Secular rags, Christian rags and “gag rags”?

In Christian media today there are:

– news rags,
– Christian news rags,
– and gag rags.

The typical news rag should operate from journalism ethics and standards. We rightly should expect that a Christian news rag should operate between the balance of journalism ethics and standards, and biblical standards.

Unfortunately, in the Christian world we have gag rags, so-called “Christian” rags that show no regard for journalistic ethics and standards or biblical standards but serve the needs and are governed by the standards of the Evangelical Industrial Complex.


Of course these news sites will sound “truthy”. There may be even good journalists involved in these “gag rags” wo are not aware of what their “gag rag” has been designed for. And these “gag rags” just might write true little stories to tickle your spirit and make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside – but are they properly investigating, scrutinizing, or even holding to a journalistic or Christian ethic or standard?

Instead of Christian journalists or reporters investigating or reporting the truth, we seem to have Christian journalists and reporters clinging too, or promoting their pulpit-pimping idols. Their lack of integrity with these news groups are most notable when important stories do break and they refuse to report the scandal or event – or choose to report it late because it looks suspicious that they don’t cover such a popular story. At the end of the day, these rags neither cling to journalistic standards nor Christian standards – and it’s pathetic. It really is.

Quite frankly we are not impressed by the deceitful, neglectful reporting of certain “Gag Rags”.

The safest way to approach Christian media is to read them first, then see if you can find additional information on blogs or other sites that verify sources as to what was said. And make sure your bible is open so no one deceives you. is a good site to learn the bible.

Below are “Gag Rags” you need to avoid – lest you believe their lies and end up being deceived by the people they promote as legitimate Christian leaders, teachers or prophets.


Charisma Magazine (Charisma Mag)

Charisma News

Christian Post

Christianity Today
Christianity Today

The Bible Society


Eternity Newspaper

It’s sad when we see secular media appear to hold to a higher standard for truth than these “gag rags”.

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  1. is another Gag Rag. Hover your cursor over the Channels tab & take a whiff of all the smelly lies they give a platform to. How can anyone be expected to find the Truth among all these lies? This is a ‘source’ where one is expected to be able to find truth? What a sick joke.

  2. I wonder if “heaven” will have a monthly publication and jesus will be the chief editor and the hg (holy ghost) will be the reporter reporting on the current events that went on while we at some other important event and didn’t have time to make it to all the seminars that were being held in another part of heaven.

  3. “guideposts” is another trash rag, started by positive-thinker seeker-sensitive norman vincent peale. peale was mentored by harry emerson fosdick, then peale mentored robert schuller. a line of complete heretics.

    “the christian century” has some quite emergent contributors such as nadia bolz-weber.

    “sojourners” is another quite emergent magazine/bunch founded by jim wallis.

  4. Patheos popped up on my FB a couple of weeks back and it didn’t take me long to find the delete button! Outright leftist garbage. This is a “gag rag” alright…gag as in choke and cough!

  5. why all the hate against patheos?? that place is an open forum dedicated to religious matters where anyone can have a blog. anyone. plenty of good bloggers there. take warren throckmorton for instance. he’s got a place there and he regularly exposes fraudsters like driscoll and k.p. yohannan and david barton.

    • Patheos – liberalism at it’s core doesn’t believe in absolute truth. This is why they have an “open forum dedicated to religious matters where anyone can have a blog.”

      It’s a shame Throckmorton works for Patheos. He stands alone within the Patheos.

  6. gag rag Christian Post asking a major cult figure who has ripped off millions of dollars from the Church and who doesn’t even know what the Gospel is (‘rev’ billy graham), what a cult is. how stupid! how they even come up with these fable adventures!

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