Furtick invites Joker to Code Orange Revival 2016

Joyce Meyer claimed,

“I want to really represent Jesus in a way that can make a big difference
in somebody else’s life.”


However, Joyce Meyer thought it was appropriate to open her message at Code Orange Revival with a pinkle. Even MennoKnight picked up on the inappropriateness of her joke:

Source: Uploaded by Elevation Church, Code Orange Revival | Joyce Meyer, Published on Sep 14, 2016. (Accessed 21/09/2016.)


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  1. This makes me SICK!!

    • Sad that so many of these posters are so quick to criticize and look down on many of the speakers that appeared at Code Orange. What would happen if God portrayed the same attitude you have? /shudder…Perhaps instead of trying to tear down a church you likely have never attended, truly seeking God’s wisdom and not your own would be a better course of action.

  2. She obviously wasn’t searching the scriptures in preparation for her message (the pulpit is not the appropriate place for her to begin with). And notice her modest dress – the tight pants. The important thing is to look and speak cool, you know. Also notice the picture, how her husband is situated as lower and beneath her and as less significant, almost unnoticeable as she towers over him. And could her hair be any shorter, like that of a man’s??? Just some personal observations that I find troubling thrown in there.

  3. Quote from the JOKER
    See,,,, I’m not a monster,
    I’m just ahead of the curve

  4. That sex joke thing Joyce Myer told was so tangent from anything of Scripture or even her message…

  5. So why doesn’t this page ever post anything about a pastor or church that is doing something good or right? Do you only focus on the logs and splinters in other people and just reject and neglect what God is doing in others? Yeah Joyce opened with a joke, but did nothing else in her sermon matter at all? I was inspired to begin restoring trust and talking to elders in the church again because of her lesson. I had a bad experience with a man on YouTube once who completely ravaged my faith and my calling to ministry. I was degraded and insulted, cussed at and disregarded as being able to do anything for God by an elder in the body of Christ who claimed to be setting a shining example for others in faith, love, kindness, and speech. He didn’t bother showing me what I should be doing or what I should be believing of course, he just criticized and judged without correction or redirection. So what are you really doing with this page? How does making fun of Joyce and shunning her without taking anything else about her into consideration and also both talking about what we should be doing and acting help anybody? It’s easy to criticize, but hard to do what is right ourselves. Have none of you ever made a mistake or done something wrong?

    • Thanks for commenting Brody.

      Please listen to this biblical review (starts at 45min mark) then listen to the two sermons following. Compare Joyce Meyer to the two sermons and share with us why you might still find her presentation biblical.


      Cheers, Team CurchWatch.

    • Thank you for responding to me, but you still didn’t answer my question. Why do you only focus on the negatives and downsides of the church and it’s leaders? I’ve failed to see a single post about someone doing something right or God doing something great in a church. We know God is alive and moving and changing lives even in the world as it is, but why do you choose to put the good and glorious aside and instead fix your eyes on sin and deception and deceit? I know we need to be vigilant and have discernment but it shouldn’t be the only thing we focus on. When we look into the darkness too long we forget to fix our gaze to the light of Christ and the majesty of God’s work. So I’ll ask again, why does this page not focus on the good just as much as it does the bad?

    • My phone isn’t letting me play the video at the moment I’m afraid. But anyways, you didn’t answer my question. Your page solely focuses on the “bad side” of church. All the heretics, blasphemers, sinners, cultists, and false teachers. I’m not saying that discernment and being vigilant about our influences is bad, but it shouldn’t be the only thing we focus on as Christians. If we only focus on the negatives and bad parts of things we forget to remind ourselves of the good that is still happening. God is still acting and doing good works in His people and bringing the dead to life in His church, so why do we spend so much time looking at the bad? Paul does point out the flaws of the church in his letters, but he also makes sure that he takes the time to point out the good in it as well. He calls out those who are acting out but he also praises the ones who do what God wills them to. So don’t you think it would be much more beneficial to fix our eyes on what is good and beneficial instead of just complaining and nagging at all the bad?

    • My phone won’t let me see the video at the moment unfortunately. But you still didn’t answer my question, why do you only look at the bad side of the church and neglect to post about the good? It is easy to find faults and shortcomings in people’s lives, but it is a lot better to focus on those who are being righteous than those who are not. While it is definitely important to be vigilant and discerning in our faith, we shouldn’t make that our only function. We should look at the good and godly acts of others as much and if not more than we do at the lives of the wicked. So why do you neglect to remind your readers about what God is doing through His church that is changing the world in His name and instead just point fingers at those who aren’t?

