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(Moderator’s Note: We received a private email from a lady named Kerri. She asked us to post the following information which she believes’s is in the public’s interest.) 

It is with great sadness that I feel this action has become not only necessary, but recent events have now made it crucial for me to speak out because of what is at stake.  This is written out of deep concern for those who are being hood-winked and mislead by false claims of many of the false prophets who use God’s church for their own personal gain, with no regard as to how it may hurt people financially, emotionally or hinder them in their personal walk with God. Unfortunately this is also written from personal experience.

I am the only sister of the false prophet, Amanda Wells (born Amanda Louise Ferguson 19th September 1955 in Sydney, Australia, a.k.a Mandy Ferguson, a.k.a. Aussie Amanda). I am older by eight years. For many years, I have remained silent about Amanda Wells and her bogus claims hoping that she would come to repentance and apologise to those she had mislead.  That, regrettably, has not yet happened. Her false claims and stories have only increased in intensity over the years and caused much distress to family members, not least to our own parents (now both deceased).  Had she not dragged other unwilling people into her bogus stories and claims, I would not have found myself compelled to take this action.

To Mandy herself I say that you know the game you are playing and you know the game you have played in order to hide your sin and not admit what you have done.  There is time to turn away from this behaviour, though I concede it is deeply entrenched by now.   You have family who care deeply about you, and if you are not honestly aware that this sort of behaviour (lying, fabricating stories in order to create a false past, stealing other’s work and claiming it as your own and falsely claiming you have special miracle gifts) is wrong on every level, then it is incumbent on those around you who claim  to care so much about you to step in immediately to help you and counsel you and cease enabling you in behaviour that will ultimately lead to your own destruction, if not in this life, most certainly in the next.  Jesus spoke most explicitly when He addressed the issue of false teachers and false prophets who don’t believe the truth. This warning is just as relevant today to those indulging in such practices in the visible church.

21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’  Matt: 7: 21-23 ESV

It has become evident that Mandy, you have been called out time and time again by other Christians who were obviously discerning enough to realise that you were not who or what you claimed to be.  You appear to have not only ignored those warnings but chose instead to resort to name-calling and disparaging remarks about those who commented on your behaviour.


Contrary to Wells’ claim in her book “In My Father’s House”, that as the siblings in our family matured and married “we stopped communicating altogether as each of us isolated ourselves”, my estrangement from Wells actually came about as a result of  her continued bad behaviour which culminated in one particularly nasty and dangerous action on her part upon which I ceased all contact with her and all family members who remained in contact with her in order to protect myself and my own children.  There was no gradual cessation of communication as Wells deceitfully portrays in her book, but rather a deliberate decision on my part to remove both my children and myself from any further distress and/or damage which she may cause.

This situation continued for approximately eight years and then in 1987, our mother contacted me through a relative, and arranged to come to visit me.   During that visit our mother reported that during the time I had been estranged from my family, she and my sister had become Christians and had attended Assemblies of God Church in Garden City, Queensland for some time before Wells left and moved on to worship elsewhere and that though they had lived in the same house for some years, things had not been going well which eventually necessitated our mother leaving the house and being taken in to live in the home of her church Pastor’s family. 

Only weeks after our mother’s visit, Wells also suddenly made attempts to contact me. When my sister became aware that our mother had possibly re-established contact with me, she no doubt feared that some of her perverse behaviour of the past years may be about to be exposed.  During this initial telephone call to me, Wells made false and outrageous claims about other family members in an obvious effort to elicit my sympathy and lure me back into a relationship.  Cautious about entering into any more dialogue with her after my experiences of the past, and after checking for myself the authenticity of claims she had made and finding them to be manifestly deceptive, I made a return phone call to her and confronted her with the litany of lies she had told.  She meekly admitted her deception and said she “shouldn’t have done it!”  As to one particularly grave claim Wells had made to me regarding our mother, when I confronted her on this issue Wells claimed “she had said it in the heat of the moment”.   It appears Wells says a great many regrettable things in the “heat of the moment”. I chose to continue to not have any further contact with her.

Then in 1988 my children and I experienced a particularly painful series of events which became the subject of National media coverage in Australia.  A handful of Christian Pastors played a role in this tragedy and it was disclosed that two had even been responsible in covering up the rape of a child for many years and of protecting a paedophile.  As well as newspapers, the television program “60 Minutes” exposed this story.

