Collection of Pringle and Kong’s CHC/C3 prophetic and financial exploits.

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With the deadline of Kong Hee’s appeal to his jail sentence fast approaching, we have compiled (and transcribed) a selection of quotes from Phil Pringle and Kong Hee. The quotes below alert readers to the fact that Apostle Phil Pringle was instrumental in the downfall of Kong Hee’s life and ministry.

Kong Hee copies Phil Pringle

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“I want you to come with me to Psalm 102. Psalm 102. This message is – it has teaching in it– but more than anything this is what I would call, ‘message of a prophet’; a prophetic message. A message for a time. A message that wasn’t for January- Isn’t for August- It’s for now- Today.

God has something to say to us today. I’m not good at a lot of things but I’m not bad at getting the timing of the Word of the Lord right. You heard Kong Hee tell you I prophesied over him about five times that he would have Suntek City. He always dismissed it cos it’s an icon of Singapore. It’s in the main. It’s right in the middle. In the heart of the city. And just four weeks ago he signed to purchase that at a price of $310, 000 000. Amen! [Applause] Ahaha! These things come to pass. Ok. So I’m just saying that to ya. And if I get a word, it’s because it’s- and I say this, you know it’s not because I’m trying to bolster the word or anything like that. I don’t need to do that, I’m just letting you know the nature of this message is that, this is something that is a ‘Now!’ word for you and me.

So in Psalm 102:13 it says “You will arise, and have mercy on Zion”. Zion is the church. In the Old Testament it was the hill of the Jebusites inhabited. They were a Philistine/ Canaanite tribe who felt their position was impregnable. However, David and his men conquered Jebus, Mt Jebus, and renamed it Zion where he built the palace and he built the temple and it became known as the City of David. And in the New Testament, Zion is the church.

So it’s interchangeable. “You’ll arise and have mercy on the church, for the time to favour her-” everybody say ‘for the time to favour her’. [Audience: Time to favour her] The SET time! Yes the set time [Audience: The set time] has come! [Audience: has come!]”

Source: Phil Pringle,, iTunes: (00:27), C3 Oxford Falls, 6pm Sermon: ‘Favour’, Released 10/06/10.

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“Pastor Phil and Pastor Chris, they carry a spirit of prophecy. And five years ago when my little baby was born, Dayan, and my wife and I were thinking about taking a six month break. Go to Europe. Just backpack. Take little Dayan. We’ve been planting. I mean we’ve been running the church for so long.

And then Pastor Phil came to Singapore. And four months after little Dayan was born, in one of those meetings, the Holy Spirit HIT. And how many of you know that- talking about being dangerous, when the Holy Spirit comes upon Pastor Phil, he gets dangerous. Right?

And he starts prophesying, “Sun! It’s not time for you to stop. You got to go to China.”

And at that word, you know we let go of our nets. And then- so Sun’s been on the road right now. She’s living in the LA. And true enough, China opened up. She became the music ambassador for the Olympic games. Sang at the special olympics. Sang the anthem at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And just last week, I mean – she’s a few months away from launching her début album in America. Just let you know, her first single, last month was number one in the US, number one in the UK on the secular charts. Lets praise God for that! Hallelujah! So we got Pastor Phil to thank for that.

And- um- I’m-

The reason I shared that was because in 1995 when Pastor Phil Pringle came to Singapore and I was driving him around town- just bringing him back from the hotel and to the hotel. And we passed by this huge complex in the downtown area just in front of our parliament house. And it’s called SunTec City. Now it is the most iconic, monumental, convention center in the whole of South-East Asia. Pastor Phil turned to me and said, “Kong, someday you’re going to own that building”. At that time, my church was only in 1995 less than a thousand people. I said, “Pastor Phil!” I say, “God bless your heart. Thank you so much having faith in me”. I said- you know, I was thinking, “Yeah right! In my dreams!”

