Michael Brown considers JD Hall more dangerous than a convicted criminal?

It’s interesting that Dr Brown considers JD Hall “too dangerous to debate” but doesn’t consider it too dangerous to speak at the church of a convicted felon. On the 31st of July, Dr Brown lists in his itinerary, a speaking engagement at international NARpostle David Yonggi Cho’s church:

July 31

Yoido Full Gospel Church
11-2 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Remember, not only was David Yonggi Cho been convicted for embezzling church funds, he is still under scrutiny for mishandling further church funds of up to US$67 million.

Breaking News: NAR Super Apostle Yonggi Cho to be audited (suspected of embezzling US$67 million)

And who were the ‘evil ones’ demonised and accused falsely by Yonggi Cho? His own elders.

So who is the dangerous one Michael Brown?

The one asking you for a debate?

Or the one that rejects Christ, His Word and his Elders and has been convicted for stealing people’s money?

JD Hall wrote the following on the Polemics Report,

Too Dangerous to Debate


Over the weekend, I challenged Dr. Michael Brown to a debate. This isn’t the first time, as twice before I had reached tentative agreements to debate Brown on the tenets of Charismania. I have had numerous interactions with Brown, mostly emailing him to offer correction when he has repeatedly gone to the defense of Hillsong regarding such issues as their use of gay choir directors and their lascivious, “sexy Christmas” cabaret, which I wrote an open letter about in January.

This isn’t the first time that Dr. Brown has defended the indefensible and blasphemed the Holy Spirit by blaming the Third Person of the Trinity for the shenanigans of Charismania’s most notorious false prophets. Brown has defended and/or endorsed Benny Hinn, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickel, Brian Houston, Carl Lentz, Joseph Cahn, and many, many others.

When pushed to defend himself regarding his endorsements and associations with the most nefarious false teachers in the world, Brown sticks to the following game-plan.

  1. Claim that he isn’t aware of any controversies regarding the false teacher, and feign total ignorance regarding the substance of the false teacher’s doctrine, as he did with Benny Hinn. Never mind, of course, that a leading figure in Charismania claiming he wasn’t aware of who Benny Hinn was insults all of our intelligence; we are required to view the claim charitably as though it were made by a genuine brother in Christ.
  2. Claim that the false teacher has repented of his false teaching. Brown repeatedly does this regardless of whether or not there’s any evidence of the false teacher ever having repented for anything. Again, as he did with Benny Hinn.
  3. Claim the factual, but negative, reporting of his or another charismatic’s glaring doctrinal or integrity problems are “misrepresentations.” Brown hardly ever (that may be an understatement) goes on to explain what the misrepresentation is, but seems content to merely make the charge.
  4. When all else fails, claim the discerning Christian is a slanderer or gossip, or vaguely imply they don’t have the full story. Brown does this repeatedly, and I don’t know if he’s ever met a discerning Christian that he didn’t attack as a slanderer or gossip, in the same way I don’t know if he’s ever met a charismatic charlatan he hasn’t adamantly defended.

Brown has used these four strategies over and again to endorse or defend the world’s most infamous faux-miracle working, tongue-babbling, Spirit-blaspheming, Heaven-touring charismaniacs ever to suck a grave or bequeath a prophet’s mantle.

So then, how did Dr. Brown respond to me call for a debate?


And although I think we all might suspect who that Cessationist colleague(s) might have been, maybe someone who has been on the wrong side of a discernment issue a time or two recently and might be a bit sore over it, one thing is for sure. Whoever can countenance Dr. Brown as a friend or colleague, in spite of the great harm he regularly perpetrates upon the church through his endorsement of Charismania’s most dangerous leaders, but considers me to “write and say dangerous things” is perhaps more discernment impaired than we once thought.

What true and actual cessationist would tell charismania’s chief apologist that JD Hall is dangerous? And further more, specifically, what would those “dangerous things” that have been written or said be? Would it be something like what was presented in Modern Day Montanism, or maybe something that got too personal? Who knows. If I followed Dr. Brown’s formula, I would accuse him of unfounded gossip and slander. The difference between the two is that I’ve been very specific with my accusations, and he’s lobbied accusations from thus far unnamed ambiguousbots.

Furthermore, and let the record show, at no point has Dr. Brown ever “corrected me” privately on any matter. I have, however, corrected him repeatedly (as the Open Letter to Dr. Brown last January demonstrates). Neither did Dr. Brown explain at what points he has been misrepresented (because he has not been) in my last post.

As I will continue to assert, Montanism is not Christianity, but a heresy to be anathematized from the modern church the same was it was in the early church. “Cessationist Colleagues” don’t need to mollycoddle their charismatic counterparts as brethren, but call them to repentance for endorsing and defending, well, pretty much anyone for whom Michael Brown has put his seal of approval.

Source: JD Hall, Too Dangerous To Debate, Polemics Report, http://polemicsreport.com/2016/10/24/too-dangerous-to-debate/ Published 24/10/2016. (Accessed: 25/10/2016.)

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  1. Sounds to me as if Brown is running away from you in fear that he expects to lose a debate. He wants to make it sound as if he were willing to do so, but others stepped in and advised him otherwise. I simply don’t believe him. And then he insults you by insinuating that you’re unqualified. Well, he simply can’t compete with your spiritual knowledge. You’d topple and embarrass him. I suppose “misrepresentation” to him means telling the truth about his errors.

    I’m sure you have more important things to do than waste your time trying to reason with this confused man. Anyone who is so void of truth and discernment as to support/defend Benny Hinn or Rick Joyner or Bill Johnson or… can’t possibly be in their right mind enough to think properly on spiritual matters. You’d be casting your pearls before swine, in my opinion. I personally have no regard for Mr. Brown. I think he does a great disservice to his listeners. I’ve heard him “preach” and it was all based on his own personal stories and experiences. That’s his problem. He’s basing his theology on emotions and subjective experiences over the word of God. Thus, he has become a false teacher.

    Keep reporting the truth and exposing those who counterfeit it. Your diligent work is a great service to the body of Christ. Its unbelievable what’s happening out there under the banner of Christianity. Thank you, brother.

  2. Yep, the truth is pretty scary and dangerous to people like Mr. Brown. What do all these men have in common? Fear that they will be exposed for who they really are. They cannot debate because they don’t know the word, they have a man made doctrine that they follow.

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