Hillsong Parading Their Fleshly Principalities and Powers

Bobbie Houston posted the following on Instagram,


That time you look at your fellow (entrusted) London Lead Pastor @garyjamesclarke and wonder — “WHAT THE HECK are we doing here Gaz”. LOL. His Austin Powers teeth marginally got in the way!!!!#befoundinthewave #ColourConf#befoundwithteeth

Source: Bobbie Houston, Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/BE5hP7fIY80/?hl=en, Accessed 23/05/2016.


So Austin Powers made an appearance at Hillsong UK’s Colour Conference. You think that’s bad? Do you know who was dressed as Austin Powers?

Hillsong decided to advertise the popular pervert on Instagram. Below, Hillsong tagged those who were on stage at all-girls Colour Conference.


WE LOVE THESE THREE! Craziest flag moment ever? We think so! #ColourConf

Source: HillsongYouthUK, Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/BE1fG_iMteI/, Published 01/05/2016, (Accessed 23/05/2016.)


The issue is not that Austin Powers took the stage. The greater issue here is this:

Senior Pastor of Hillsong UK, Gary Clarke, thought it was appropriate to dress up as a popular pervert on stage IN CHURCH in front of thousands of women of all ages in a woman’s conference.

How is that not creepy?

What are Hillsong leaders thinking? (Then again, Hillsong are known to promote a culture that promotes perverts like Brian Houston’s father.)


Senior Pastor Gary Clark

Finally Gary – this is for you:

The qustion is now, will ‘Selah Baby Selah’ continue parading her ‘Yeah Baby Yeah’ at her women’s conference around the world?

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  1. more Mr Sparkle characters. one wasnt enough. this supposed ‘church’ needs worldly antics to fill in for the huge spiritual vacuum it possesses. the Apostles never needed to “trick” people to come to church because they had the real thing. this supposed ‘church’ is most sad. why do people donate money to it to perpetuate this type of antichrist trash?

  2. No matter hard hard Christian-wannabees Bobbie & the Hillsong Wolfpack try to imitate Christianity, these fakers will never get it right.

  3. While Gary Clarke and Hillsong London makes itching ears and lukewarm christians

    .The UK is become Islamized

    Thanks Hillsong London

    The radical muslims in the uk couldnt have

    succeed without the churches like Hillsong London

    Helping dumb down christianity

    and not evangelizing to the lost in the UK

  4. I’d be sending a cease and desist letter, at minimum. Cease and desist at using an image that is, not bad teaching….or maybe that too….

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