Evangelical Leaders Continue To Prove That There’s A “Dr Brown” Born Every Minute

Back in June of this year (2016), Dr Michael Brown wrote an article titled “Why I’m Actually Rooting For Donald Trump”,  expressing concerns over gullible evangelicals.


Dr Brown appeared to be on top of the issue on how evangelicalism was being viewed, because of the lunacies emerging with their fawning over Trump, ‘Evangelical Leaders Continue To Prove That There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute‘. Dr Brown gave this rebuke against evangelicals fawning over Trump:

“Now, to be perfectly candid, I have no place whatsoever for some of the evangelical fawning over Trump, including a recent article that ended with a quotation from Isaiah 40:30-31, shockingly applied to Trump in quasi-divine terms: “Trump is our energy. … Trump renews our strength. … With Trump we mount up with wings like eagles. … With Trump, we run, we are not weary.”

Readers familiar with this scriptural passage will recoil with this interpretation which replaces the God of Israel with Donald Trump!

This is fawning to the point of near blasphemy.

I also believe that critics of last week’s choreographed New York meeting where Trump spoke before 1,000 evangelical leaders have raised valid concerns: first, regarding our gullibility (did we actually expect anything other than a humble Trump who would answer softball questions in an evangelical-friendly way?); and second, regarding our failure to probe more deeply (as Tom Delay asked, why not ask him where he gets his values from or if he’s read the Constitution and, if so, what he thinks of it?).” [Source]

If NARpostle Michael Brown considers an evangelical using Isaiah 40:30-31 to be “fawning to the point of near blasphemy,” why is he allowed to fawn over Donald Trump alongside his NARpostle buddy Lance Wallnnau? (This is the same NARpostle Wallnau that refuses to address the plagiarizing prophet Amanda Wells, a woman who has plagiarized not only his work but countless others).

12CWCPortrait_Amanda Wells

The point is this, a ‘Dr Brown’ is born every minute if Christians keep endorsing, and listening to, the in-your-face gullibility of Dr Michael Brown.

It’s shameful.
Absolutely shameful.

Below you can hear Chris Rosebrough from ‘Fighting for the Faith’ expose Dr Brown’s blatant sin.


Trump, God’s Chaos Candidate?



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00:19:51 Ryan LeStrange Jehu Generation Rising
00:35:41 Todd Bentley & Rob Hotchkin Jewish New Year Prophecies
00:57:11 Lance Walnau & Michael Brown Trump, God’s Chaos Candidate
01:16:14 Sermon Review: Will You Cross Over With Me? by Jane Hamon

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Trump, God’s Chaos Candidate?, Fighting for the Faith, http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2016/10/trump-gods-chaos-candidate, Published 24/10/2016. (Accessed 04/11/2016.)

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