Is ‘Pineapple Preacher’ Carl Lentz trying too hard to be cool?

A Christian preacher’s goal is to preach Christ and Him crucified. When they stand behind the pulpit, pastors are to preach  ‘grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, by scripture alone, for the glory of God alone’. These are known as the Five Solas of the Reformation. These mantras were created to keep pastors and their flocks in line with the scriptures – the ‘straight and narrow’ of the Christian faith.

But not Apostle of Cool, Carl Lentz. When he gets behind the ‘street’, his fad tag is #OccupyAllStreets to give the impression it’s all about Jesus. However Carl could be seen as using the pulpit to make it about himself, bringing him into opposition with the bible, ‘..they loved praise from men more than praise from God’. (John 12:43)

"this is ... the second time I have had to clarify bad facts and address you on the very same issue you continually attempt to throw at my church."

In the Instagram link below, Carl Lentz writes the following (if it makes sense to anyone):

“I realize there is an insta flood of insta preaching and I love that! This is different though..because our @hillsongnyc creative gurus are hilarious and @therealmikeq is a quiet genius… MY POINT was that anything that God deems special? Will have a standard and boundary attached to it.. otherwise what is EXCEPTIONAL becomes COMMON…standards are not burdens! They are you @hillsongnyc … shout out to @kanekeatinge for “always giving me props”. Shout out to @coryfridayrobinson who once told me “Carl I’m BLACK. And I LOVE IT.” #had2BEthere#occupyallstreets

Source: Carl Lentz, Instagram,, Published 02/03/2017. (Accessed 07/03/2017.)

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