Consumer-driven pastors are so predictable…

With the release of the Pokemon GO! phenomena sweeping the globe, we anticipated that sooner or later there would be seeker-driven churches once again relying on worldly methods to try and draw a crowd of people to church. Rather than “contend earnestly for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3), their latest approach as usual, will be entirely man-centered rather than Christ-centered.

The Super Apostle of the Purpose-Driven Life movement is also stooping to rely on the foolishness of this world to “win souls” to Jesus. Yes. Rick Warren is using Pokemon GO! to get people to church. Rick  Warren doesn’t rely on the power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit to draw people to be saved. He’s relying on the latest gimmick, exchanging the power of God for the latest popular fad?

We ask this question of you Rick Warren. Is “seeking and finding” Pokemon as worthy as seeking and finding Christ?


All Pokemon Trainers are welcome at Saddleback Church Lake Forest this weekend! We have 6 Pokestops & 4 Trainer Gyms on our 120 acres. Check us out!

Services are 4 pm and 6 pm on Saturday and 9 am and 11 am on Sunday.

Source: Rick Warren, FaceBook,, Published 17/07/2016. (Accessed 22/06/2016.)

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  1. Appalling!

    And people wonder why the visible church has lost credibility.



  2. Saddleback Church = Spiritual Death.

  3. Another rich minister (cough cough) of the “gospel”.

    Why is a minister listed as a celebrity. Probably because hes not a real minister.

    Hes just posing as one. Everyone doesnt get that. Shameful men say whatever sounds good to make a buck. They always have, always will. Men like this have been around since the dawn of time. Opportunists taking advantage of unlearned overly trusting persons. But their know it all big mouths sells lots and lots of books.

  4. Very interesting. Had no idea stuff like this was going on.

  5. I have been aware of Rick Warren being in cahoots with the Catholic church for years. And having been born and raised a Roman Catholic, I know full well that Catholicism is NOT biblical Christianity. I was a Catholic for the first 38 years of my life, and now have been saved for 17 years, by grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (not Mary, not the saints of the Catholic church, not by the Pope). Sadly, the Catholic and Rick Warren influence has heavily infiltrated my home church, with junk like Warren’s “Purpose Driven” books, the “Daniel Plan”, and no wonder, even our associate pastor has quoted Sister Theresa, Rick Warren and other non-Christian icons, so many times. And one of the associate pastor’s favorite authors and a big influence on him, is a Catholic mystic! So many people have fallen prey to wolves in sheep’s clothing. As biblical Christians, we need to wake up, use discernment to recognize the false teachers and false teachings that are subtly creeping into the faithful Christian churches and fellowships. Remember that the serpent is crafty and subtle, and the Bible says that “a little leaven leavens the whole lump”. And I have seen that the leaven spreads like deadly poison throughout the body of Christ. Who will God hold accountable? Praying for the truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to be preached in its purity, and its power.

  6. You do realize that the Pokémon Go creators purposefully set it up so that churches would have pokestops and gyms on their property so that people would start attending right? My church didn’t ask for them to put pokestops and gyms at all our campuses but they did. We almost told them to take them off because we had too many people coming up to church throughout the week in the night to hunt for Pokémon, but we kept them because they are clearly doing more good than harm. People may come in for the game initially, but Jesus is the reason that they’re staying and getting connected in our church. Pokémon Go isn’t even that big of a thing anymore, and most of the people who came for the game are now staying with us after the hype ended because they want to grow deeper into their relationship with God and build fellowship with a church family.

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