Lead Artist of Hillsong UNITED Finds Jen Hatmaker’s Affirmation of Gay Marriage “Refreshing”

Recently we reported that the popular HGTV star and self-proclaimed Christian evangelist, Jen Hatmaker, came out and affirmed homosexuality. You can see the original post here. In summary, Jen Hatmaker believes that sodomites can come together in a union found to be holy and honoring to God, and should be accepted in the church.

When asked if she’d attend a “wedding” of her gay friends, she goes on to say,

I would attend that wedding with gladness, and I would drink champagne. I want the very best for my gay friends. I want love and happiness and faithfulness and commitment and community. Yes. That’s an easy answer.

Lifeway Christian Stores, a Southern Baptist Entity, subsequently pulled all of her books and materials from their inventory as a result.

However, if you follow the downgrade of Hillsong at all, you may be delighted to know that Hillsong UNITED’s lead pastor, and co-pastor of Hillsong NY, finds Jen Hatmaker’s newly affirmed beliefs “refreshing.” Joel Houston, son of Brian Houston, the current CEO of Hillsong Australia, tweeted the following:


This coming out with the recent revelation that Houston’s co-pastor, Carl Lentz, has been severely compromising the gospel in public, among other things, it should be more than abundantly clear to everyone that Hillsong is a compromised imitation of the true Bride of Christ, and is led by people who know not the Scriptures, or what God has to say about His church.

In response to an inquiry of his first tweet regarding the “refreshing” nature of the article, he tweets the following:


I would encourage any who listen to Hillsong music to stop. These men purport to be Christians yet habitually pervert His grace for profit. If your church plays their music, complain. You have the right to do so. Your tithes and offerings are lining the pockets of men like this.

Source: Author, Jeff Maples; Pulpit & Pen Blog; http://pulpitandpen.org/2016/11/03/lead-artist-of-hillsong-united-finds-jen-hatmakers-affirmation-of-gay-marriage-refreshing/ (Published 3/11/2016; Accessed 4/11/2016)

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  1. “What I found…”
    Personal opinion is unimportant. Joel Houston is supposed to be a Christian pastor, therefore a defender of the Christian faith.
    “… refreshing was her honesty…”
    If honesty outranks New Testament commandments for marriage https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ephesians+5%3A33&version=KJV
    …will Joel Houston tweet exactly the same tweet if another person wearing Hillsong church’s public seal of Approval expresses their support for polygamous marriages (because they just want their committed group-marriage friends to be happy)?
    “Gospel of love versus hate/ fear…”
    There is only ONE Gospel. Hint: it’s in the bible. Homosexuality is always clearly condemned in genuine translations of the bible. Joel Houston has learned the verbal gymnastics well. In just one sentence there’s a double somersault of hypertolerance with a subtle half-twist of guilt trip and snide remark for critics.
    No clear defence of his position or clear admission of error. Like father like son – he lacks a spine. And like jellyfishes in Australia’s waters – potentially lethal.

    True Christian position: http://thecripplegate.com/myths-on-love-the-lack-thereof/

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