    • Brody, there is nothing positive one can say about these false ministries such as Joyce Meyer’s and Steven Furtick’s. They are leading people astray. Jesus warned us about False Teachers like these, and Paul told us to avoid them. Websites like these are set up to inform members of the Body of Christ about the wicked shenanigans of people like Meyer and Furtick. Many members of the Body of Christ have never stopped to think they might be being deceived by others who claim to be doing God’s work, but in reality are milking the Bible for every penny they can get from unsuspecting, uninformed, unstudied Christians.

      If you want to hear nice teachings, you should focus more on Bible teaching websites where that IS their focus. Notice that a person such as yourself could similarly go onto those types of websites and ask the similar question: “Where are your warnings against False Teachers?” And those websites would similarly tell you simply: “That is not our focus, we are a Bible teaching website only.”

    • God has spoken to me through Furtick’s preaching and his book Unqualified was a big blessing for me when I was drowning in self-doubt and anxiety about going into ministry at 17 years old. I know that he isn’t perfect and that he has some views that I don’t agree with but I have never watched a sermon of his that I felt was as wretched and evil as people claim him to be. Just as Bethel is my favorite worship ministry and their songs of praise have immensely benefitted my walk with God as He constantly gives me peace from fear and stress and renews my confidence in Him to continue to do a great work through me to change the world in His name. I know their ministry has some crazy things and bizarre ideas, but I went to their worship night in Houston for my 18th birthday and not a single thing was weird there. We simply praised God and opened our hearts to Him and drew near to Him the entire night. I’ll never forget how strongly I felt the presence of God that night. But anyways, I don’t think there should ever be a website or ministry that only focuses on being “ministry police” as the hateful man I met called himself.
      “Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:22‬ ‭If we have a website or blog that only focuses on darkness and sit around reading articles all day on false teachers and hereics, we lose sight on what is more important, knowing who God truly is and what He has done for us through His Son Jesus Christ, and serving God with our lives. Just look at the comments people leave, or the way the articles are written on here. This isn’t Christians looking out for their brothers and sisters and disciplining them out of love by correction and prayer for them to get their faith back together. This is a page where people come together to mock other people, tear them down, and fling insults upon others and feel that they’re being righteous for it because the subjects are bad Christians. A true community of Christ’s family shouldn’t be saying “SICKENING” “What a ridiculous and horrendous person, what is she WEARING?! I can’t believe it!”. Instead the proper response for a loving and compassionate child of God should be to say “It is unfortunate that they have gone astray and aren’t in line with God’s Word, but we should pray for them to turn around and fix their ways, that way we can have even more true followers of Christ and continue to do the good work God has planned for us to do together!”. A bunch of angry people insulting and screaming at someone will never make them want to change (look at the gay community and you’ll see what I mean. “You’re going to Hell you sick, perverted, disgusting monstrosity of a human being! Come to church with me it’ll be great.” Great plan.) I’m not saying that this page shouldn’t point out the wrong teachings, but it should do it differently. And just as they seek out all the bad leaders, point people instead to pastors and preachers who do it right. That way we can leave bad influences and still have good ones to follow. I’ve seen what happens when people focus on nothing but pointing out sin and bad teachings, and when calling out others is all you do with yourself you end up becoming a force that will drive people away from God just as much as you intend to bring them closer to Him because of how you try to do it.

    • “‭If we have a website or blog that only focuses on darkness and sit around reading articles all day on false teachers and hereics, we lose sight on what is more important, knowing who God truly is and what He has done for us through His Son Jesus Christ, and serving God with our lives.”

      That comment is not scriptural. The Bible commands us to “MARK & AVOID THEM.” What part of that do you not get?

      “Do you only focus on the logs and splinters in other people and just reject and neglect what God is doing in others?”

      This comment is also invalid: it is not a matter of “logs and splinters”, God DID NOT ANOINT these or any other false teachers. Jude says they are going to Hell. Why are you disputing the Bible?

      This is why: You are “EXPERIENCE-BASED”, not Bible-based. Nothing good ever came out of your heartthrob Bethel either. Bill Johnson is “EXPERIENCE-BASED” just like you. He has NOTHING to do with the Bible whatsoever.

