“Apostle” C Peter Wagner & Jack Deere deny the real Jesus

Holly Pivec from Spirit of Error has documented both C Peter Wagner and Jack Deere denying Jesus Christ. This is nothing less than the Kenosis heresy. Both men were pivotal (alongside Wimber) in constructing the false gospel and theology of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Pivec has been on the forefront, exposing the dangerous teachings of the NAR and its leaders.

Holly Pivec

This is the quote from NARpostle C Peter Wagner denying the Jesus of Christianity,

“Reread the gospels in light of this [that is, in light of Jesus’ temptations by Satan], and you will see that all of Jesus’ mighty works—His miracles, His signs and wonders, His prophecies, His deliverance ministry and the rest—can be explained adequately by the supernatural working of the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus as a human being. … This should dissipate any doubts as to how Jesus could tell us, as mere human beings, that we would do the same works He did and even greater works. The same Holy Spirit who did miracles through Jesus is available to do them through us today.”

Source: C. Peter Wagner, Dominion!, Grand Rapids, Baker Publishing Group: 2008. (Emphasis ours.)

This is the quote from NARpostle Jack Deere denying the Jesus of Christianity,

“Thus the Old Testament prophets, Jesus himself, and his apostles all attribute the divine power in his [Jesus’] ministry not to the uniqueness of his deity, but rather to the ministry of the Holy Spirit through him.”

Source: Jack Deer, Surprised by the Voice of God, Grand Rapids, Zondervan Publishing Group: 1996. pg. 45. (Emphasis ours.)

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