ready to answer the voice of the blood!’

Scotland and England

As I was leaving for Scotland and England the next day I knew Father was speaking about the United Kingdom.

As I preached in Scotland and England and witnessed the hunger of the people for a move of God, I could literally feel the ground, the adamah shifting and shaking and crying out for an unprecedented revival never seen before.

On my way home from the ministry trip I heard the sound of the Nation and I could hear the voice, and the voice crying out turned into a worship, and the song released freedom, inspiration, hope, and joy;
the words of the song were that the Lord was getting ready to herald through their cry, a new season of His glory and the nation will see the greatest awakening ever experienced.

I’m awakening the dawn of a new day, a new season
and miracles are about to break out, creative miracles and the resurrection power of God, to raise the dead and see salvations as never before, Its your TIME!!!!

What an exciting time to be alive as Nations start to awaken, revive and we see a move of God never experienced, encountered by nations or a generation before. We decree the awakening, the baptism of fire in nations and a revival never seen by prior generations before. ‪#‎freshpropheticword‬ ‪#‎USAICELANDunitedkingdom‬ ‪#‎amandawellsministries‬

Source: Amanda Wells, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/AmandaWellsCoaching/posts/805462722917141, Published 21/05/2016. (Accessed 21/05/2016.)


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  1. “I went home and prayed over the encounter God started showing me some exciting things as the earth is now moving into an awakening, leading to transformation, revival and reformation in the nations.

    There is an alignment coming where the marketplace, secular and sacred have no divide!”

    She sounds no different from new age talk. And what a liar. The whole prophecy is pathetic. Wells is pathetic.

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