See this link:




This was a deeply distressing period for family and also my parents.  Some years later, in 1993, due to our father’s ailing health and his growing concerns about my sister’s behaviour, he urged me to try to mend the broken relationship with Wells and asked me if I would accept contact from her if he could persuade her to contact me again.  For his sake, I reluctantly agreed to once again leave the door open to an attempt to restore the relationship. 

Up until then I had not had any contact with my sister whatsoever since those two brief phone conversations in 1987 referred to above which Wells later attempted to pretend never occurred.  At no time then, when the matter came to light, or over the next few years as the criminal trial pertaining to the rape of my child progressed etc and the matter was reported on national media, did Wells ever make contact with me or my family, not to inquire about the welfare of the victim or other children in the family, not to inquire about her own sister and certainly not even to offer a prayer, though she did find time to talk about the matter with others. 

(However, Wells is not always so reticent to show compassion.  It  does well to note that in November 2014 Wells posted on Facebook that while visiting the Vet with her cat she noticed that a woman’s dog was shaking and “looking nervous” so she approached the woman and offered to pray for the dog.  Any reasonable person might question Wells’ priorities when it comes to offering prayer and what matters to actually elicit compassion from her!)


In late 1992 after seeking and obtaining my agreement, our father informed Wells that I would be open to hearing from her.

It was some months later on the 14th April 1993 that Wells wrote a letter to me.  It began:


“Dad wrote to me a couple of months ago and said you would like me to write to you so after all this time I am.” 

Thus began a 6 page letter telling of her life and informing me of her “ministry”. There was no mention of the tragedy involving my family, specifically one of my children, and no inquiry as to how any or all of our family was coping.  The letter was entirely about her and her family’s life and how well they were all doing. She also informed me that she would soon be travelling to the State in which I lived for 6 days as she would be “ministrying (sic) in a church down there”.

On 22nd June 1993 I responded and attempted to draw to her attention what pain her miscreant behaviour had caused in the past and what distress it was continuing to inflict on others. We were living in different states of Australia at the time of my writing. I also expressed regret that she had not set aside time to visit while she had been so near in order that we could speak face to face.

“I had hoped that you would set time aside to visit for a while – long enough to talk at least face – to – face but that was not to be. The fact that we were unable to speak in person lays the burden on my shoulders to write this letter – certainly not a satisfactory substitute but it will have to do. I will try to say at least some of the things I would have said had you visited – perhaps suspecting that, is one reason you did not visit.”

One by one, I carefully laid out the details of events that had ensued over time which had led to estrangement and went through the problems that existed, very carefully and precisely, in order that she would understand and have the opportunity to respond to each detail. I explained the trouble and hurt that her behaviour of the past had caused and explained in detail what my own children and I had been through and how we had all been affected.  I pointed out to her how the covering up of the rape of my son by Christian “Pastors” had caused considerable spiritual damage to the children.  I confessed to my own failings and I also outlined matters about which I had become aware regarding her treatment of our own parents in recent years and urged her to be honest with them instead of carrying on the charade she had been.  I pointed out to her that there was more to being a “Pastor” than “preaching to the converted”.  The letter is too long to publish here but I am quite prepared to make it public if required to do so at any time in the future.  The contents are not matters which Wells herself would like to be discussed in the open, that being made abundantly clear by her subsequent response. 

In my letter I also asked her to pay attention to the treatment of our elderly mother with whom she now had no contact and yet who was living approximately only 5 miles away from her as a resident in a Church home.  Our mother had lived with Wells and her family and had provided substantial financial contribution to the purchase of their home before the deteriorating relationship between them caused our mother to leave the residence (and her financial investment) and be taken in by the family of the Pastor from her church.  Our mother reported that she had little or no contact from Wells anymore and that contact with Wells’ children to whom she had once been very close, including looking after them when Wells travelled on her public speaking engagements, was now non-existent.  Friends and church members from our mother’s church began to express this was of concern to them also as Wells was known to them, having once been a member of their church.  (It eventually became necessary for our mother to seek the assistance of an attorney to recoup her investment.)