And every year. Every year he came back. He’d say, “Kong, you’re gonna get that building”. And he said that. And I think at one time he could see the unbelief in me. He start slapping me. You know how many of you know Pastor Phil likes to slap, right? He starts slapping me and pushing me, shoving me saying, “You gonna get that building. You gonna get…” And I just held that in my heart. I didn’t share that with anybody. My wife and I we prayed and we prayed. And then- I want you to know, two months ago, we signed- oh last month- we signed the lease. We are now co-owners of SunTec City Convention Center.

Hallelujah! Amen! We’re gonna move in. We’re gonna move in twelve months from now.

Ah- I thought I’m gonna show you a video. This is our ‘Rise and Build’ video and- Many people come to City Harvest Church and they look at our church. Look at our pulpit. Our Rise and Build. And they say, “Hey! Why is it that in Australia they kinda copy after you?”

Well actually we came here and copied everything from Christian City Church. So we have our own Rise and Build and I just thought I show you this latest installment where we anounced to our church, SunTec City Convention Center. It’s a twelve thousand seater hall. And ah- it’s amazing. And already, in one month after we signed the lease, we are already starting to earn dividends from all the profits, eh! So lets just watch the video right now.”

Source: Kong hee, C3 Presence Conference, Session 4, Sydney, 2010.

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“I want to thank pastor Phil, apostle Phil – Uh, J. John says Bishop Phil – and pastor Chris for inviting me to come. And you know I feel so much that I’m part of the family here. First time I been here was, uh, 1992.”

Source: Kong Hee, Kong Hee, Session 6, Presence Conference 2010.

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“Wow! What a joy it is to be invited to Presence. I am- I am so blessed, my cup runs over.

You know pastor Phil Pringle, Apostle, the Bishop ( J. John calls him the bishop)- to me he is the Apostle, he’s my friend, he’s the friend of God. I’ve known Pastor Phil and Pastor Chris for eighteen years. And yet we talk about City Harvest Church.

You can’t talk about City Harvest Church without talking about C3. Or Christian City Church. You know Pastor Phil has been there for me; praying with me; encouraging me; discipling me; telling me how to do the work of the ministry; taught me how to collect an offering; how to give an altar call; how to build a church; build a team. So Pastor Phil, from the depth of my heart, for Sun and myself, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you and Pastor Chris. Let’s give Pastor Phil and Pastor Chris a big clap.”

Source: Kong Hee, Kong Hee, Session 8, Presence Conference 2010.


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Kong Hee: “Tonight, can we do two more things before I give the stage back to Pastor Phil? First of all, could – could Pastor Phil, could Pastor Chris and Sun come up to the stage for a moment right now. You know what? God shows his love through people. That’s why we need one another. And could you just take a moment? I just – two things, right? Just – and can you just turn around and give somebody a big hug? And just say that, ‘God really loves you’. ‘God really loves you’. ‘He really, really loves you’. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Tonight, the second thing; how many of you are glad that you came tonight? Let’s give the Lord a big clap offering. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen!

Tonight is it possible- past these eleven months, I don’t know what the future holds. I believe in God for complete deliverance. I believe in God to come through. Not one night but I believe in the blessing of the house. Sun and I, we believe in Apostolic proclamation and blessing. Tonight, as the Advisory Pastor of City Harvest Church, as the Apostle of our church, will you just, could you- Pastor Chris just lay hands on both of us. And can you just pray for us? Amen.”

c3 presence prophecy of pringle

Phil Pringle: “Amen, Father. Here right now. Father in heaven, deliverance is there’s. [Chris Pringle: “Yes!”] You’ve circled us with songs of deliverance. You’ve turned our mourning into dancing. The oil of just- the feelings of despair, the ashes are replaced with the oil of joy. What a victory this will be. Though it’s dragged on, it’s only for a greater rope to hang the devil by. In Jesus name, Father we pronounce victory. [Crowd cheers]. We pronounce [Chris Pringle: “Yes!”] conquering. We pronounce deliverance in JESUS NAME. NOT ONE NIGHT WILL THIS FAIR HEAD SPEND BEHIND BARS. LORD GOD YOUR NAME IS EXALTED. YOU WILL GLORIFY THE NAME OF JESUS to this great man and his wife and that awesome church that they have built by the power of God and in the name of Jesus.

