NEWSFLASH: NARpostle Michael Brown Renames NAR to the “So-Called NAR”

This week, Michael Brown advertised that he would “focus on the so-called NAR” in his program ‘Line of Fire’. However if this is an advertisement for his show, is he not revealing that he won’t be honest on his program about the New Apostolic Reformation due to the fact he calls it the “so-called NAR?”

The “so-called NAR?”

Dr Michael Brown, don’t you realize how offensive this statement is considering all the people that have been destroyed by this movement and have put in countless effort to expose it’s totalitarian, militant-like regime?

You’re essentially insinuating in your advert for your program that abused Christians are liars.

Spoken like a true General of the NAR Michael Brown.

Fini Quote Michael Brown

Dr Michael Brown is attempting to play the Bill Johnson ““I’m not completely clear on what [the NAR] is” card. You know. The Bill Johnson maneuver where Johnson attempted to pull the classic Clintonesque “I had no sexual relations with that woman” to ChristianityToday.


Michael Brown writes,

Let the unbiased radio show begin!


Back earlier this year, ChristianityToday talked with Bill Johnson and asked,

“So, what are your thoughts on the New Apostolic Reformation?” and he responds,

Bill Johnson’s response?

“I’m not completely clear on what it is.” [Source]

CT also reported,

“Bill Johnson is regularly listed as an NAR leader. He believes in the apostolic and prophetic ministries, but says the church does not have any official ties to the NAR.[Source]

What we’ve noticed is the New Apostolic Reformation cult is being more recognised by Christianity and it’s leading Apostles are trying to distance themselves from it. And in doing so, they’d prefer to been seen as liars rather than be associated with their New Apostolic Reformation movement.

These articles exposed that Bill Johnson was prepared to be brazenly deceitful about his involvement with the New Apostolic Reformation:

Yes, Bethel and Bill Johnson are part of the New Apostolic Reformation
Bill Johnson blatantly lies to ChristianityToday
Bill Johnson Lies to Christianity Today Magazine?



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  1. “Here’s a heads up: I’m going to focus on the so-called NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) on the radio Wed. The phone lines will be open!”

    The phone lines will probably only be “so-called open.” Meaning only acceptable calls & acceptable callers will likely get much if any airtime on this “so-called expose.” Looks to be really a denial of NAR membership and even a denial of NAR existance by Michael Brown, to clear up any doubts about him so the funds keep rolling in.

    His denials are pathetic. What an evasion tactic. Everyone knows Dr Brown is a card-carrying member of the NAR moevement. What moer is there to “focus on”?

  2. @cheroo “The phone lines will probably only be “so-called open” – Chris Rosebrough called in and asked a couple of questions 🙂

    • Someone asked this question about that program “Why does Brown always retreat to “I haven’t read/seen it” or “I don’t run in their circles”? What does this guy do all day besides write about the Charismatic movement? Is anybody buying this?”

      The more discerning certainly aren’t buying it, and it’s becoming more obvious with each passing day.

      Cheers, Team ChurchWatch.

    • Could have accidentally gotten past a screener.

      At any rate, its all a big show designed to make Brown look good.

      Rest assured its not a fact-finding exercise, to figuer out what the NAR is. Especially since hes know Rick Joyner since 1990:

  3. I listened to the entire show. He did take calls from two different men named Chris. I didn’t realize one was Chris Rosebrough. I did notice 2 things as I was listening:

    First, every time the caller got past his or her general salutations and was ready to finally present his question, Dr. Brown either had to go to a break or interrupted the caller by saying, “I think I know what you’re asking” or “I have many callers on the line waiting to ask [so hurry up].” I get that commercial breaks have to happen, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

    Secondly, I, too, noticed that Brown often said that he wasn’t familiar with their (the heretic) teaching or theology, but if they did, indeed, say whatever it was that the caller was claiming that he would, indeed, repudiate it. He said this many times…too many times. And while I was listening to it, I, too, thought it was strange for him to say that. I mean, as a doctor of theology and a public figure being quoted in magazines and such, isn’t that what he has based his career on? If he has garnered so much respect from pastors and other Christians alike because of his knowledge about what is going on in today’s church, how can he NOT know Johnson’s theology and the crazy things his wife also says and does. Hasn’t he made that his responsibility to know what others are saying and repudiate it (as he said he did with Benny Hinn?) Isn’t that his JOB? Why, then, does he choose to give Johnson a free pass? Look, I’m relatively new to all this Charismatic craziness as I’ve only been researching the NAR just under a year because I was concerned about some of the things my loved ones were claiming about angel feathers, glory clouds, and such. Prior to that, I had now clue who Brown, Johnson, et al were, so I could be misguided on Brown…but I don’t think I am about Johnson.

    Also, I was hoping someone would ask about Fire Tunnels and all the jerking movements that Bethel-ites and other Charismatic leaders such as Heidi Baker display. How would he explain that?

    A final thought… false teachers or those who prophesy falsely (which Brown also touched on). Personally, I think their one in the same. If someone gives a false word to someone else and it doesn’t come to fruition, just think of the emotional hurt placed on that person. What if that person is a baby Christian, or not a Christian at all. How has the “mistake” helped or harmed them. Prophesying is something that should be taken seriously. “Practice makes perfect” is a phrase that doesn’t apply to everything.

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