In my letter of the 22 June 1993 I mentioned our mother’s grief to Wells and how distressing it was for our mother to have no contact with her own grandchildren and told her of my concern that she had allowed the children to lose contact with their grandmother in this way and wrote that though I didn’t feel I had any right to correct her as a sister (having been estranged for so long) I did feel it my right as a Christian to express the opinion that it was not right to prevent children from seeing their own grandmother as she had.

I wrote to Wells saying that even though she had hurt us all deeply, if she should ask for forgiveness for what she had perpetrated on me and my family there would be no question that forgiveness would be willingly granted. 

Wells response was not long arriving.  But its purpose was unfathomable unless to attempt to create and hide behind a “theological” smokescreen.  She began by stating:

“One point I must make you’ve been misinformed to the fact that mum can’t see my children – good heavens NO! We told her in person and then 12 months ago rang her and said she may visit with them as often as she likes”. 

So, though living only minutes away from our elderly mother, and though our mother did not have access to the use of a vehicle, Wells thought it acceptable to tell our elderly mother on at least two occasions, the last being 12 months prior, that it was up to her to come and visit her grandchildren if she wanted to see them.  The children were never taken to visit their grandmother.  This would be of course, Wells’ own business and not something to be publicly mentioned except for Wells constant public dissertations on social media about the importance of family and honouring one’s parents.

There was no addressing of any of the issues in my letter or expression of regret of her past behaviour.  Wells did not ask for forgiveness or seek to make right any of the hurt she had previously caused. Instead she indulged in the Bible twisting which so many self appointed church leaders cunningly do in order to make excuses for their own abhorrent behaviour.                                  

Her letter consisted of just a list of quotes from Paul’s New Testament letters, all of course, taken out of context.  Whilst admitting that she had behaved badly in the past, (N.B. she wrote, “I knew a girl many years ago stubborn jealous, rebellious hateful but she died on 3rd day of August 1982 and was buried in Christ” (see insert below) rather than to ask for forgiveness for any hurt she had caused to others, she chose instead to claim that the girl who had done those things was now “dead” as of 3rd August 1982 (presuming the date of her being “born again”) and “dead men don’t have [a past]”

From Well’s letter page 1

“I knew a girl many years ago stubborn jeolous, (sic) rebellious hateful but she died on 3rd day of August 1982 and was buried in Christ.”

Further from Page 4

“I cannot talk about the past – dead men dont have one. For I refuse to redig (sic) the grave that JESUS placed me in to do so would bring disripute (sic) to his grace.”

This is a total misrepresentation of what the Bible teaches and has been used to excuse her from having to be held accountable for her past behaviour. Since she felt it so important to obsessively quote Paul’s letters one has to wonder why Wells failed to note that Paul himself was an example of accountability, never shrinking from admitting to his sinful past or attempting to hide it. Wells chose not to quote Pauls’ admission to his past life of wretched sin in order to twist these passages to suit her own ends.

Acts 22.4
“And I persecuted this way unto the death, binding and delivering into prisons both men and women.”

Did Paul refuse to talk about his past because “dead men don’t have one”?

Wells had certainly not familiarised herself with the Bible’s instructions regarding accountability!  She is a preacher of “convenience Bible verses”.  The adherence to Matthew 5:23-24 which had been pointed out to her in my letter was totally ignored by Wells and never even referred to.  Never mind the people who are collateral damage in her life………….. they can fend for themselves.  This kind of attitude and proclamation is testament to the self-serving and un-Christian message she and many others who have bestowed upon themselves the title of “Pastor” preach.  Incidentally the Bible verse regarding “putting off the old man” is an instruction to no longer behave in the ways of the past; it has nothing to do with refusing to talk about the past as Wells used it!!!!

When we repent and ask God to forgive us and become Christians we are supposed to bear fruit in keeping with repentance?  That changed heart is supposed to have us turning from previous poor behaviour and exhibiting a new way of living.  If one continues to purposely lie, fantasise and falsify stories after claiming to have been converted then this is NOT bearing fruit in keeping with repentance.

In response to my questions as to why, as a Pastor, she had not contacted us during the tragedy we had experienced Wells responded ‘I don’t listen to gossip”.  So Wells counts newspaper stories and TV reports as nothing more than “gossip”.  One might have expected that even if this were the case, anyone claiming to be a “Pastor”, with all that title infers, might have been moved to take it upon herself to check out if the “gossip” was true given the severity of the matter. 