So here tonight Father, all of us stand together as the body of Christ, as the Kingdom of God. We can invoke things on this earth in that name above every other name. We have a power. We declare it in Jesus name.

SALVATION! VICTORY AND DELIVERANCE! In Jesus mighty name! Hahaha! Oh bless him! The blessings in heaven, bessings of the mountains, blessings of the hills, blessings of the valleys, blessings of the city, blessings of the country, blessings of the people, blessings of the nations – rest upon you. You’ll speak to those who sit on thrones. You’ll stand before those who command the affairs of men. You’ll speak from a broken heart and win those who are proud and they will break and kneel before you. And those who’ve attacked you will be at your feet, seeking forgiveness. And you will show the grace of God and the hand of Heaven and the reconciliation of the Spirit of the Lord.

“Kings will come to Christ. Men who have opposed with their proud mind the things of God will be bent towards God, blown by a wind greater than themselves. God is raising you up. Once you have come through this, you’ll stand and strengthen the church.

Not only in Singapore, not only in Asia but through-out the world,” says the Lord. “You’ll strengthen the hearts of pastors everywhere, prophets everywhere, apostles everywhere, preachers, evangelists.”

So bless this man Lord. As he builds a massive bridge into China, that nation will come to Christ. The price of China is being paid in your world right now. An anointing for a nation yet to come to Christ. Jesus!

CHINA! TURN! And oil, none other has carried, will be placed upon you that you will share with many thousands of evangelists [that] will travel to the nation of China, like messengers carrying the message of the king – and that I will put the trumpet to your lips. You will grow an army. A vast army will gather.

“Your hour is yet to come,” says the Lord, “But I will bless you in Jesus name”.

Amen! [Crowds applause] Father! Oh God! We glorify you! Praise you! Amen!”


Alrighty. Can I ask you to find your seats again? Is that alright? If you can just return to your seats. I want to let you know about a couple of things. I’m wondering if- thank you Kari. I’m wondering if i can do something that ah- we don’t do here normally. (And I’ve only got about five minutes because the buses are leaving at ten o’clock.)

I’m wondering, as I was sitting there just wrestling with a thought, because I really ah, appreciate everybody here and their sacrifice in getting here. But I’m feeling like I just would like us to show love in a very real and a practical way for Kong and Sun. So I’m just going to ask this question. If you would like to help them financially then we’re going to pass the container one more time here. I don’t want you to feel that you have to. I don’t want you to feel that there’s any great drive for this on you at all.

But I just feel that maybe some of you who would like to do this. We normally don’t receive offerings for preachers because it’s a very big conference and it’s a- and we build it into our overall thinking and budget to look after our speakers. But right now, if you need a card and you want to help these guys, just raise your hand.

You need to understand that they- I’m- I’m not quite sure I can say this, are they- are they- they’re gone? Okay. Umm…

To actually even be here, because their passports were confiscated, they had to pay bail to get those passports back. The bail was set at one million dollars. Each. Uh- oh, for Kong Hee I’m sorry.

Then, I think it was even more for him. I can’t remember the figures. But I know that for- they had to raise seven million dollars for members of staff and others to travel. That’s just that area. If you’ve ever been to Singapore, you know how expensive this place is. To fight the case he has had to employ a legal firm. And I know what the bills are. They are nearly a million dollars each time they come. Between half a million and a million dollars each time those bills come. His church is not allowed to pay one cent of his personal cost that he is incurring in this battle. He has to find it himself.

He’s sold his house. He has scratched together everything he can. One of the things that I’m doing is going there. I’ve made a commitment to be there once every two weeks. Normally it ends up being once every three weeks because of a variety of commitments that I’ve already got and doing things. But when I’m gone, he’s able to travel. And when I’m their, he’s able to travel and preach and find support amongst Asia and other churches.

