Dr. Michael Brown runs away from stay at home mom?

On March 14th, 2017, the following Facebook exchange ensued:


Dr. Michael Brown wrote: “I haven’t the slightest clue about NAR folks and the Shack; as for the Shack itself, I’ve neither seen the movie or read the book.”

“Gary, he just needs to do a bit more homework before launching false accusations. We’re all growing and learning. :)” 

In response to this, Christina Sapaugh wrote:



Quote from above:
“And if you say you’re not a prophet then why did you publish a book with Destiny Image Publishing, a company that is by “a prophet to publish the prophets?” And if you still insist that the NAR isn’t real or that you haven’t “the slightest clue” about it, then you cannot say that any longer because I just gave you information from the publishing house you chose to publish your book through.”

Source: Facebook, AskDrBrown, Pirate Christian Media, https://www.facebook.com/AskDrBrown/posts/1852328891459371?hc_location=ufi (Published 14/03/2017. Accessed 17/03/2017)

When Michael Brown stopped responding altogether to the thread, Christina Sapaugh went after him on twitter:



Source: Twitter, @DrMichaelLBrown, https://twitter.com/DrMichaelLBrown/status/842503927648018433 (Published 16/03/2017. Accessed 17/03/2017)

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