Why you need to raise the dead like XP Media does…

The Gospel of the Kingdom is a false gospel invented by the New Order of the Latter Rain and is still preached to this day through the New Apostolic Reformation cult. William Branham does a good job describing the NAR gospel:

NAR-RecognitoGospel - Branham

One person who practices this false gospel is Patricia King. And like many other false apostles and prophets in the NAR, her claim to legitimate supernatural authority is that their ‘power’ gospel/ministry is raising people from the dead.

Patricia King claims,

“Raising the dead has always been a mandate of the church. Jesus commissioned us to go in His name and preach the good news of the Kingdom. He then went on to explain, that includes healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead. Our evangelism teams, led by Caleb Brundidge and Melissa Fisher recently grabbed hold of this and went out to practice raising the dead. Watch this video, hear Melissa share some great testimonies, and be inspired on how you can take reaching out with the gospel to a whole new level!”

Source: Patricia King, Extreme Prophetic: Raising the Dead Testimonies, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPTjKr0KriM, Uploaded on Sep 12, 2008. (Accessed 23/09/2016.)

Watch how Patricia King worded her introduction to Melissa Fisher:

“Raising the dead has always been a mandate of the church. Jesus commissioned us to go in His name and preach the good news of the Kingdom to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to cast out devils to, to cleanse lepers. He said, “Freely, freely you have received. Now freely, freely give.”

And I think the reason why we haven’t seen more resurrections is because we are not out there doing this stuff. I so appreciate Melissa Fisher and Caleb and a lot of our team at Extreme Prophetic who are just willing to go out and take the risks. And they do so with sensitivity. Just recently they went out to morgues and mortuaries and that and just asking if they could be of service. And of course, they did so in a delicate way. You know, they didn’t just barge in and say, “Well here we are! Tada! Tada!”

And ah- we do need the wisdom of God and we need to move in the spirit of excellence. And I so appreciate the way that they have moved like that. But we want to be an encouragement to you today to just go out and test the waters. Go out and love those who are- who are devastated. Maybe they’ve lost their loved ones and they need you to pray for a resurrection. You know- at least give it a try. You’ll never know unless you do. Listen to Melissa’s testimonies and I’m sure they’ll encourage you.”

However, Melissa Fisher contradicted Patricia King’s claim that raising the dead was a “mandate of the church.”Fisher stated,

“Hey everyone! I’ve got a question for you:

Have you ever wanted to do something totally radical and outrageous for God?

Are you an outreach leader and you want to kinda spice things up? Well, we had the same thing and the same question over at ExtremeProphetic. And so I got together with our team members and we started to brainstorm and see what we could do for creative outreaches. And one of our team members came up with this. We kinda thought, “Well, you know, we go out and we heal the sick and we see people saved and made disciples of. But we’ve never really tried to raise the dead.” So we’re wondering what that might be like.”

Since we can’t find anywhere in scripture where the church’s mandate is to “raise the dead,” we can conclude that Patricia King is LYING TO HER AUDIENCE.

Melissa on the other hand appears to be telling the truth about where the concept of raising the dead came from: there brainstorming session with XP Media Staff to “spice things up.”

Thank you Melissa Fisher for exposing Patricia King as a false prophet.

There is something else worth addressing in the below video. XP media titled this short video clip “Extreme Prophetic: Raising the Dead Testimonies.” Patricia King introduces us to Melissa Fisher to give dead-raising testimonies to “encourage” their audience to also raise the dead.  Furthermore, King claims that Fisher’s ‘Mortuary Outreach’ moves “in the spirit of excellence.”

Really Patricia King?

After wading through “encouraging” testimonies in a seven minute video, this was the result of the Fisher’s Mortuary Outreach:

“Now we haven’t seen any dead raised yet.”

So how is Melissa Fisher’s team moving in the spirit of excellence? How are these testimonies encouraging? This distraction is only causing Christian’s to question if they have the Holy Spirit in them at all since they can’t raise the dead. This folks, is extremely pathetic, not extremely prophetic.

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  1. “Our evangelism teams, led by Caleb Brundidge and Melissa Fisher recently grabbed hold of this and went out to practice raising the dead.”

    Wonder if Caleb Brundidge was playing one of his Club Mysterio cd’s at the funeral home while he was ‘raising the dead?’ Sounds like he’s gone from Club Mysterio to a Dance-a-thon Disco for the Dead.

  2. So basically they went out to raise the dead, had no success whatsoever but still they are all excited and mindblown by this mishap. And of course there was the oily-gemstoney glory thing happening. Yeah sure. Takes quite some brainwashing to buy a plain failure as a big success.

  3. It must have required one of Patricia King’s ‘Breaker angels’ and her ‘Breaker anointing’ to raise the dead, lol.

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