NARpostolic Prophet Steve Cioccolanti wants you to think Donald Trump is prophetic?

Some of the most deceitful men who parade as ministers can initially come across as very reasonable. Steve Cioccolanti is one such NARpostolic prophet who comes to mind. However, even though men such as Steve may try to present themselves as legitimate, their ‘lunacy’ tends to manifest when they start dabbling in the prophetic.


When false prophets like Steve Cioccolanti, Amanda Wells, Patricia King, Brian Houston, Carl Lentz, Phil Pringle, Kong Hee  turn on their mics to be heard by the masses, focus particularly on the final part of their messages. Everything before then is just padding (at the expense of truth) to make you believe them.

  • Carl Lentz will attempt to flatter you, humor you or make you feel he is genuine before he says something flawed or out of context.
  • Phil Pringle will attempt to wow you before he “tinkers with your brain” (his words).
  • Brian Houston makes you feel as though he is your daddy before he encourages you to swallow his spiritual cyanide.
  • Amanda Wells, she makes you feel she is a woman in control of her destiny before she drops her “wisdumb” on you.

This linked video is a great example of Cioccolanti doing something similar. He says some things that sound reasonable and then goes all ‘William Tapley’ (Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, aka Co-prophet of the End Times) at the 21 minute mark (content below video is from his YouTube channel):


News 18 April 2016: the same day Discover Ministries posted this video about “The Donald”, TruNews also posted an audio recording about a prophecy in 2011 that Donald Trump is God’s anointed. The Church is divided because it lacks discernment and makes judgments based on personal feelings for a person. But much like Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar, whom the believers could NOT believe and could NOT accept that God would use, Trump is sent by the Lord to expose the corrupt establishment. God will raise up the leader whom He wills. He is not beholden to the Church’s earthly opinion.

This clip is only 30 minutes of a 2 hours teaching on how to interpret the Bible and discern prophetic messages! If the Church does not know how to understand the Bible, she will unlikely understand what God is doing in the nations during the end times.

Pastor Steve of Discover Church in Melbourne, Australia unveils the language of dreams in this 2-hour teaching set. You will understand:
– 5 facts about dreams
– 5 big principles to help you interpret your dreams
– hidden meanings in the original languages of the Bible, Greek and Hebrew
– how God loves to use puns and play on words
– prophetic symbolism such as snakes, teeth, crocodiles and crabs

You will also hear 2 practical examples of:
– a vision of Israel’s future seen by a 15-year old Jewish boy
– a prophecy of Donald Trump

Come, enter into a whole new level of communication with God, the Master Communicator!

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Source: Published by Discover Ministries, The Donald Trump Prophecy – End Time Presidential Election 2016,, Published on Apr 18, 2016. (Accessed 28/06/2016.)

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3 replies

  1. Si dacă are dreptate Steve Cioccolanti cu Trump? Nu mai criticați , ci studiați și voi.

  2. I was very disturbed to recently see that Steve has also fallen for this weapon of mass distraction called the US election of Donald Trump. I am saddened to see so many believers falling away now and God has revealed to me that yes He is using Trump, but not in the way that everyone thinks. All of the deceived ones think he was “make America great again” or he is a fulfilment of many prophecies of a man sent by God, and he is most certainly not. God is seeing who is following man and mammon, rather than the Most High Elohim. Great post, thank you.

  3. Why does this article say steve is false then practically promote him at the end??

    His sermon/interpretation of natan is incorrect. Among other things, these are not messianic jews. They are still awaiting the first arrival of their messiah. Note how Natan says “he is here now” & “he lives in israel”. Steve says the former means Jesus is here in our hearts .. but the latter confirms he’s a living on earth.

    Even satan knows scripture.

    Steve actually SELLS – pay to view – some of his YouTube videos/sermons??

    Anyone knows Trump isn’t a born again christian (only just recently apparently) let alone a prophet ” laugh out loud” although I believe God is indeed using him.

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