      “Have none of you ever made a mistake or done something wrong?”

      That is NOT the issue here. In fact it has nothing to do with it. Furthermore, the mere fact you brought it up shows YOU have an element of “self-righteousness” about you, because everyone else here stands on the commands THE BIBLE SAYS to address the false teacher apostasy, but YOU want to REDUCE it to an issue of whether or not one is “worthy enough to do that.” That shows YOU base some amount of your doing what the Bible says… on YOUR OWN self-righteousness and self-worthiness to do so.

      The issue here is still FALSE TEACHERS. The same ones YOU LOVE to follow. Why? Because you’re not interested in what the Bible says, you’re only interested in using parts of it to justify YOUR IMPRESSIONS of what the Bible SHOULD be saying, and using parts of it to JUSTIFY YOUR EXPERIENCES. The fact the Bible says things isn’t good enough for you, you NEED emotional experiences to prove the Bible is real. That’s not faith anymore. Bethel’s FIRE TUNNELS have nothing to do with the Bible. They are witchcraft. How often does your twitching body enter into those satanic FIRE TUNNELS, Brody?

    • 1. I didn’t say we shouldn’t take notice of them and avoid their teachings, I said it shouldn’t be our one and only focus.
      2. I don’t listen to Bill Johnson or any of Bethel’s pastors and “prophets”, I only listen to their worship music because I know God has used their lyrics to help me through life. I don’t believe in the things they are accused of doing, nor have I witnessed them when I worshipped with them in person.
      3. I said nothing about “self-righteousness” and being “worthy enough” because we are all messed up people without God’s grace and guidance. I have my own fair share of mistakes, failures, shortcomings, and flaws and in no way shape or form do I intend to lord over others because of “being worthy”.
      4. I may listen to their music and a few Furtick sermons, but it’s not like they control all my beliefs and faith. I follow the Lord just as you do and I obey no one other than Him. His Word is the basis of how I live my life just as you center yours on it. Emotional experiences and testimony stories are not the basis of my faith either, they’re just part of living a life with God.
      And finally, let me just say that this kind of comment is the reason people look at Christianity and laugh in amusement at how easily we get angered and offensive with each other. Anybody who uses that many cap-locked words in a response to someone should clearly expect the other person to not listen to them. This is why I don’t agree with how we treat correction in the church, the way we word and say things is just as important as what we’re saying. If you truly want someone to listen to your words, make them words people actually would be willing to listen to instead of dismissing them as more jibberish from another angry stranger online. Now, I’ve been down the road of these type of conversations before and I know they never end anywhere good and just waste time, so thank you for your input. I’ll be sure to think on your words and pray for God to give me some insight on them.

    • “Anybody who uses that many cap-locked words in a response to someone should clearly expect the other person to not listen to them”

      I will NOT turn off caps just because of somebody’s little FEELINGS. If you or someone else doesn’t approve, TOO BAD! You won’t listen even if the caps come off anyway, because you refuse to even listen to JESUS and PAUL. So cute ploy, but it don’t wash.

    • “If you truly want someone to listen to your words, make them words people actually would be willing to listen to instead of dismissing them as more jibberish from another angry stranger online.”

      Oh, and tell that to Jesus as He throws moneychangers OUT OF THE TEMPLE!

      So much for your silly THEORIES!

  6. Brody, not every Christian blog should be devoted to pleasantries and encouragement. The Body of Christ also needs to have a healthy immune system and excretion of bodily wastes systems to remain healthy. People like yourself need to remember that.

    The blog’s goal is to expose Christian leaders and speakers who have left the straight and narrow path. People who believe what the false teachers are saying will follow on the same broad road to destruction unless they learn about and listen to Christians warning followers.

    Would you say the same thing to the apostles who warned Christians about false teachers both via name and characteristics?

    • I’m not opposed to clearing out yeast from the church, but it’s how we do it that’s important. For example, the photoshop of the clown makeup on Joyce is completely unnecessary and is not doing anything helpful, it’s just being rude. “Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.”-Colossians‬ ‭3:12
      I don’t see how that goes under any of those categories. It doesn’t matter if the person is a saint, an apostle, a priest, a heretic, a murderer, a rapist, a dictator, or a false teacher, we must be better than this and stop spreading bad character under the mask of righteousness.

