Finding Nori – the Apostle behind Destiny Image Publishing Company.

In this article we will be examining Don Nori, founder of Destiny Image, assessing who he actually is, in light of his biography here:

Destiny Image and Evangelista Media

Don Nori considers himself to be a prophet, called out by God to publish works by other prophets (like Amanda Wells).

“Once more the Lord spoke to Don’s heart: “I am looking for a prophet to publish the prophets.” In the heat of that early August afternoon along Interstate 81 Don found himself crying out to the Lord: “I care about what You have to say!” Without quite knowing what he was saying, Don responded to the call of the Lord. “I’ll do it! I’ll publish the prophets! I care about Your heart! I’ll do it!””

However, although he considers himself a prophet, he has a unique commission by God. That makes him an Apostle – which is why he keeps emphasizing the fact he founded Destiny Image. In NAR theology, they peddle the belief one can become a ‘workplace Apostle’. A good example of this is Wendy Alec of GODTV, a ‘workplace Apostle’ who claims she is “called apostolically, and prophetically […] as a General in these last days, as one of the forerunners to be one of the first through that media/entertain.”

Witches on the Frontlines – Who is Wendy Alec?

Nori on the other hand would be one who considers himself called apostolically and prophetically into the NAR “Media Mountain” for NAR publishing. Further proving that Don Nori IS an apostle of the NAR is revealed in his words below:

“The deep, resonant voice of the Lord spoke to Don’s heart: “I will cause you to be to this generation what I intended another before you.””

Within the NAR, its Apostles who rally and act as ‘fathers’ to their ‘generations’. And it’s also the Apostles who leave lasting legacies according to NAR theology. So even though he is not claiming to be an Apostle, he is not only giving the allusion of being one, he wants to be considered as one (like many in the NAR).

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