Rod Parsley preaches NAR Gospel & prophesies NARmageddon


In our attempt to help people understand the New Apostolic Reformation’s false gospel, we came across this sermon from Rod Parsley. In this sermon, he opens by using famous Baptist minister, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, to smuggle his false gospel to his listeners.

The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

What makes this presentation even more duplicitous is that Parsley attempts to make his gospel look as though it is the right one by teaching on false gospels we should reject. The NAR Apostles, Prophets and Teachers often call their false gospel the ‘Gospel of The Kingdom’, promoting the notion that their gospel is living while promoting the concept that the biblical gospel is dead. They will often lay the claim that their gospel is alive because signs and wonders accompany their gospel.

The odd thing about this clip is that Parsley promotes the Health And Wealth and Word of Faith heresy but sees the Purpose Driven Life cult as a movement with a “message without a miracle.”

See if you can spot the NAR Gospel in this presentation.

Source: Uploade by World Harvest Church Online Campus, Apostle Rod Parsley – The Gospel in power (Raise the standard), Rod Parsley,, Published on Oct 17, 2014.



“Hear me prophesy today.

There’s about to be a divine distinction made in the church. A solemn separation in the body of Christ between those who truly belong to the living Christ and those who have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.

The pressure to bow down is intensifying. It is becoming the catalyst for the Shadrak’s, the Meshak’s, the Abendnigo’s of a new generation to rise up and become the living signs, wonders and miracles of God. Those signs, wonders and miracles of God and those alone are the Amen of God to the gospel that we preach today; miracles without message produce vain emotionalism but messages without miracles produce dead, religious philosophy. Somebody shout Hallelujah!”

What does this prophecy mean? Rod Parsley is falsely prophesying the false NAR doctrine of the Great Civil War in the church.

This heretical doctrine was popularised by the NAR Kansas City Prophets Bob Jones, Rick Joyner (See the ‘Final Quest) and also promoted again at Todd Bentley’s Lakeland revival. This is why the NAR are a cult – they are still promoting the idea that their NARcolytes should oppose Christians militantly if they do not bend the knee to the way they want to do church.Jones_Bob_and_Bonnie Joyner_Rick

That sounds like a severe statement until you decode what he means by the ” Shadrak’s, the Meshak’s, the Abendnigo’s of a new generation to … become the living signs, wonders and miracles of God.” Here, Rod Parsley is promoting the heretical NAR New Breed doctrine. This doctrine teaches that a generation of Christian’s will become God in human flesh and will manifest Christ here on earth in powerful signs, wonders and judgments to cleanse the church and the world of all sin so Christ can return.

The New Breed are being promoted as the SM&A Generation to judge this “Babylonian Church,” once again – showing hostility to biblical Christianity and the biblical gospel.


The time keys below are phrases to discern the NAR’s false gospel:

11:50 – Gospel of Power…
12:20 – Talks about other gospels being preached.
14:40 – “A man with an argument is at the mercy of a man with an experience.”
15:25 – “Paul’s gospel was a personal experience.”
15:45 – It [the gospel] can’t be imitated but it can be duplicated.
16:00 – It [the gospel] was that gave Paul the authority to dethrone powers.
16:45 – Preachers preaching from somebody elses CD series.
16:55 – A hypocrite preacher preaching the gospel will preach a false gospel.
17:30 – Says how you can discern between true and false gospels…
17:40 – “The true gospel will be preached in power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. The Word of God must be accompanied by the works of God.”
18:55 – Eg. Moses and message with miracles; ELijah and message with miracles.

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  1. Sorry but I could not cope watching any more than 5 min and 24 seconds. These people are ignorant and seem to be only able to manage preaching sermons wich are interpreted through a prosperity prism. Their sermons are always the same; ‘what can Jesus do to make your life better’ and never or rarely any mention of repentance and godly contentment accepting where God has placed us at any given time

  2. I’ve watched Parsley on TV before and his pitiful sad puppy dog look approach literally makes me want to vomit. The man and his swindling ways absolutely disgusts me.

    On a related note, I recently heard a sermon by John MacArthur on the widow’s mite. 99% of preachers use the example of the widow giving her last bit of money as an example of the faith Christians should have to sacrifice what we have. But, MacArthur said the widow’s situation likely made Jesus very mad. At first, I was confused…until he went on to explain in context of Scripture how the Pharisee’s were taking advantage of the widow. Wow!… the chains of everything I’d been taught about sacrificing money just fell away. And, immediately, my mind thought of men like Parsley and how they convince people (most often the elderly or the homebound) to give their money in order to receive blessings. How this must anger our Lord. Woe to Parsley and others like him.

  3. I agree with Parsley that a divine distinction is about to be made, separating those who truly belong to Christ from those with only a form of godliness. Its called the Rapture. Bye bye Rod (lest God grants you repentance) – then you’ll be seeing many signs, wonders and miracles that you desire. My true religion relies on the written Word of God – that’s sufficient – no miracles necessary, except for the ones scripture reveals. He evidently doesn’t believe the Word alone contains power unto salvation and is sharp and quickens, but that its dead without accompanying evidence. If the Bible hadn’t told us of the coming false teachers and apostasy, I would be astounded in disbelief at his foolish talk and that he actually has a following – of goats, because this is goat food.

  4. Is agree all saints should shun ministries like Parsley’s. I do think the broad brush used here in terms of kingdom ministries is unfortunate though. Jesus talked much about the kingdom and we are called to be a kingdom of priests u to out God. We published a periodical called The Gospel of the Kingdom which is as far form NAR as you can get. We have a thirty year old ministry called Kingdom Gospel Ministries and you can see from our statements of faith and practices we are totally orthodox. Satan loves to steal and pervert a thing good, which does not sully the pure and the original.

  5. All this coming from a charismaniac, and all who follow him. About 6 or 7 years ago my friend and I were chasing channels and ended up watching his “breakthrough” show, it was filmed in his building, that’s when we heard Rod tell his followers to repeat after him. “WE CALL UPON EVIL TO DEFEAT WICKEDNESS”!!!!!! Then ended with in the name of jesus, My friend and I could only turn to each other with unbelief on our faces. All the Rod-bots repeated him and gave jesus a great big old fashion shout of praise and thanksgivin. Well, come to find out Rod Parsley wound up with throat cancer last year but that just slowed him down no repentance for all the deception and the fleecing of God’s people over the years as far as I can tell, just more of the same give me your $$$$$ so God can open the window of blessings for you. 2 thess 2 : 9-12

  6. World Harvest Church is nothing but a money laundering business. They don’t promote God or serve him they only serve themselves. Call for a real IRS investigation meaning agents who they can’t pay off intimidate or hide docs from and i guarantee you’ll find what youre looking for.

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