[Notwithstanding, it does well to reiterate at this point that God’s Word strictly forbids women to be Pastors]

1 Tim2: 11-14

1 Cor14: 33-38

In October 2014, as the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse was taking place in Australia, Wells said this on her Amanda Wells Coaching Facebook page: Red letters are mine for emphasis:

“I have coached many who were sexually abused and we have been able to turn the situation around for good. Today I am seeing many christians (sic) write on FB slamming sexually abused adults coming forward blaming pastors. Now listen carefully to what I am saying!
First, the fact that abuse is historical does NOT mean we should forget it. Around 90% of notified abuse is historical and if we say well it was 40 years ago we should just forget it we are doing a HUGE disservice to soci…ety. Many of these historical cases unlock the door for these abusers to be caught and stopped. I have seen it first hand.

ATTENTION: Now with Hillsong will Christians please realise it was NOT I SAY AGAIN NOT Brian, I believe Brian Houston acted honourably given his age and the fact it was his father and at a time when pedophilia was not public and certainly not heard of in church. 

BUT in saying that in the past 10/15 years I have seen first hand and on one occasion where I was involved in the reporting how badly churches handled these situations. They were swept under the carpet. Often the pastor given a one way ticket out of the country. This was reprehensible and needs to be addressed………………….”

Note, there was no such show of public support by Wells’ for me, her own sister, when she appeared before the Royal Commission!

Wells appears to be far more concerned with supporting those who cover up for paedophiles than she is about their victims.  It seems that Wells has no problem expressing outrage when it comes to defending Brian Houston and others but has yet remained remarkably silent on the issue when it affected Christian children of her own family. There is no official evidence that “90% of notified abuse is historical”. This is just another figure plucked from the air by Wells for the sake of a good story and to bolster her defence of the paedophile protector, Brian Houston. Wells habit of inflating and exaggerating is a deeply embedded behaviour and one of the recognized clinical signs of pathological lying.

“The Pathological liar feels compelled to lie is  because he or she may feel as though being in the spotlight has eluded them. This person feels that he or she should be the center of everyone’s universe and will do what he or she can to make it happen. Upon tasting the spotlight, it becomes self-reinforcing and the lies grow bigger each time just to keep on being the center of attention.”

By Karen Frazier

Also helpful in identifying this behaviour:

“Same Story, Different Characters

Plagiarism is a key factor in the life of a compulsive liar. This often involves twisting and warping stories heard from peers, acquaintances, or movie plotlines into plausible adventures that could have occurred in the liar’s life. Crafting these storylines takes a great deal of effort on the part of the individual since the biggest fear of a compulsive liar is being “found out”. Of course, much of this effort is done subconsciously, which results in individuals being unable to recall that the story is a lie. If a compulsive liar was attached to a lie detector machine, it’s likely that their statements would come across as the truth simply because they’ve told them so many times that they sincerely believe the fabricated event actually occurred.”

“Pathological lying

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The stories told tend toward presenting the liar favorably. The liar “decorates their own person”[4] by telling stories that present them as the hero or the victim. For example, the person might be presented as being fantastically brave, as knowing or being related to many famous people, or as having great power, position, or wealth.”

N.B.  It cannot be permitted to pass without comment that Wells stated that she believes “Brian Houston acted honourably given his age”.  Since Brian Houston claims that he was about 30-40 years of age or so at the time he became aware of his father’s crimes (he, himself, “stumbles” over the exact time depending when he speaks of these matters) one can only be amazed at Wells’ assertion that he “acted honourably given his age”.  Perhaps Wells should be asked to explain at what age she believes someone IS responsible for reporting such matters!  Wells’ further statement that this all occurred when “paedophila (sic) was not public and certainly not heard of in church” further gives testimony to Wells’ ignorance of this matters.  Since Wells is such a staunch supporter of the way in which Brian Houston has chosen to handle matters of child sexual abuse in the past, it must then be assumed that Wells supports Houston’s actions towards her own sister, telling me he didn’t believe my story, turning his back on me and walking away, refusing to help when I approached him for assistance over the matter of his Pastor mates covering up the rape of my own child, a matter which was given in evidence to the Royal Commission when I myself appeared before them in 2015.  









