Hundreds of Newspring members sign petition to have Perry Noble reinstated.

In further news about Perry Noble’s dismissal as senior pastor at Newspring, it seems having an alcoholic unqualified pastor is not a problem for many of those attending Newspring Church.

Charisma News reports,

Church Members Petition to Get Perry Noble Back

“NewSpring parishioners want Pastor Perry Noble back in the pulpit after he overcomes his alcohol addiction, according to a petition.

“This petition was started to show Pastor P that we as church members, friends, family, and others are standing with and praying for him in this difficult time. We all love him and want him to get the help he needs,” the petition reads.

NewSpring fired Noble earlier this month for his dependence on alcohol.

Executive Pastor Shane Duffey delivered the church leaders’ official statement to the NewSpring congregation Sunday morning: “Through much prayer and with a heavy heart, we have important information to share with you regarding our pastor, Perry Noble. As of Friday, July 1, and in accordance with the governing bylaws, the directors and the pastoral advisory team have removed Perry as pastor of NewSpring Church. While this is the most difficult and painful decision we’ve had to make, unfortunately it was necessary.”

Despite Duffey’s words, church members want Noble reinstated.

“Let it also be known that once Perry Noble has conquered this storm, with God’s amazing grace, we want to see him reinstated as senior pastor. No one is perfect. We are all sinners in need of God’s forgiveness. Perry needs our support and our prayers. All things are possible though Christ Jesus,” the petition reads.

However, after just 573 signatures, the petition closed and no one else may sign.

In a video posted to his timeline the same day the petition closed, Noble addressed his church members.

“For those of you saying I’m not going back, that’s not the right thing to do. The leadership of NewSpring Church made the right decision. God has gotten my attention. I’m focused on getting better. I’m not bitter, I’m focused on getting better, and I pray that will be your stance as well. I’m going to get through this. We’re going to get through this and I still believe that NewSpring is gonna reach 100,000 and beyond. I love all of you and I’ll keep you posted on my journey,” he said.

Noble says he is seeking treatment and is committed to his family and Christ as he moves forward. “

Source: By Jessilyn Justice, Despite Addiction Confessions, Church Members Petition to Get Perry Noble Back, Charisma News,,, Published 17/07/2016.(Accessed 15/07/2106.)

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  1. The petition ends with:

    “Let’s make Perry Noble great again!”

    Well, Perry Noble was NEVER great. He has never taught the Scriptures correctly. Furthermore he has lambasted anyone who has pointed that out, mocking them and belittling them for merely disagreeing with him and/or pointing out the truth (sound familiar? Brian Houston does the same).

    Perry Noble was NEVER qualified to be a pastor seeing as how he cannot even fulfill a basic qualification of rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

    This petition is a shocking display of how spiritually immature these so-called ‘Christians’ are at Newspring. They are basically demanding the World instead of the Word. That is both sad and sick at the same time.

  2. The goats want the clown back on stage again.

  3. I live in South Carolina and he was a disgrace to the state. So glad to see him removed, but it should have happened years ago due to his false teaching. You’d have to be a goat not to recognize it.

  4. Reminds me of Mark 15, WE DEMAND YOU GIVE US BARRABAS and Crucify JESUS

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