‘I thought Sun Ho was a megastar’: Chew Eng Han says of church’s Crossover Project



A former member of  Kong Hee’s City Harvest Church Singapore said in a Facebook post today:

“Truth be told, I was also brainwashed in the past… many of us grew up in a church whereby the culture was one of submission and not question – for that would lead to “discipleship” because you “cannot flow” with the vision. We were taught to “look up to” and punished if we instead “looked into”.

Truth be told, when I saw the xtron financial statements, that was my first brush with the fact that perhaps all the success that was so hyped in church, including the first Asian Conference in 2008 (which should be more aptly renamed as a Sun Conference) was made up. Numbers don’t lie – they tell a story. Their actions following the questions confirmed it. The pieces began to add up.

Truth be told, I am stumbled that until this very day, I refuse to trust anyone who claims to be a shepherd – because i cannot eradicate the suspicion that behind that mask lies a different being – a reptilian or a wolf with a different agenda. A rancher teaching us on stage to give thousands but who set an example of giving from his MPA into his MPA.

Truth be told, I am sick of organised religion. As a “cell group leader” in the cell group ministry for over 10 years up to the time I left in 2011, and over the last 5 years wandering around, I found that a ministry need not be rooted in the church. The church is everywhere and we can touch lives everywhere with our message and mission, leading people to Christ in our own unique ways through the Holy Spirit. In fact, the last 5 years had been even more fruitful and prosperous than the entire 10 over years add together.

Truth be told, I have also seen enough of positions and words of praise people can give you. Because that’s also superficial – for they will suddenly call you an ingrate, a traitor, an unforgiving person and whatever their figment of imagination can make up or whatever their leaders told them – only because you stopped standing on their side.

Truth be told, the Crossover is a sham, mutated by cover up over cover ups, rebranding after rebranding after the CAD raid, emotionally manipulated in straw polls and shrill-planted executive meetings. Don’t forget the earlier pioneers who already left and gave, believing in “unequal amounts but equal sacrifice” had left you this building so that you can now say, “they have never been a part of us to comment about the case”.

Truth be told, I have already forgiven. But I had not forgotten. And truth be told, I do not think I can forget the scars of betrayal by the very people I used to look up to. Truth be told, 8 years is too short a restitution for the lives ho hee ho affected. 8 years x 3 is fair but 8 years x 7 x 7 soothes. Divide it by 21 people that makes it just right – by grace. Although my carnal soul secretly wish that the jail term be just half a day, only for the key to go missing and never found. They won’t even sincerely apologise for taking away our sacrifice, but instead took more. Some staff were thrown away like used tissue papers.

Truth be told, the silence and lack of leadership of the council of churches and some Christian groups are another disappointing act. Some of them I heard don’t want to stir s**t within the Christian community, but they chose not to let the LGBT live their peace. Is it more appropriate to take a moral stand against the LGBT and take a liberal stand towards the rancher and the geisha-the-next-whitney-houston. Star struck? I’m sure that’s not what the bible said, unless we’re reading from the NKHV. What’s the point of having a council in the first place? Rub each other’s back?

Well, truth be told, its really no thanks to the jackals. That’s my honest opinion of this saga. The lawyer says there’s no victims nor personal gains – he’s right because everyone is a culprit following the instruction of ONE mastermind squandering it all on a drunk “whitley houston” singing “You Stupid”.”


His remarks came with the following article from NewsAsia attached:

‘I thought Sun Ho was a megastar’: Chew Eng Han says of church’s Crossover Project


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