Who is Theo Wolmarans – and why is he a fraudulent apostle?

Theo Wolmarans is an important figure in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult. His church is called the Christian Family Church International (CFCI). His NAR cult is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

Their NAR doctrines are partially displayed in their statement of beliefs (accessed 14/11/2016)-

Sections 10 (NAR interpretation of Ephesians 4);
Section 11 (Christian submission to Apostolic “governance”);
Section 15 (Claiming “divine healing… is an integral part of the Gospel” is the false NAR “Gospel of the Kingdom” first preached by heretic William Branham);
Section 18 (The NAR hermeneutic of “prophetic illumination” where the NAR “Holy Spirit” operates through his Apostles & Prophets to bring fresh, new revelation to the church, thus opening CFC “to any further truth”.)

These confessions show all the signs they are an abusive authority-driven NAR cult, Theo being the highest authority within the movement above the Word of God. Although they state in their beliefs that they believe the scriptures are “the supreme and final authority for faith and life,” this has never been true of NAR apostles, since to scrutinize or question their prophecies against the word of God brings condemnation down on the true Berean.

Yes – Theo Wolmarans considers himself as an NAR Apostle (NARpostle) and his followers call him a NARpostle.

In the attached video, you can see this NARpostle ‘apostolicaly decree/declare’ and falsely prophesy over his church. His theology is clearly lacking and his gimmickry is on full display to those that are familiar with NAR language and tactics in this ‘prophecy’. (This was back in 2007 – and clearly this incredibly vague prophetic word has not come to pass.)

Source: Uploaded by CFCIntl, Pastor Theo Wolmarans Prophecy 2007, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHS4jEkAgTE, Uploaded on Feb 28, 2008. (Accessed 14/11/2016.)


Source: Uploaded by CFCIntl, Pastor Theo Wolmarans Prophecy 2007 Continued, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB4Gm91LPtw, Uploaded on Feb 28, 2008. (Accessed 14/11/2016.)


Theo is also part of the international NAR network.

Not only is Theo networked with Apostle Phil Pringle and Apostle Kong Hee, he boasts of his involvement with Apostle David Yonggi Cho’s Apostolic Church Growth International (CGI) network. The NAR often recognize people as Apostles through worldly means, often assessing them on how big their churches are. Yonggi Cho’s CGI exists to acknowledge and network with Apostles internationally (because they are growing the church). The CGI selects only apostles to be in their privileged network.

On their website, Theo Wolmarans talks about his ‘apostolic calling’ and his involvement with Cho’s CGI.


Founded in September 1979 by Senior Pastor Dr. Theo Wolmarans and his wife Beverley, Christian Family Church International, Johannesburg is one of the largest churches of its kind in Southern Africa.

Pastor Theo is an anointed teacher who presents the Word of God with complete clarity and simplicity, bringing understanding to every heart and mind while simultaneously captivating the audience with his bold, dynamic style.

As a leading international minister and a member of the board of Dr. David Yongi Cho’s Church Growth International, Pastor Theo is a much sought after speaker for churches throughout the world. Through his apostolic calling he is responsible for the formation of many churches throughout Africa and various parts of the world, including the United States.

Pastor Theo and Beverley along with more than 250 Christian Family Church associates birthed out of this ministry also have a memorandum of association with the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa, founded by John G. Lake. This association now has more than 1400 churches.

Some time ago the Lord led Pastor Theo and Beverley to found another church in America, and after many years of prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit, San Antonio Christian Family Church was birthed. In just a few short years, more than 1,400 people call Christian Family Church-San Antonio their home church.  The congregation has already experienced many signs and wonders through the couple’s ministry.

Pastor Theo and Beverley reside in San Antonio, Texas, although they periodically travel to South Africa to look after the church in Johannesburg. Pastor Theo also provides apostolic oversight to the more than 250 Christian Family Churches worldwide, along with many missionaries, evangelists and traveling Bible teachers who have all been birthed out of the Christian Family Church network.

Pastor Theo believes deeply in spending much time in prayer and God’s Word. The most important thing in his life is to know the will of God in all his decisions.


Along with her husband Theo, Pastor Beverley co-founded Christian Family Church International in September 1979. She has worked tirelessly alongside Pastor Theo in building this dynamic ministry.

As an anointed preacher and exhorter, Pastor Beverley is a very popular speaker. She shares life lessons she has learnt as a mother and a wife; and she does it with a practical, down to earth approach sharing from her heart. She uses her own experiences with both humor and boldness but always with an underlying message of hope and encouragement. Her desire is to see women set free and be everything God planned and designed them to be. However, teaching on and encouraging people to pray is her passion. She loves to pray for the sick and the oppressed and see signs and miracles following.

A former student of Christ for the Nations, she has a heart to see orphans taken care of around the world, but especially Africa, where the need is greatest. She visits orphanages whenever she can, with a heart filled with love and compassion and arms filled with gifts and goodies for children and their caregivers.