Uh- I know that he was finding it hard to put some money together to get a cup of Starbucks at one stage. And uh- it’s a challenge. There’s been new legislation passed on the use of commercial spaces in Singapore since this case has come. So the religio- the restriction on his church is severe, ah, in that area [inaudible] after their purchase, go into co-ownership with ah, SunTec. And we’re in there. I will be speaking there in a couple days time. I will be on Friday to speak there happily.

We’ve got another great preacher here called Kevin Loo, who will be speaking here ah, in our church on Sunday. And I want you to meet him tomorrow night, ah, in church- ah in our meetings here.

But I’m just wondering, there may be some people here who feel- and you would like to put something, anything, in to help pastor Kong and Sun. And these are mighty, mighty men and women of God. Unbelievable in what they have accomplished. I can’t even begin to tell you the impact they’ve had on so many nations around Asia. Ah- I think Andrew Kubalah was it- one meeting there where I might have prayed for sixty different nations? Sometimes praying for a thousand pastors from one nation. I didn’t even preach. I just called nation after nation up on the stage.

We would pray for a thousand Indians. And we’d call another nation up. Vietnam. Cambodia. And one after the other, we were all at this Asia Conference, prophesying over them, speaking into their world, touched that.

Two thirds of the worlds population was just there. You cannot ignore that. God is raising up a voice to go into the city so-

I always think of these things is not just time to play around, kind of mess around and think, “Oh you know! We’re just here for a nice little sermon!” This is a place where we would do something and achieve things. And so I’m wondering if ah- if those ushers could just- right now- let me pray- and we’ll pass those containers. If you need a- if you need a card, please don’t feel embarrassed.

If you’re just thinking, “Ok! I’ll let it go,” don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel embarrassed. I do not want you to feel any pressure at all on- this is simply an opportunity for you to say, “I would like to help… uh-  in support of these guys.”

Father right now I’m praying that you will help us be a blessing [to] Pastor Kong. Every cent that it goes into this offering will go to them. And probably more that we will try and add out of the budget of this conference. Father! Right now I’m praying for blessing on that dear couple, in Jesus mighty name. And everybody said, amen!

God bless you as you give and thank you very much.

I had to think deeply about getting involved in this because I know where I go. I take a lot of people with me. I don’t mean not just my family but our church and a whole movement. Ah- but I’m a slight risk taker and- you know like- I like the idea of standing for people. It’s easy to say I’m standing for Jesus. For once, one of his servants is suffering. Front page attack. I’ve been there. I know what it feels like plenty of times. But I’m a little older now. A little browner. It doesn’t matter so much. Standing with a guy when I know what it feels like to put on your shades, going to a supermarket. And your kids take a beating at school, cos their father’s the pastor. Some of your people are looking. They’ll talk to me about the church I go to. You feel that and hold your head up high. You keep marching.

You need a great church. You need a great people standing with you- easy to be a fair-weathered friend. When that foul weather comes, God’s looking at them to be faithful. In Jesus name, amen! Thank you so much for giving right there. I really do appreciate that.”

Source: Phil Pringle, Presence Conference, 2011.

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“Hallelujah. You know last night I went back home from this place, and a thought crossed my mind Pastor Phil, you know I went back and said, ‘this is such a nice place’. I think that C3 Oxford Falls, you know Pastor Phil, should own Darling Harbour and this entire hall. [Applause.] I just felt it last night.

And then this morning, I came here and I thought I’ve got to drive all the way out to Oxford Falls, I mean it’s a great place, thank God for that. But this is a city church and you have hundreds of churches. I think this is the centre and you have been prophesying over me and got me such a big mess at Suntec City. So I was holding it in my heart, I was holding it in my heart.

And then, before I came up, Sun turned to me and said, ‘why don’t you tell Pastor Phil to buy all of Darling Harbour, buy all of the Entertainment Centre’. [Applause.] Oh come on, you want to clap, give the Lord a big clap.

