Rewriting History: The Opening of HillsongChannel.

Brian Houston is not only a false teacher, he is a liar – and he knows it.

Brian Houston’s opening message for his HillsongChannel is absolute proof he knows what he is saying and teaching is both false and misleading.

According to Brian Houston, his success in starting the HillsongChannel is because Brian had:

  • an “untainted heritage”, “growing up in a Ministry family, and in a Ministry family, I was surrounded by the things of God and church life”
  • an “outrageous ability to dream”

This is simply untrue – and Brian Houston knows it. This article will demonstrate that Brian Houston deceived his international audiences with his rewriting of Hillsong history and his family’s legacy/heritage.


In our link, you can hear Brian speaking about himself with an exaggerated enthusiasm, comparing himself to Moses. Moses had a staff, Brian had a dream.

1. Moses lead God’s people and witnessed miracles along the way because God wanted to fulfill his destiny.
2. Brian is now leading “God’s people” and witnessed miracles along the way because God wanted to fulfill his destiny.

Brian Houston is deliberately deceiving the crowds into believing he is some Moses-like figure where God put a dream in his heart and all Brian Houston had to do was believe.

He has been peddling this “dream-destiny-thingy” heresy for decades but we can confidently state that he does not believe it – he is promoting this same “dream-destiny-thingy” so he can dupe his listeners into believing his telling of the history of Hillsong. The proof becomes evident in Brian Houston’s true history.

Brian Houston went out of his way to present himself as “young Moses”, leading the way with an “untainted heritage” because he “grew up in a Ministry family.” It’s absolutely true that he grew up in a “ministry family”. What is not true is that his father was NOT a minister. His father was a criminal pedophile and a fraud.

The HillsongChannel or the PedophileChannel?

Yes, this is a confronting statement. But the truth behind Brian Houston’s “legacy” is confronting.

Frank Houston, Brian Houston’s father, was raping and molesting young boys throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

Brian Houston should NOT have capitalized on his international audience  to promote the ongoing lie about his family and his heritage. It was “Apostle” Frank Houston that started CLC/Hillsong.

And “Apostle” Frank Houston knew he was never fit or qualified to be an Apostle or Pastor of a church:

Like father, like son: Hillsong’s sandy foundations (Part 1)

Let Brian Houston fill you in:

In 1999, my father Frank Houston decided to step back from day-to-day running of his church, Sydney Christian Life Centre, and passed the baton of leadership on to me. What an honour for Bobbie and me to continue building on the foundations laid by my parents. It was also a tremendous responsibility as we were already pastoring Hills Christian Life Centre in Sydney’s north west. Today Hillsong Church continues what was started in 1977, with our two major worship centres, a city-wide network of cells, and contributing services and ministries all adding to the expansion of future generations.”

Source: Brian Houston, You Can Change the Future, pg. 122.

Yet at the Royal Commission into how Brian Houston handled his father’s affairs, he acknowledged this meeting:

“… my father retired in May 1999 from the senior pastor role, and the idea was that he was going to be an itinerant – it may or may not be relevant, but at the time it seemed very rushed, that he suddenly asked me if I would take on the church. Now, with hindsight, I think we know some of the reasons why that is. So in May of that year, 1999, I became the senior pastor of what we now call the city campus, but then it was Sydney Christian Life Centre, and for a period of maybe 18 months or two years we ran two very distinct churches, working in cooperation.

… I believe because he knew that things were coming to a head with the issues that we’re talking about here at the Commission.”
Source: Brian Houston, Transcript (Day 88), Royal Commission (Case 18), pg. 54-55-6. 


Houston starts his Moses comparison at 55:45 to 01:04:28 in the video linked here. It is disturbeding:


“….sandwiched between God’s salvation and God’s grace is calling and purpose. It’s one thing to live saved, knowing you’re going to Heaven, it’s another thing to lived called, He didn’t just save us, He called us, and that call to me represents what God puts in your hand, your gift, your talent, your work, your career, whatever it is that God has put in your hand.