Pastor Theo and Beverley Wolmarans have two daughters, Natalie and Candace. Candace is married to Travis Barnes and lives here in San Antonio. [Source] 

Theo’s church, Christian Family Church, also has no problem advertising Theo Wolmarans as their Apostle on Facebook.

Even Ps André Wilmans, Dean of CFC Bible College, acknowledges Theo Wolmarans as their Apostle,

The CFC Bible College even parades Theo Wolmarans as their Apostle.


It all started in 1983 when Apostle Theo Wolmarans spearheaded what has now become one of the largest and fastest growing Bible Colleges in the world. Apostle Theo appointed Ps Bob Daniels as the first Dean of the Bible College, where a handful of students would come to study five times a week for a year, under his guidance.

Ps Smiley Papenfus was then handed the baton and initiated the Layman’s School of Training. Although the curriculum was retained, slight adaptations were made. This avid golf player introduced a golf course model into Bible College by substituting courses for “holes”. Students were given a map of a golf course which would direct them from course to course. Live lectures as well as tape correspondence studies were also introduced.

The Bible College further evolved when Ps Smiley handed over to Ps Rodney Pienaar. Modules were introduced into the curriculum, in place of the golf course model.   

In 1999, Ps André Wilmans was appointed the Dean of Christian Family Church Bible College. As a young man with many aspirations, he was  now given this huge task of taking Bible College to the next level. Willing, although perhaps far from able in the natural, he went ahead, introducing a curriculum that would earn students preliminary accreditation with SAQA, Christian Life Training (CLT). Now students had an even broader selection of how they would study as CFCI Bible College offered two curriculums – Bible College Modular Training and Christian Life Training.

Yet a deep desire burned in Apostle Theo to see more “sons” and “daughters” go out from CFCI, teaching the truths imparted to them by the father, and so began the birth of a New Bible College incorporating the School of Timothy’s.  

Through inspiration and wisdom given by Apostle Theo, both Dr. Andre Wilmans, who served as the Dean until 2006, subsequently becoming the Principal of all CFCIBC worldwide, and Dr. Johnny Slabbert who was the Dean from 2007 until 2009, put together a team that, under their supervision and guidance, would see the dream realized. In January 2007 this became a reality and the doors of the first Bible College, incorporating School of Timothy’s, opened with over 500 students joining. All these years of combined experience, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, has produced a Bible College whose curriculum is Spirit birthed and God inspired. We  are fully persuaded that those willing and able to introduce this curriculum into their local church setting will experience the same revival.

We have come a long way since our inception; having trained over 5000 students for successful ministry, embracing an evolving curriculum with the focus on remaining relevant in a changing society. The Bible College now boasts full international accreditation to Bachelor’s level, and in 2012 Drs. Johnny Slabbert and Andre Wilmans introduced a Master’s program, later spearheaded and completed by Dr. Simone Slabbert and her development team, and this is where it stands today.

The curriculum of CFCI Bible College is ministry based, resolute in its goal to plant and establish word based churches and Bible Colleges worldwide.

It is our desire to see this accredited curriculum incorporated into every Christian Family Church around the world so that together we can achieve our combined goal of over 50 Bible Colleges by the year 2020.

Source: History, CFCI Bible College, http://www.cfcibiblecollege.org/aboutus, Accessed 14/11/2016.

The bible warns us about “Super Apostles.” Paul specifically warned the church that they were set up as servants of Satan, beguiling the church the way that Satan beguiled Eve (2 Corinthians 11).

If that is not a strict warning for Christ’s people to avoid false apostles like Theo Wolmarans, we don’t know what is. No matter how sincere they seem or how much they hide behind the bible, avoid such evil men.

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  1. GROAN………….

  2. It always amazes me how big churches always get demonised i have known Pastor Theo and Beverley for years they have always led people to Jesus and out of their ministry many churches have been birthed
    And if that is a sin in your eyes , shame.on you

    • It is a sin to lead people to put their faith in the devil. Wolmarans Jesus is from the pit. We’ve met with his false Apostles and prophets and seen Wolmarans gimmicks first hand. He’s no different to Simon the sorcerer, wanting the power of God to make himself great.

  3. Yawn…………..

  4. I was a member of that church for 8 years. It is pure evil. It is run by a bunch of little boys who do nothing but bow the knee and kiss the hand of two demeaning, evil individuals who DO think they are above you. I’ve NEVER experienced such suckling up,which is required by individuals to get ahead in that church. They are evil and twist scripture to control and manipulate individuals.

  5. I was there for four years, and heard them teach that one must pay for salvation with the tithe. And secure there salvation with the tithe. If you don’t you are disobeying God and can loose your salvation.What heresy.

  6. When I addressed concerns with one of the Wolmarans daughters about how people were being treated CFC and how money seemed to make the difference in the treatment, during that conversation she said at least 3 times “Church is a business.” I was both horrified and deeply grieved that anyone, let alone a pastor, could take such a view of those Jesus gave His life for. Needless to say, after 8 years there, I no longer attend.

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