So why don’t we do it this way, why don’t we lift our hand and begin to pray strong in the Spirit that God would do something for us at C3 in the mighty name of Jesus, hallelujah [speaks in false tongues with no interpretation] Come on guys, let’s begin to pray [more false tongues] All things are possible, all things are possible. Father we declare Darling Harbour, the Entertainment Centre, come to C3, come to Phil Pringle, Chris Pringle, in the mighty name of Jesus. Everywhere our feet tread upon will belong to Christ, this place will belong to the Lord. Oh God give us this place, in the market place, for the market place, to penetrate the market place. [False tongues] Oh hallelujah, come on just 20 more seconds, just pray 20 more seconds.

Give the Lord a big clap, give Him a big shout, hallelujah, hallelujah, clap your hands all you people, shout to God, Jesus, Jesus, hallelujah, hallelujah. My goodness the presence of God is here, we could worship forever, but we’ve got a little bit of time left, so why don’t you just turn to your neighbour and say, ‘Darling Harbour belongs to C3’, amen, Darling Harbour belongs to C3, Amen.

Praise God, please be seated in Heavenly places. Would you please give the C3 worship band a big hand, whoooo, hallelujah, hallelujah, praise the Lord. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers and the clock. I’m not going to preach long today, but I just sense that great things are in stall for C3, I just sense it.

Pastor Phil has been such a blessing to people all around the world, Asia, North America, Australia. I think it’s time that God is going to bless him in such a great way, beyond whatever you can imagine, a new season for Dr Phil Pringle and Pastor Chris. And I just sense that Darling Harbour is in the equation somehow. I really sense it Pastor, I really sense it, this place feels just right. You know when you walk into a place and it just feels like church, and you know this belongs to you. I’m just excited, I’m excited, so let’s just give the Lord a big clap, hallelujah [audience claps] Amen.

I want you to turn to your Bibles to Genesis Chapter 15, and once again I want to thank you for your hospitality, your love, the offering’s you collected, yesterday was just amazing, thank you so much. And Pastor Bill Johnson, I’m so blessed, you know I mean my wife and I were so touched by what you shared, and so we look forward for you to come to Singapore and be a blessing.

And also Kari Jobe. You know I tweeted yesterday and so many people got upset because I spelt your name wrongly. It’s K-A-R-I. So it goes to show how popular you are and how much you are loved all throughout the world. And especially in Asia. So you’ve got to come. Singapore must be your first stop. Don’t go anywhere else except City Harvest Church, and then you can go other places. Hallelujah. Amen.

Genesis Chapter 15, it says over here in verse 1, “After these things the word of the Lord came to Abraham in a vision, saying ‘do not be afraid Abraham, I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward’. For Abraham had said, ‘Lord God what will you give me? Seeing I go childless and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus. And Abraham said, ‘look you have given me no offspring, indeed no one born in my house is my heir’. And behold the word of the Lord came to him, saying, ‘this one shall not be your heir, but one who will come from your own body shall be your heir’. Then He brought him up outside and said, ‘Look out toward Heaven and count the stars, if you are able to number them.’ And He said to him, ‘so shall your descendants be’. And he believed in the Lord, and he accounted it to Him for righteousness.”

God came to Abraham and he was afraid. When you have a vision, you can become very fearful because a vision always requires faith. I’ve been a Christian now for 36 years, and I’ve come to a realisation that faith, vision and dreams they’re all synonymous. When you have faith, you always walk in visions and dreams. And when you have a vision and a dream, it would be so great, it requires faith for you to carry it out. And if they’re not scary or risky, then there’s no need for you and I to trust in the Lord.”

Source: Presence Conference, 11-14/04/2011.

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Kong Hee: “This is my final session, I just want to say thank you so much. Sun and I from the depths of our heart once again thank you C3, you love, fellowship, standing with us. Thank you Dr Phil, thank you Pastor Chris. You guys have walked right into a storm and you have not left, together we are going to make it, because of you, we believe we are going to make it, thank you Pastor Phil, thank you so much.”

