NARpostle Brian Houston exposes NARpostle Michael Brown’s head is in the sand

While the New Apostolic Reformation can be recognized by its  ecclesiastical modern day governing NARpostles and “Prophets”, you can also recognise the spirit behind these NARpostles and “Prophets”: their demand for uncompromising unity at the expense of biblical truth.

One person in the NAR that ticks the box as a governing Apostle and Prophet and their insistence for this false “unity” is Dr Michael Brown- someone who played a significant role in the man-made NARismatic Pensacola revival, started by International NARpostle and Prophet, Yonggi Cho:

Source: Upoaded by Eric Gilmour, YouTube, Dr. Michael L. Brown on The Brownsville Revival,, Uploaded 06/08/2008. (Accessed 30/05/2016.)

For the sake of NARismatic unity, Brown has attacked John MacArthur and Phil Johnson who put on the ‘Strange Fire’ conference, defended Benny Hinn (one of the key men who helped propagate the Toronto Blessing), and also defended the NARpostolic Hillsong ministry over their sleazy rendition of ‘Silent Night’.

The question is – is NARpostle Michael Brown going to say anything about the latest Hillsong Naked Cowboy controversy?

Recently, Brian Houston posted the following picture on Twitter and information on his own website,

Brian Houston Head in the Sand


Are there times you’d just rather not know that something may be wrong, or may desperately need your attention? Would you prefer to be cocooned from the reality that, under your leadership, something is going backwards? … Personally, I don’t want to lead like an ostrich with my head buried firmly in the sand. I want my team to consistently arm me to stay ahead of the bell curve by giving me the necessary information. Nothing gets better by ignoring it.”

Source: Brian Houston, 10 Signs of a Desperate Leader,,, Published 17/05/2016. (Accessed 25/05/2016.)

The question is – will Michael Brown keep his head in the sand to demonstrate he is operating under the false NARpostolic spirit – or will he have the spine to face the Hillsong music?

Fighting for the Faith writes,

The Naked Cowboy: He’s a Hillsong Pastor?!

Pastor Ben Houston on stage with fellow pastor and "naked cowboy" Diego Simila


The big story last week was about the “naked cowboy” appearing at a Hillsong women’s conference in New York. The “naked cowboy” (who actually has underwear/briefs on) turns out to be a Hillsong youth pastor. In case you don’t know, the “naked cowboy” is a real character who walks around Times Square in New York City. So it appears that the staff at Hillsong thought it would be funny for someone to portray that guy on stage at this woman’s conference. Once again, Hillsong has been caught on camera doing something questionable and inappropriate, but we’re supposed to trust them and not believe what we can see with our own eyes. Dr. Michael Brown, the very respected and scholarly Charismatic leader said this:

Yes, Dr. Brown, it’s accurate. Are you going to ignore this obvious and blatant example of charismatic worldliness-you know, just like you normally do?? Here’s an article from the great researchers at Church Watch Central that fills in the details of this situation: Church Watch Central

Source: Pirate Christian, The Naked Cowboy: He’s a Hillsong Pastor?!,, Published 29/05/2016. (Accessed 29/05/2016.)

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  1. “Nothing gets better by ignoring it.”

    Then why did Brian Houston ignore what Frank Houston did all those years?

  2. Church Watch Central is spreading lies about
    Michael Brown, and an incredible move of God,
    being the Brownsville Revival. Of course they defend
    John MacArthur who also spreads false teaching
    concerning the gifts of the Spirit.

  3. You people at churchwatch central are not orthodox as you think you are There is a certain amount of deception in your discernment about other parts of the Body of Christ that you very clearly do not understand. You are clearly heretical in some areas.

    • “…churchwatch central are not orthodox as you think you are There is a certain amount of deception in your discernment about other parts of the Body of Christ that you very clearly do not understand. You are clearly heretical in some areas.”

      Feel free to highlight what you think we are saying that is heretical.

  4. The church police need policing. Your “facts,” not to mention your spelling, are incorrect. Where you mentioned that Brown “defended Benny Hinn (one of the key men who helped propogate the Toronto Blessing)”, you are wrong. Benny Hinn was very much opposed to the Toronto Blessing and was at odds with John Arnott over it. Hinn’s wife, Suzanne, did participate in the Toronto Blessing. Years later Benny and John reconciled. FYI, “propogate” is correctly spelled as “propagate.”

    • “Where you mentioned that Brown “defended Benny Hinn (one of the key men who helped propogate the Toronto Blessing)”, you are wrong.”
      Thanks for alerting us to that typo.