    • Joyce Meyer isn’t shown wearing clown makeup – that is her natural unnatural face (since she had the facelift God apparently told her to have). The green hair is a reference to the Joker because sadly that ‘God-approved’ facelift resulted in a very unfortunate resemblance. There are some seriously bad photo-shopped images floating around the internet, this is not one of them.

      Please note makeup/face on an Instagram posted toady by Christine Caine. https://www.instagram.com/p/BLCAJblD091/?taken-by=christinecaine

      Cheers, Team Churchwatch.

    • Brody, you should do some proper bible study and observe the level of tact and sensitivity the apostles gave false teachers. Note the level of positivity and diplomacy Jesus showed in the temple. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+21%3A12-13&version=KJV

      Christian love or AGAPE is not sentimental, feel-good love i.e. like the world sees love. Truly loving Christians warn people in danger even when they don’t understand/ want to hear the truth. http://www.teachingtheword.org/apps/articles/?articleid=85660&view=post&blogid=7302

    • “It doesn’t matter if the person is a saint, an apostle, a priest, a heretic, a murderer, a rapist, a dictator, or a false teacher, we must be better than this and stop spreading bad character under the mask of righteousness.”

      Or if the person was a moneychanger. Tsk tsk tsk. And you dont even approve of Jesus’s character in the temple. Wow, you are something else there Brody.

  7. Yes, Brody, as a woman I observe what Joyce is WEARING! Is she dressed modestly, as scripture commands? No, she looks very worldly in her tight pants. Is she in subjection to her husband? No, she has often commented on her strong-willed and argumentative personality in her entertaining stories. Is she usurping the role of the male as leader and preacher of God’s word? Yes! And it is perfectly alright for another woman to find Joyce’s behavior “sickening” to her. When a female “preacher” – who isn’t supposed to even be in the pulpit – opens with a sex joke in mixed company, that’s sickening! Disgusting! How can you transition from that to, “Turn with me in your Bible to…”?! Joyce didn’t go astray – she began astray. She spouts the prosperity gospel in her stories from the days before she even began her “ministry.” We are NEVER told in scripture to pray for false teachers/prophets. God has already determined their condemnation.

    I used to listen to Joyce Meyer. I’m very grateful for the people who posted comments and videos of her saying awful, false, unbiblical things so I could hear it for myself. My dedication was to God, not a personality, and I instantly rejected her as false. I did the same with others, too. If it had not been for the exposers, I would not have heard the words come out of their mouths, for they don’t often repeat certain blatantly false doctrines – they mix in some truth, too.

    You must understand, too, that no human being has the power to drive people away whom God is calling. Sinners are already away from God, and God will draw to Himself anyone He chooses and no person has the power to interfere with that. But it is a good thing to be angry at those who blaspheme the name of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ, and to warn and name those who are teaching false doctrine to help the ones who may not yet be as discerning. It is protecting the sheep from the goats. And Bill Johnson is a goat. Beware and don’t base anything on experiences or feelings, but on the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. Emotions can lead to deception as well. Its based on the truth you know, not what you feel.

    You also sound as if you would easily become a part of the ecumenical movement, the love and unity crowd. That’s dangerous territory to tread upon.

    Would you also condemn Jesus for speaking harshly to the Pharisees?

  8. Every is a false minister according to you people! You focus one little thing someone may have said and blow it out of propotion! Who is not a false minister according to you?

  9. No, Ev, it is not focusing on “one little thing” that’s been said, its the culmination of MANY false teachings that have been spoken over years that’s been observed that results in the title of “false teacher,” beginning with the devilish false doctrine that we are “little gods.” Is THAT blowing things out of proportion? If anyone can listen to anything more she teaches after that proclamation, they are embracing a personality and rejecting Christ. And I can give you names of a few who are not false teachers and if you care to listen to them, you will immediately hear the contrast: John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Steve Lawson, Paul Washer, Alistair Begg, and go back in time to A. W. Pink and Jonathan Edwards – just to name a few. With them, you hear the word of God and you may find it shocking if you’re accustomed to the entertaining stories and personal experiences of Joyce Meyer. I challenge you to discern the difference and learn truth.

  10. It’s bad enough outsiders mock christians..she probably didn’t have help with her jokes..she’s an amazing woman

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