Phil Pringle: “Thank you Lord. Amen. So, say thank you to Pastor Kong and Sun for being with us, whoo. Amen, and thank you for being so generous towards our friends in Singapore. I believe that’s the new world right now. Two thirds of the world is on our door step, I think we have a responsibility from God to address that, and move into Asia and to send all the help we can to millions and millions. I’m not just talking about hundreds and hundreds or thousands and thousands, but literally millions and millions of people are going to come to Christ all through Asia because you and I step into that roll, accept the burden, accept the calling, and say, ‘let’s go’ and do this thing.

We planted five churches in Papa New Guinea, just two weeks ago… in the same week we started 19 churches in East Africa, and West Africa. And so the African nations, the Asian nations, and that’s just two of our directors I don’t know about the other guys from different parts around the world what they’ve been doing, but sure they would be stirred up by that I’m sure. And that’s just a couple of weeks. Last year and the last two months of the year in Indonesia- I think we had four churches a day being started in those times, it’s not a continual thing but we are praying it will be.

And we are moving into an accelerated time of church planting. I believe in the local church, this conference is about championing the local church, and any local church, I’m not just talking about C3, I’m talking about we want to serve the body of Christ, in a Kingdom Conference, and we want to bless you. And with that same spirit that Marcos Witt brought, when he was talking about congratulating and celebrating the small church, the large church, any church, the everywhere church. We love you guys, we solute you in Jesus name.

I want to stand with you, and help you, and promote you, whatever we can do to help we are here for that purpose. I’m just thrilled that managed to get the online streaming going. And fifteen thousand people- I don’t know- it would have been about thirty thousand last night, because all of Kong Hee’s church were watching. I saw all the texts and twitters and everything else. And they were stirring up your people!

I saw one that says, ‘If Pastor Phil and C3 can love our pastor like that, we should be doing much more!’ And uh- so they were- you know- going [audience applauses] we get to stir it up.

So we love you guys and we are committed to you, and it’s the call of God for us to stand with you at this time, and I know we are going to see victory like never before. This is going to be the catalyst for one of the greatest victories in all the world, I’m telling yah, in Jesus mighty name. I can see it clear as a bell

clear as a bell.

Governments are going to be changed because of what’s going on right now. The church is the head not the tail. We decide the fate of nations, we decide the destiny of the world we have our feet on. You and me, we’re called by God for this, in Jesus mighty name. [Shouts] Let’s change the world. Let’s just go ahead and do it.

And thank you for Darling Harbour Convention Centre, amen. You’re so excited, I’m so excited, I’m going to take it. We got this thing, amen. Let’s do that, let’s just knock that baby over, amen. I will receive the first offering for it up in City Harvest Church [laughs] that’s hilarious… it will be great though, we can pull together and see things like that happen, I have no doubt.”

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“I just want to say thank you pastor Phil. And thank you Christian City Church, C3, for releasing your senior pastor and his wife to really help us out in the last fourteen months. I mean we’ve been going on for fourteen months. It’s really the greatest challenge we’ve ever experienced in our entire ministry of twenty two years. But every month, every other week, the fact that pastor Phil is there, rain or shine, with proper legs or with a broken leg- hahaha- you know, it just added stability to our church. It helped us to go from glory to glory. And I got to tell you that our church has gone through fourteen months of hell. But we kept on walking. We’re getting up again and again. And we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. And we are going to come out stronger and purer than ever before. Hallelujah!

So again- I couldn’t have done it without the man of God. So you have really an amazing, amazing, amazing pastor. And anything- you know, he knows that I would do anything for him. And he would lay down his life for me as well. And so what a privilege it is to be associated with the Pringle’s.”

Source: Kong Hee, C3 Church Global Conference, Session 4, August 23-26/08/2011.


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“Father I just pray even right now from the front to the back, from the left to the right, that tonight you move in a great way. Lord you know that it’s been a tiring time for the last twenty three months. For every step of the way, you’ve been with me, you’ve been with us. And Lord for all that C3 has poured into City Harvest Church, I pray that you multiply back to them, every church –every leader, thirty fold, sixty fold, a hundred fold for your glory we pray. Amen.”

Source: Kong Hee, Presence Conference 2012, 18:11, Day 1.

