Simila’s comeback: Hillsong’s Naked Santa Puts Hillsong’s Naked Cowboy To Shame

Recently Esther Houston posted an Instagram photo of her Christmas tropical party. She thought it was appropriate to post herself posing next to a half-naked tropical Santa. But don’t you think Hillsong’s naked cowboy looks ‘Simila’ to Hillsong’s naked Santa?

No. That’s not a typo. The man who played Hillsong’s Naked Cowboy for Bobbie Houston’s NY Women’s Conference is the same Diego Simila who is posing as a half-naked Santa at Hillsong Pastrix Esther Houston’s Christmas tropical party.

Still no sign of Hillsong bearing fruit in keeping with repentance. Just a false Jesus endorsing their sinful lifestyle.


Source: Esther Houston, Instagram,, Published 21/12/2016. (Accessed 21/12/2016.)

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  1. I just left this entry (5:24 EST)
    How is this glorifying to Jesus Christ?
    With power comes responsibility.
    God will hold you accountable for your poor example to young Christians.

  2. He looks like one of those rappers in a music video. The ones where they are surrounded by scantilly clothed women.

  3. Disgusting on all accounts. That fellow has some kind of problem with wanting to expose his flesh to the whole world. He must have a clothing allergy… or more likely, an allergy to holiness. They are simply Devil worshipers. Unfortunately this ungodly crowd have already planted their “church” or rather rock n roll show here in Spain in Barcelona.

  4. It sticks of rotten fruit. Simply disgusting behavior for someone purporting to be Christian. Stop pretending and defaming the name of Jesus, and remove your “Christian” label. You’re proving your love of the world. And notice how the comments of the followers are swooning over their worldliness.

  5. I’ve seen this a lot on Facebook. It is disgraceful!!! EVERY pastor should quit singing their songs in church. Thank the Lord forever and forever that I have found a solid Lutheran church. I no longer have to sit in the pew seething with anger while the church sings their songs. Of course, I was not always like this. I really did not know any better; but, I have seen the LIGHT.

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