Contrary to Well’s claim that Frank Houston, Brian Houston’s father committed his crimes at a time “when paedophilia was certainly not heard of in church”, paedophilia was in fact very well recognised as a problem in church organisations at the time Houston decided to cover up his father’s crimes.  Wells has even tried to alter history in order to add credence to her own personal defence of Brian Houston having protected a paedophile, and cruelly dismissing his father’s victims to this day. It is well to note also, that even in this serious matter of paedophilia, Wells once again attempt to connect herself first-hand to the subject stating that on one occasion she herself has been involved in the reporting, thus attempting to boost her credibility in this subject. Attaching herself to newsworthy events and people is a common behaviour of Wells and a common sign of pathological lying.

In her letter to me of 1993, there was no mention by Wells of seeking forgiveness or of Matthew 5:23-24 which gives clear instructions regarding reconciling with those we have hurt.   Instead she wrote that she once knew a girl who was “stubborn, rebellious, jealous and hateful” but that she had “died in August 1982”, thus alleviating herself of any onus of responsibility for her own actions.

It is imperative that note be made here that given the fact that she has made a myriad of claims about others’ past history over the years, it would seem that such sanctimonious pontificating only applies to Wells  and her own past….. everyone else’s past, including our deceased Christian parents, it would seem, is fair game.  Further…… to embellish, fabricate, or even lie about any subject seems to be totally acceptable as far as Wells is concerned.  The hypocrisy (a hallmark of Wells’ “ministry”) is mind-boggling.

There was no mention in Wells’ reponse to my letter of the matter which had affected my family and no admonition of the behaviour of Christian Pastors who had covered up the rape of a little boy after telling him to “go home and obey his father” and to “pray for forgiveness” after having been raped!

Given the sentiments expressed by Wells on social media in later years as with the abovementioned post regarding Brian Houston this is now not surprising.  Making excuses is NEVER acceptable for sin and it would appear that this attitude of covering up for each other and making excuses for each other is rampant among certain groups of Christian “Pastors”. Careful observers will note that it is common behaviour among these groups to never address the issue at hand but rather to defend each other, no matter how grave the sin.

Perhaps Wells remained silent on the issue because she did not want to draw attention to her own lack of action in this matter.  Though Wells personally visited the State in which our family lived following the family’s crisis, when challenged over her behaviour and her failure to contact the family even though in close proximity, she claimed that she “didn’t call in because she was running a convention for 6 days”.  It appeared that actually repairing some of the damage she had caused in the past to others’ lives was not as high on her list of priorities as making her public appearances. 

The 5 page letter of 1993 mainly consisted of a list of quotes from Pauls’ New Testament letters such as this small excerpt:

“men don’t feel or cry. The more of myself of past I die to the more like my saviour the LORD JESUS do I become. I will not use liberty for an occasion to the flesh but by love will I serve another. I count myself not to have apprehended (God forbid I gloat in such a thing) but this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and past and reach forth unto those things which are before. So I will allow my flesh to think only on those: whatsoever is true, honest just, pure, lovely and a GOOD REPORT. As Heb 3/13 says exhort one another daily. For the past has no exhortation of edification in it. For I must bring into captivity every thought that would exalt itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christs (sic) love.”

And in an absurd exhibition of her usual flare for the dramatic, Wells enclosed the letter I had sent to her with her response and returned it. There was no need, as I had kept a copy.

On the 28th July 1993, I responded to Wells, expressing my disappointment at her action and continuing failure to face reality.  There were issue I dealt with in that letter which my sister would not want nor deserve to be made public and I do not feel it necessary to publish at this point.  However, reluctantly I am prepared to disclose the entire contents of the letter if it becomes necessary in the future. 

I informed her that unless she was willing to be “serious and truthful” there was no point in writing again.  But truth is something that Wells seems to disdain as history has ultimately shown. On the subject of “truth” it is worth noting that in this same letter Wells had stated:
“I put away lying and I speak truth with my neighbors. For we are members one of another.” 

Subsequent behaviour over the years has evidenced that “truth” has little importance to Wells as she continually lies and fabricates in her writing and her public appearances. What stories she has told in private are for those who have been victims of them to clarify.

