New Apostolic Reformation 101

“Excellent interview!!! It was as if I had been reading every note I had written down in the last 5 years on the subject….yep, 20 years in that movement and I didn’t even know that I was in it…yikes!!!” – Fighting for the Faith listener [Source]

The above comment from Facebook summarised why Chris Rosebrough’s recent interview Holly Pivec (from Spirit of Error), is a must listen to. They both discussed the New Apostolic Reformation, how to identify it, why it is so dangerous and why it has nothing to do with Christianity.


The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

We will be addressing details in this interview in other articles.

New Apostolic Reformation 101



Interview with Holly Pivec on the New Apostolic Reformation

Source: Chris Rosebrough, New Apostolic Reformation 101, Fighting for the Faith,, 09/09/2016. (Accessed 10/09/2016.)

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  1. This movement called the NRA keeps changing it’s name as Chris and Holly point out during the interview. It reminded me of how ISIS has been changing their name over the years and have taken over a religion. They also have “generals” in their movement, and they want to take over the world for the lord and savior allah. The NRA and ISIS are of the same spirit, there is a “revival” coming and is already here, but it’s not going to be pretty. Many people will be deceived by both of these movements, some will die and many will pray for death to come and death will be taken from them Rev 9:6, then there will be others that will lift their fists to the heavens and blame God for allowing this “revival” to have come too them. Rev 8:11
    2 thess 2 : 9-12

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