And then purpose, purpose is what God puts in your heart. In Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, it says this, it says, ‘that God gives us a divinely implanted sense of purpose’. [3:11 AMP]. My NKJ Bible says, ‘God puts eternity in our hearts’, but the Amplified describes ‘eternity’ as that implanted sense of purpose.
So using what’s in your hand, to fulfill what’s in your heart. Moses, he experienced that because when he was called by God to do something bigger than Moses was, his first response was, ‘how can I do that, who are you God, who am I, whose going to listen to me?’ And in Chapter 4, Exodus, verse 1, Moses says, “But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, ‘the Lord has not appeared to you.’ So the Lord said to Him, ‘what is that in your hand?”[4:1-2 NKJV] All he had in his hand was a rod or a stick, and God was saying I and fulfill my purpose in your life, through what you’ve got in your hand. And for Moses, of course, there were much greater things to come, live the opening of the Red sea and so many other amazing things.
I wonder what you’ve got in your hand. A young Moses, God showed him he could use a stick, and hit a rock and something incredible would happen. I think of myself as a young man, of course I was in New Zealand where I grew up. We lived in a Government house, Government housing, in a small city right by Wellington, in New Zealand. And as I think about what was in my hand, I think about the fact that perhaps I had lated gift inside of me, but there was really no sign of that then. I never stood out as a child, or as a teenager, as a leader and the reality is, I don’t think I ever stood out at school.
What I did have, I think, was whatever God had put in me which was yet to be seen. I think at that point I had an untainted heritage, in other words I grew up in a Ministry family, and in a Ministry family, I was surrounded by the things of God and church life and so from the earliest age I can remember, in fact before I could remember, I wanted to serve Jesus, I wanted to be a preacher, I wanted to build a church, you know I wanted to preach the Gospel, I can’t remember a time when that’s not what I wanted to do with my life, which for me personally, has been a great advantage in life.
So I had that heritage, from which I think comes some wisdom along the way that you maybe inherit. But the other I had was this outrageous ability to dream. Concentration wasn’t my forte, it wasn’t my strong point, and so at school I would just dream, I would dream and I would dream and I would dream. I would sit in our church, which in those days, believe it or not, the 1960s, my church was only about three, four hundred people, but it was then the biggest church in the entire country.
So if you think about it in that context, they were kind of outrageous dreams. Sometimes you look backwards and you thing, ah yes, because it becomes your norm, but back then, I’m in what was the biggest church in the country where I grew up, three or four hundred people and I dreamed of preaching to thousands in arenas, I dreamed of preaching to thousands, I dreamed of travelling a long way. I used to dream of coming to Australia, believe it or not, I used to dream of Sydney, I used to dream about America and the United States and I used to dream about how great it would be one day to have the chance, even once, to go there.
I used to dream about building a church, I genuinely, as a little boy I used to dream, I’d dream, I’d dream, I’d dream in church, I’d dream of leading thousands of people to Christ. I believe that one of the things that God dropped in my hand was the ability to dream, and hopefully to dream dreams that were far bigger than I was. And so, with that I couldn’t have believed all that God had for me, but I never lost that ability to dream.
Of course, move right along, come to the 1980’s, we started our church, we talked about it a moment ago and we started it in a little school hall and when we stated though I had a dream. I remember a few years on, I dreamed about setting up a way for us to reach beyond ourselves and it involved conferences, and it involved worship, and it involved a college, and it involved so many of the things that we do today, and one of the things in particular, it involved was television. And this was before the days when really that was even a part of our world.
1993, I’ve talked about it, where I sat at my desk one time and I just dreamed. I took out a pen and just spent hours, and I wrote down the church that I see, I wrote it there and it was far different than the church we had. And the truth is that was 1993, by the time we were 20 years on from there and our church was 30 years on, rather than be just something that was just a dream and so far off that it was outrageous, it almost became like a description of Hillsong Church. So I did it again, and suddenly I dreamed and I began to talk about the church that I now see.
And I kinda think this is cool because that was two or three years ago how would I had known at the end of last year, that Matt Crouch the president of TBN would come, and start talking to us about a television channel, but one of the things I wrote just then was, ‘I see a church that is constantly innovative; a church that leads the communication of a timeless message through media, film, and technology. A church with a message beamed to people around the globe through their television screens, bringing Jesus into homes, palaces and prisons alike.’
Who could have believed that just a couple of years later, God could open such a door? You see I believe that God, He can do greater things that we could ever ask or hope. I told you, I used to dream, I used to dream about London actually and Europe, I used to dream about America, and one of the very first times I went there, I was only in my mid to late twenties. So Bobbie and I were married and we would have had by then at least two of our three children, and I just always believed that God was going to use me and use us to make a difference in that country, and then from that country to the rest of the world.
And I believed it, but I couldn’t see how it was going to happen. I was in L.A., I love L.A, I’ve always loved L.A. It’s just a massive, huge concrete jungle. And I remember sitting on a park bench, behind some cafés and some shops, on Sunset Boulevard, it’s called ‘Sunset Plaza’, and the car park at the back, car lot for those of you who live in that Country. There was a park bench and I sat there on the park bench, and there was just a huge fall away to just a huge valley, I mean just multitudes of people. I really didn’t know anyone in America, in the sense that I had maybe some acquaintances, but I had no real relationships or friends, and I had this deep sense, right there, right then as I dreamed that God would open doors for us there, that would make a difference around the world. I could not see how God could do it, but I just dreamed, I dreamed it and I believed it and I felt like the Holy Spirit put something in my heart.
And so, I have always been, in that sense, a dreamer. And all I’ve ever done in my whole life is use what God put in my hand, no matter how big or small it may seem, to fulfill what He’s put in my heart. And by doing that, and then just trusting God, I just find it’s amazing to see what God can do.”

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  1. Doesn’t Brian Houston think anyone uses Google? For search “Hillsong church history”, first result is from Wikipedia.

    Hillsong Church…..*****was founded in 1983**** when the Sydney Christian Life Centre in Waterloo, New South Wales, established by Frank Houston, merged with the Hills Christian Life Centre in Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, established by his son, Brian Houston.

    For people who will dismiss Wikipedia, read long quotes from overall positive towards Charismatic churches TEXTBOOK (remember: exceptionally high standards expected for academic textbooks in university libraries).

    Therefore, if the Hillsong church was formed in 1979, Brian Houston is inadvertently admitting that Frank Houston started Hillsong.

    NOTE: Of these various mega-churches, the most influential has been Hillsong church. In August 1983, ****FRANK HOUSTON SENT HIS SON BRIAN***** to pioneer a church in the Hills district of North West Sydney.

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