      Where did Rodney Howard-Browne come from Vince?

    • Rodney Howard-Browne came from South Africa to the U.S. Look it up – it’s easily found. If you can’t find basic info like that, it makes me wonder about your site’s credibility.

    • We know that. We also know that he was discipled under Benny Hinn and got his credentials from the same diploma mill Hinn got his from.

    • We know all about Browne’s background, Vince. Just checking if you do? A few of us have even been witness to his numerous visits to our shores as the hirelings exposed their congregations to his “shenanigans”. It’s the damage done to the body of Christ, by guys like Rodney Howard-Browne, that birthed discernment sites like ours.

      Cheers, Team Churchwatch.

  5. Why would there be anything pertaining to a naked cowboy at any Christian function? What has happened to the church world??

  6. Anyone can see that the photo has been doctored by photoshop.. I can see it clearly, why can’t others..

  7. its all a lie, and why people go around lying about a church that is clearly anointed by Jesus, which would mean you are putting Jesus down and rubbing HIS Name in the dirt is beyond me.. Take a close look at the photo, its clearly been tampered with, even I could do a better job at photoshopping this image… Shame on them that clearly set out to lead people falsely, and then you picked up that baton and ran with it, please pray some more as you said you did in your other article and set out to apologise for your mistake.. May Jesus guide you in Truth

    • Patiently waiting for Lisa’s apology. At the same time observing Houston’s “Clintonesque” explanation play out to his obviously “blind” (Lisa can’t see it) followers.

      #bobbiedidnotknowaboutthenakedcowboy? #bobbiedidnotlaugh? #yesshedid #carllentzwasnotsurprised

      Cheers, Team ChurchWatch.


    • This video has been removed. Another Hillsong cover-up in the works. Shame shame shame on you Hillsong.

      “In this whole subject of manning up, don’t be tempted to cover things up that can’t be covered up; it’s never going to do any good.” Brian Houston

    • A lot of people saw that clip before it was pulled.

      Doesn’t the concept of a Hillsong coverup make for fascinating reporting?

      At about 13 minutes in on this video: [youtube

      Cheers, Team ChurchWatch.

    • 2 minutes 11 seconds in on this YouTube clip, Bobbie and the Naked Cowboy.

    • whats the reason for their big broadway show? $200 a ticket or whatever + travel + lodging costs hillsongers must desparately need some knid of emotional rush, i dont get it.

      and the weirdo characters on the stage. dont get that either.

      this church is bizarre as it gets. a real super creepy freak show. if i had kids sorry but theyd never be let anywhere near a hillsong conf. never.

  8. I am a minister in the Assemblies of God and have spent a great deal of time looking into Brian Houston, Bethel, Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn, Hagin, Copeland and many many more people. These people fall clearly outside of Biblical Christianity. Heresy is what they teach. In order to mold the Bible into their theology, they must engage in hermetical gymnastics. Much of what they teach is old heresies with a slight new twist.

  9. You people are so wrong about Dr. Michael Brown. He did not attack John MacArthur all he did was express his concern over MacArthur’s desire to go on a crusade against charismatics/Pentecostals. I didn’t know that when someone defends his theological point of view it means that it is attacking the other person. I think you better do your homework and read the article in Charisma Magazine were he comes out against the hillsong silent night blasphemy. This website must be run by cessationalists because that is the only conclusion I can come to when people attack a man of God like Dr. Michael Brown who is a big preacher on holiness. By the way I hope you read the article that he wrote on Charisma Magazine were he comes out against hillsong and the naked cowboy and he said he was going to write the article before you challenged him. He makes mention of your criticism against him but showed class by not mentioning your ministry. Did you know that he is friends with Dr. White even though they have theological differences?

    • Thanks for commenting George – yes we know about his relationship with (Calvinist, cessationist) Dr. James White. No, he initially ignored the story (usual pattern of behaviour), and was provided proof before he responded. And if you’re really interested we have recordings of his very rude interaction and obfuscation with Grace To You executive pastor Phil Johnson re John MacArthur and StrangeFire.

      We find Dr. Brown’s ongoing defence of Pensecola/Brownsville’s very strange fire to be the biggest stumbling block to his credibility (as gifted as he in addressing the gay issue etc).

      As to his showing “class by not mentioning your ministry” – more self-protective than class. Charisma Mag provided our link.

      Cheers, Team ChurchWatch.

  10. I love that churchwatch always comes back with hard evidence that you can’t argue with!! Keep up the good work guys 👍

  11. I love the fact that churchwatch sticks to their guns and does not give in to the lies no matter what.


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