Upon being told that I was only willing to continue with any relationship if it were based on TRUTH, Wells went silent and was never heard from again.  It became obvious over time why her being “truthful” may have been too big a condition with which she was willing to comply. Note, therefore, that her account of how we lost touch as recorded in her book “In My Father’s House” is totally misleading and bears no resemblance to the truthwhatsoever as is consistent with much of the content of her anecdotes and stories over the years.

When I learned that Wells would be preaching at the Sydney House of Worship on the 21st June 2009, I decided to attend in an attempt to speak to her after the service and again bring to her attention that her false claims and fabricated stories and credentials were causing harm and distress to others and to urge her to cease, in accordance with 

Matthew 18:15-17.

“If your brother sins against you go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.”


However when Wells spotted me, her sister, sitting in the body of the congregation she immediately launched into a hurtful and spiteful attack from the pulpit on members of her family once again (including both of our parents who were by then deceased and unable to defend themselves).  Wells then resorted to what can only be said was a cowardly and scurrilous attempt to silence me once and for all by claiming (in an attempt, no doubt, to extract sympathy from her audience about the fabricated unfortunate childhood she had just presented) that her sister “had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder”. This is a ploy often used by scam artists, hoping that by painting their critics as being “insane” they will deflect any attention from themselves and their own behaviour.

Upon hearing Wells make this false and scurrilous accusation, I stood and quietly but firmly stated that I was the sister to whom she was referring and that she knew that statement not to be true.  I was immediately surrounded by several men from the congregation a couple of whom I had to instruct to remove their hands from me.  Then I left the church, without causing any further fuss or commotion, only to be followed by the sound of Wells’ voice and that of laughter from the congregation. No one bothered to question my bona fides or the validity of what I stated.  Moreover, despite the ludicrous and false claim made by Wells that night, it is well worth pointing out that even if Wells claims had indeed been true, what person claiming to be a Christian and claiming to be a “Pastor” would hold anybody with a disability up to public ridicule or use that disability to obtain cheap laughs?  IF the people in the congregation were sincere and committed followers of Christ why then did they not extend loving and welcoming hands to such a visitor instead of allowing a “Pastor” to indulge in such unkind and cruel behaviour?  The answers to these questions, I would contend, are self-evident.  The manner in which congregations have laughed uproariously and applauded when Wells has mocked others during her sermons over the years is testament to the lack of discernment present in many Christian churches today.

Now, for the public record, I have NEVER been diagnosed as having ANY such disorder as stated by Wells that night and suggest that it would be prudent for Wells to retract that statement publicly, apologise for her behaviour, and strongly suggest that she refrain from ever making such a false allegation again.  One can only assume now that upon becoming aware of this, Wells’ own followers, in keeping with the tenets of their Christian faith, will diligently research her alleged claim and upon discovering it to be false, urge her to repent and to publicly retract the statement. Wells has repeatedly over the years during her preaching and in churches stated that her sister [me] “is a nutter”.  She offers no further commentary, just throws this nebulous and malicious comment into her discourses whenever the mood takes her.  Apart from the subjective nature of such a spiteful comment, I would have to question why Christian men and women, let alone Pastors, do not bring her to task over such comments.  Wells, in attempting to elicit sympathy for having grown up in our family, has also made comments on many occasions which cast doubt on the psychological soundness of other members of her family.  I regret to have to now state, that to best of my knowledge, the only person in the family who ever spent time in a Psychiatric facility was Wells herself.  I deeply regret revealing this and especially for any hurt it may cause to her family or friends but her constant false allegations about others in this regard have made it necessary for the protection of other’s families.

Wells posted on Facebook  1st January 2016.
*Note Wells own public plea on this matter of protecting ones’ children when she posted:


“When people put terrible stuff on the internet about you do they not consider you have family?  How sad my kids had to come across it and be so upset by the rubbish.  If you are going to slander a minister consider their innocent family first!”

Once again in a blatant display of hypocrisy Wells has failed to consider that other people have families and that their children may have been hurt by her public comments.  And it does well to note the salient point.  The definition of slander is the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation, or more simply put, making  false and damaging statements about (someone)..……………the allegations made by several church discernment sites on the Internet regarding Wells and her behavior had not been false.  The claims she had made regarding her own sister having had some fanciful medical diagnosis over the years however, are a total LIE.

