HAW and WOF NARpostles

Between 1948 to the 1980s, the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) movement constructed the Charismatic Renewal, attempting to convince Christianity that God was restoring the gifts (charismata) of the Spirit to the church.

When Christianity embraced this NOLR restorationist “trojan gift”, the NOLR let out their infallible Apostles and Prophets who used the Ephesians 4:11 as a battering ram to knock down the doorway of salvation (Jesus Christ) to let all their trolls to roll out all their whacky NOLR doctrines and New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

NAR Trojan Horse

Thus the NAR was born and appropriately labeled as such by C. Peter Wagner.

The popular NOLR “Prophet” William Branham throughout the 1940s and 50s taught that sickness and poverty occurred when mankind (through Adam), gave his authority over to Satan. Thus the NOLR healing movement in the 1950s swept through America and through the rest of the world because of this satanic teaching (sickness and poverty can also come from God). What also emerged from the NOLR’s Charismatic renewal movement‘s key figures were doctrines that taught the end-times church was going to receive the wealth of the nations.

Our research indicates that the HAW and WOF movements emerged from the NOLR‘s Charismatic Renewal as they attempted to recover the church’s kingdom authority (WOF) and earthly authority (HAW). (The WOF is big on decreeing, the HAW is big on inheriting.)



To get a glimpse of the mentality in this time period, let’s look at  HAW NARpostle John Avanzini. Avanzini claims in his book 30,60, Hundredfold that he personally saw Jesus and that this “Jesus” commissioned him to do the following:

“Immediately [Jesus] told me He had set me apart for the purpose of bringing the end-time message of biblical economics to the Church. He promised He would be giving me many other startling revelations. From that day on, I would teach a very special end-time message. He also said that at the end of my teaching session the next day, I was to take an offering. He promised He would miraculously reveal Himself through this offering with unmistakable signs and wonders.”

Source: – John Avanzini, 30 60 Hundredfold,Chapter 1:
1 God Came Into My Room, 1989, pg 7-23.

We don’t know when this visitation occurred to John Avanzini. Nevertheless, he perfectly captures this “special end-time message” mentality that HAW/WOF NARpostles started pushing on the church around the Charismatic renewal time period. And we can rightly call these HAW/WOF NARpostles because they too were claiming to have similar visitations from Jesus, claiming they were given special instructions and commissions with their end-time HAW/WOF messages and fresh revelations.

People like Avanzini started pushing the idea of financial miracles onto Christianity. This idea of the miraculous on a person’s life was considered confirmation that the person was an NARpostle. Notice, because of this encounter, the miraculous was unlocked in John Avanzini’s “ministry”.

If you’re still not sure if the HAW/WOF cults emerged from the NAR, consider what Peter Wagner teaches on NARpostles and the NOLR doctrine on the end-times wealth transferral:

“I think the time is ripe for those of us who are apostles to begin to understand the crucial role we have in God’s plan to release the wealth of the wicked for the advance of the kingdom of God. Chuck Pierce and I have been talking a lot about this in recent days. Some of you would have received his important 5-page intercessory memo of August 1: “31-Day Prayer Focus to Release Wealth.” Chuck also has a strategic chapter, “The Transference of Wealth,” in his book The Future War of the Church (Regal Books)”

Source: C. Peter Wagner, Releasing Wealth in Apostolic Times, http://apostolicparadigms.org/C__Peter_Wagner/Wealth/wealth.html. (Accessed 27/05/2016.) (Emphasis ours.)

Apostles and Prophets in the NOLR/NAR instruct the church what “new thing” God was doing to advance the kingdom on earth. This is what Wagner and Pierce are doing above. And this was what John Avanzini was fulfilling as a HAW NARpostle.

This is because God was doing a “New Thing'” (supposedly) through the NOLR’s Charismatic renewal, that being “God’s plan to release the wealth of the wicked for the advance of the kingdom of God”. (We encourage you to follow the source from Wagner’s quote and keep reading what he has to say about how the church will inherit the wealth of the nations – or get your hands on his material here for further research.)


So with the NAR being the head, the HAW is one arm raking in the Earthly Wealth with one hand, the WOF with the other arm ruling the Kingdom Wealth with an iron fist.


From Herescope: C: C. Peter Wagner’s graphic depiction of how dominion is accomplished by the great transfer of wealth. [Source: ‘Dominion’, pg. 202.]

Over time, the NAR, HAW and WOF cults have refined their teachings and thus contradict each other. Although each one of these cults presents a New Breed and Glorious end-times church and revival that Jesus is returning for, each one of these cults present a different gospel, a different Jesus, a different Spirit, a different faith, a different ecclesia, a different authority, a different commission and a different unbiblical hermeneutic.

This article has hopefully explained why the leaders in the HAW, WOF and NAR cults have no problem endorsing each other: the HAW and WOF are offspring of their NAR, their mother.

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