C3’s very own MystiChick Vicky Simpson gives God some space.


Chris Rosebrough, on a recent Fighting For The Faith program, reviewed C3 ‘prophetess’ Vicki Simpson, as she preached at C3 San Diego. In his review Chris makes it quite clear that when Vicki Simpson gets up to speak:

“None of it is even remotely true. Every word from her mouth was totally empty. God hasn’t even spoken in this sermon as she has muzzled Him, claimed to be speaking for Him and everything she said, none of it was even biblical.”

He continues:

“That was miserable, and the reason why it was miserable is because number 1: she should never have been preaching, God’s Word forbids her doing what she did, she is not a pastor, the office of pastor is created by Christ and in His Church, He has made it very clear in His written word of God that only men can fill that office – yes pastor is not a title. You should understand that, it’s not at title you can just slap on to somebody, you know. This guy’s the pastor is the pastor of finance? Wrong!  A pastor is an office, read your bible and you’ll see. And of course if you look at the archives of Fighting For The Faith, type in “pastor in office” I’ve done episodes of Fighting For the faith where we’ve dug deep into the biblical teaching on this, I’d recommend that.”

“So Vicki is not a pastor, she should not be preaching, she then gets up and preaches as if she hears directly from God and preaches her so-called direct revelations as if they’re bible truth and then brings out-of-context passages into bear, you know, to support the doctrine that she’s teaching from her direct revelation. Talk about a mess – this is about as “train-wrecky” as you can possibly get and who gets shoved to the side?  Christ does. And does God get to speak? Not at all. His word is absolutely made void and twisted and He is silenced while these people are chattering on – what a mess.



From Fighting for the Faith,

The Rhythm of Heresy



00:08:55 Vonda Brewer Time for Her to Dump Her “Ministry” and Repent
00:16:11 Steven Furtick Code Orange Revival Night 1 Recap
01:21:30 Sermon Review: Give God Some Space by Vicki Simpson

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Fighting For The Faith, http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2016/9/the-rhythm-of-heresy, Published 15/09/2016. (Accessed: 12/09/2016.)

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  1. What a stupid comment from c3oxfordfalls!

    That leadership are not Bible-believers, nor Jesus-followers (though they would surely claim they are).

    Instead they are anti-Bible and anti-biblical. Serving their own fleshly desires and man-made doctrines.

    It’s gotten so ridiculous. The truth found in God’s Word is under attack. These C3/Hillsong people & their ilk who are masquerading as “Christians” have infiltrated the Body of Christ, and are wreaking havoc all over the world.

    Why is The Church even putting up with this mess? What a pitiful situation.

    • Great article.

      Cheers, Team Churchwatch.

    • Don’t know how my new-ish computer managed to cut-and-paste that name (?). Don’t buy Toshiba.

      Found that blog via Worldviewweekend. Episode available several days before goes into subscription only. http://www.worldviewweekend.com/radio/audio/mike-abendroth-september-16-2016

      He made the comment that reformed churches who believe in Sovereignty of God have more men attending than other churches. I must admit I was slightly offended his explanations about why women don’t usually like his style of preaching. We’re not all Beth Moore lovers.

      Assume Seeker Sensitive churches are more sappy and focused on experiences, therefore thinking men more likely to be turned off from that type of church?

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