In typical manner there is a great disparity between what Wells says and how she behaves.  Posted on her Facebook page 9th October 2016.  It appears Wells has no qualms about pouring gas on others’ reputations and lighting it”!



“Facebook what an interesting tool.  It should be used to the glory of God, taking back the Kingdom of darkness and the kingdoms of this world. My Bible says we have all sinned and fallen short, that’s all not some it’s all, and today the posts written by Christians judging the candidates for President have my head spinning.  Some things were said and done in places they thought were private and not I don’t agree but I do that the past is past and I feel so sorry for these 2 and their families and having to see some horrible headlines and terrible pictures ugly comments on pages and on those of us who know better, because we know Him.

“Lets be careful and think I wonder if my son or daughter read what I’m about to write about their mum or dad how would they feel.  Let’s also think how would my mum or dad feel if I posted that horrible pic or video.

“As Christians let’s think and remember it’s someone’s mum it’s someone’s dad and I know how hurt my kids get over ugly comments said to me I wonder how the kids of these politicians feel they didn’t sign up to this but they are the ones who have to wear the hurt.

“anyhow just thoughts.  Let’s watch what we say and think how would my mum or dad feel if this was posted about them.” (n.b. grammar, punctuation original to the post)

The hallmark hypocrisy must be evident to even the least discerning of observers

I am deeply surprised and dismayed at the amount of Pastors and congregations who have thought it acceptable over the years for this woman to speak about her family and other people in such disparaging terms and yet failed to question her as to her Christian ethics when she has done so.  I am also dismayed at the amount of pastors who allow God’s church to be used as a vehicle for stand-up comedy routines instead of the preaching of the Holy Gospel.

As to the number of allegedly Christian men who accept this nonsense without question and who subject their own wives and children to it, even allowing this fake “prophet” to lay hands on their own family members and utter words of total nonsense, one can only wonder why they have negated their duty of care to protect their own families from such wolves.

In late 2015 a group of Christians exposed Wells’ constant plagiarism and theft of other people’s work.  She was exposed as the Culprit in the Pulpit on


She first complained that she was victim but very soon after returned, attacking those who had exposed her theft of others work, with name calling and lying about what had occurred.  Predictably, as is the common practice of fake leaders in the church when they are exposed deriding those who had called on her to repent of others’ work by calling them “haters”.  In fact, calling those who exercise discernment and do it in compete accordance with biblical instruction “haters” is to show nothing but utter contempt for those who are obeying Gods’ word.

On 14th June 2015 Wells had posted this (below) on her Facebook Coaching page.  For a woman claiming to be a Christian “coach” and “mentor”, this abominable claim and audacious act of aligning herself to “wolves” ought to have been a warning to anyone with a modicum of discernment.  Within hours of her having posted this warning to her critics, however, at least three people had shown their approval by “liking” what she said.  Did none of these three tremble at the thought of a “Pastor” aligning herself to wolves!  Over and over again the warnings are ignored by those who have no doubt, by now, become part of the pack themselves.

However, in hindsight, a cynic might observe on closer inspection that on this one occasion Wells may have indeed exhibited the gift of prophetic utterance!


Ignoring all rebukes Wells has not only continued to lie to the public but has chosen to even drag other members of her family into her stories and fantasies. It is to be hoped that if she is unwilling or unable to cease this deceitful practice of her own volition then others who care about her will assist her in getting help.

For the sake of those who have been deceived by the false claims of Wells over the years, the decision has now been made to expose them one by one.  These LIES will continue to be exposed over time if the malfeasance continues.

Wells using family members and other unwilling individuals to promote her own “ideologies” and to create false impressions for her “followers” is amoral and opens her up to more intense scrutiny if she continues with these untruths.

To reinvent her own history is one thing but to re-invent the family stories of others with lies and embellishments is disgraceful. The question is simple, and the answer self evident,  If a person will create lies about her personal life and experiences how then do people think they can trust such a person’s claims that she is “prophet” and that her claims that she hears from God are true? Again, the answer is self-evident!