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Kong Hee: “How many of you know life is full of turbulent seasons? And the last twenty three months, we’ve gone through a very difficult time. And uh, I just got to say, if it’s not for doctor Phil Pringle and Christine Pringle, our church would have just collapsed. So I- I want- I want everybody, will you just- why don’t- why don’t we all stand up and give Phil Pringle and Christine Pringle a big round of applause? All they are doing for Christianity around the world. [Audience applauds.]


Now while you’re standing, the ‘China Boy’ would not be complete with a Chi- without the ‘China Wine’. Will you just give Sun a big clap as she comes to the front right now? [Audience applauds.] Hahaha! This is my lovely wife, Sun Ho! Come on! Give it up! Show her some love! Some loov- Wooo! Everyone’s excited! Please be seated. Even the sound system is excited!”

Sun Ho: “Woah! Woo-oah! Thank you! Thank you!”

Kong Hee: “Praise God! China Boy. China Wine.”

Sun Ho: “No. China Girl.”

Kong Hee: “China Girl. Hallelujah!”

Sun Ho: “Yep.”

Kong Hee: “Well, you know I- tonight Sun, I was just hearing all the guys talking about um- um- how pastor Phil is inspiring them for buildings and buildings. And the pastor from South Africa, talking about how- you know, a pastor from South Africa saying that you have a church of a thousand, pastor Phil came and gave you vision. Let me tell you a scary story.

Let me tell you a scary story. [Audience laughs] This is Scary Movie Part 4- Part 5. [Audience laughs] Nineteen-ninety-five, nineteen-ninety-five, our church was a thousand people. We just moved into a new facility, and I was driving the bishop- uh- Pastor Phil- back to the hotel. And we passed by a brand new convention center called SunTec City. And Phil Pringle turned to me (true story), and you know how he does it. He slapped me while I’m driving, alright? SLAP- “Hey Kong! [Audience laughs.] You’re gonna take over this building! This building yours! Hallelujah!” Pat! Pat! Pat! Pat! Pat! [Audience laughs.] Reeeeaaar! [Audience laughs.]

And- And then fifteen years later, we got the building. And now we are in all this mess. [Pringle laughs with audience.] So, I told Pastor Phil, “You created this mess! You’ve got to come and help us fix it.” And he’s done such a great job!”

Sun, why don’t you say something?” [Audience laughs.]

Sun Ho: “I don’t have jokes. Hahaha! Pastor and pastor Christine, we just want to say thank you so much. From the bottom of our hearts. (And I know that I represent City Harvest Church.) We really- words alone can never express how much, you know, we are so grateful for all you’ve done for us.

Last night when I was sitting here, listening to your pastor preaching about connect- connecting- and it just dawned upon me. It’s like Psalms 8. You know it just dawned upon me: “Who am I that you would consider me?” You know? And I thought about how when the case happened twenty three months ago, you so graciously accepted to be the advisory pastor to City Harvest Church. And you didn’t just say yes but you came once in every two weeks. And I look at this great ministry and all the pastors and ministries and churches you have built and places you can go. But yet you chose to come to Singapore to help us. [Kong Hee: “Hot seat.”] Hot seat.”

Kong Hee: “And you have four hundred churches. You’re so busy. You come in the midst. But honestly, uh, you know what? I- I thought, Sun and I we prayed. Because my church could have split five ways. The pressure wer’e in was so great and- And Phil Pringle in twenty four hours- I mean- I’m- this is true story. Twenty four hours. He just packed his bags and came. What can we say huh?” [Audience applauds.] 

Sun Ho: “Pastor, you talked- you- you talked- you preached about- last time you preached about- you know, you can never connect people to something or someone you are not connected to. And twenty three months ago when we felt so abandoned, you know, we felt so outcast- [Kong Hee: “Defeated.”] You connected- defeated- you connected us back to the father. And um, I thought you might just want to know that last easter weekend, over three days, that we got three thousand seven hundred and ninety souls saved for Jesus.”