And before there is a flurry of activity from sycophantic admirers critical of a post such as this they should remind themselves that if Wells was truthful and not intentionally trying to con and mislead people, such a post would never have been contemplated. And if Wells would cease trying to ride the coat-tails of those who have attained considerable success in their own lives and live off their reflected accomplishments and stop dragging other innocent people into her deceit and attempts to swindle people, no such post would have ever been contemplated.

Predictably, Wells’ fantasy stories often appear on social media conveniently timed for her latest “prophecy” to be given some sort of foundation; a disgraceful and cynical attempt to fool unsuspecting and naive Christians. Of course she is not alone in this behaviour – so many self-appointed Christian leaders exhibit the same method of drawing people in for the purpose of creating their own notoriety and wealth. Shame on each and every one of them who does it!

Of course there will be disappointment amongst her followers at the thought that their “idol may have clay feet”. That is precisely one reason why the Bible warns us against having idols!!! 

As to Wells’ own children, my deepest and sincere apologies for any hurt you may experience from learning the truth. Rest assured that you had loving grandparents and still have extended family in the wings always thinking of you and concerned for your welfare.

Deepest apologies are offered to Wells’ own family and friends for whom some of this information may come as a shock. One can only imagine what fantasies and lies they have been fed over time.  But those who have been dragged into Wells’ lies and fabrications over the years are also deserving of protection. It is to be hoped that Wells will cease what she is doing so that no further disclosures are necessary. Of course there will be followers who are far more concerned with serving and idolising Wells than they are with being obedient to Gods’ Word.  That is a matter for their own conscience.

And to Mandy, I say, if you would be willing to speak about these issues publicly, FACE TO FACE, and in a forum where you may not rely on the deluded men of a congregation removing me when you are faced with the truth, then I am only too willing to arrange such a meeting.

And to the readers of this and those who might have questions about anything I have written, I am only too willing to answer those questions.  Should you wish me to explain anything further I am sure if you write to the moderators of this site and perhaps put my name in the subject line they could forward those emails to me and I will do my best to respond to you.  And once again I offer my sincere apologies for any hurt that may have been caused to anyone through this behaviour and hope this will all go some way towards assisting those who have been mislead or deceived.

(Moderator’s Note: You can also email this address: heresyhunter99@gmail.com and address your email as “Questions for Kerri” and we’ll forward it to her.) 

Sister of Amanda Wells

Source: Weeding Out Wells, PREAMBLE TO EXPOSING WELLS’ FALSE CLAIMS, https://weedingoutwells.com/2016/12/02/preamble-to-exposing-wells-false-claims/, (Accessed 02/12/2016)

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  1. Well well well !

    We now get to see why this Well’s smells in a most vile & putrid way.
    Aussie’s share this with your friends and family as this foul well is ever so deep and rancid!..

  2. Amanda Wells fits the profile of the genuine **serious** variety of Narcisstic Personality Disorder exactly. The jumbled thought patterns exhibited throughout the letters are also especially concerning. It’s way worse than merely out-of-context bible-twisting narcegesis like other false teachers. That sort of explains why she resorts to plagarism. She KNOWS her own written work is substandard and other more literate people would see she is not as good as she claims.

    Some good secular websites:

    M. Scott Peck’s book “The People of the Lie” is especially good for explaining the deception component of pathological NPD. (Note: New Age sympathiser, wear mental filter if read).

    The general weakness of above and similar websites is that they do not identify the true cause of the NPD- unrepentant, willful, self-serving SINS of **excessive** self-protection, pride and deception. Yes, some NPDs may have been abused/ undervalued by family (my mother), over-praised/ pressured to maintain family status (my EX) and as a result created a false self to gain better treatment/ recognition/ attention from others – they still have CHOSEN to deceive self AND others to gain worship that God only deserves.

    Jesus is the way, the TRUTH and the light (John 14:6). An unsaved person will remain in their sin because they are spiritually dead. True born-again believers will increasingly exhibit Christ’s character over time. The fact that she has gotten worse since (allegedly) “being born again” after so many years shows she is a false teacher and a lover of lies. She is a flatterer of self via flattering (and resulting worship by) others. Without miraculous intervention from God only rejection by 100% of followers will stop her now. Probably legal action and negative media attention still wouldn’t achieve it, as she’d pull out the “persecuted martyr” card and devoted followers would choose to believe her.

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