Kong Hee: “Hallelujah! [Audience applauds.] Wooooo! Pastor, last weekend [Sun Ho: So thank you-], last weekend. Last weekend. Pastor, last weekend, we are not quite their yet, pastor Phil. We- our numbers are slowly climbing, inching back. But last weekend, thirty nine thousand four hundred people came to church. [Audience applauds.]

Slowly but surely! Final words?”

Sun Ho: “Thank you for loving us. And I think there is no one else that’s fit enough to preach about ‘connect’ except you. Because you really know it means and the prize and value of a soul or a couple. Thank you for connecting us back.” [Audience applauds.]

Kong Hee: “Thank you pastor Phil. Come on! Let’s give pastor Phil a big clap one more time. Uh! I thought, um, maybe it would be great, just before I preach, just to show you, um, my building. So this is- I want to show you a short little video and- and in twenty three months we got to rebuild, re-establish everything. We lost thousands of people. And we got to rebuild our and re-affirm our DNA. And I- I thought I show you this convention center. It’s a twelve thousand seater. But we could only use it because of new legislation. We could only use it uh- we could only use seven thousand five hundred. But this is the church that the leader of this movement helped to restore.”

Source: Kong Hee,, Presence Conference 2012, Night Session, 11/04/2012.


“And [God the Father] said, ‘My son, I’m so sorry that you need to go through this alone. But you need to die and you need to go through this to be the Saviour of the world!’ And God the Father had broken and He wept as He turned His face, when His son took the sin of the whole world.

I was saying all this and I’m hearing myself behind the pulpit- and I froze. I could not utter another word. And I sobbed and I shook. Because those were my exact sentiments.

“Father, Father! Why? My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me and thrown me to the dogs?”

And for the first time in eight months, I heard the voice. It is not the voice of a strict angry judge that only want me to perform and build a big church and nothing I do is ever good enough for him. No. It’s not a voice of angry judge. It’s not the voice of a slave driver. That just wants to take and take and wring me dry. But it was a voice of a tender, loving, broken-hearted Father.

For the first time in eight months, God – I heard Him crying. And He said, “My son, Kong, thank you! Thank you for going through this. I need you to go through this alone so that you and City Harvest Church can be the man and the ministry I call it to be. I’m so sorry. But you need to go through with this by yourself, to bring a change to your generation”.

Oh come on! Give the Lord a big hand tonight!

I hear God saying for the first time in eight months, “I love you! I love you! I love you!” Waves upon waves of God’s love- the love of the Father, just, saturated me. All I could say was, “Abba! Abba!! AABBAAAA!!! Daddy! ABBA!!!” And I knew, everything was going to be, alright.

Everything was going to be alright.”

Source: Kong Hee,, Presence Conference 2012, Night Service, 11/04/2012.


[Click to Download audio/video]

TRANSCRIPT – 2013 C3 Service

“I was in Singapore last week ah- folks with our good friends Kong and Sun Hee, although they are very rarely there when I am speaking because it gives them a chance to get out amongst the Asian community or various parts around the world and share in churches their burden ‘n what they’re facing and keep support happening and maintain a healthier relationship and communion with the wider body. And so that’s part of the reason why I am able to go there and uh- and they’ve just had ah- one really interesting breakthrough in this last week where the Commission of Charities (that’s the organisation overseeing charities in Singapore) has exonerated Sun from all ah- all charges against her so-“

Source: Phil Pringle, “Awakening — Part 1” – Phil Pringle,, Sunday 14th April 2013. (Accessed 15/04/2013.)


“I’ve learnt one thing about Pastor Phil: he’s a prophet of God. He’s very dangerous when he tells you that this building is created for you or built for you or developed for you. Because in 1995, he said the same thing to me. He said, “The SunTec Convention Center is- developed for you”.

And then, I just checked a video a few years- uh, just recently, Pastor Phil. In the year 2000 I think. Or 2001. You spoke to our entire congregation. And you said, “You know what? You guys are going to SunTec Convention Center”. And so we did. And all the troubles began.

So it’s all your fault, Pastor!”

Source: Kong Hee, C3 Global Presence Conference, Day 1, Session 1, 2013.




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