Apostle Brian Houston acknowledges Rick Warren as an NAR Apostle.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) leaders are no longer are hiding their agenda in front of Christendom.

Recently on Instagram, Brian Houston named Rick Warren as ‘The General’, which is code talk for an NAR Apostle. This is because in the NAR, ‘Apostles’ are called to be ‘Generals’ leading the end-times army (also known as Joel’s Army). With Rick Warren’s background in associating the church to ‘Nazi Germany’, we think Brian’s bestowal is quite a fitting title for Rick Warren, considering ‘The General’ sends out members of his church with a particular agenda, with their own ‘mission projects’ around the world.

Rick Warren’s Apostolic vision “is the global expansion of the kingdom of God. It is the total mobilization of his church. And the third part is the goal of a radical devotion of every believer.” And in all seriousness, ‘Apostles’ like Rick Warren and Brian Houston desire to raise up young men and women who, instead of claiming “Hitler, we are yours,” claim, “‘Jesus, we are yours.”

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This is why they have an interest in the youth of other churches and in their local communities – this also explains why they are proactive in indoctrinating their members with this “surrender theology.” This is because as NAR Apostles, all of those in their movements must submit to their God-given ‘visions’ and ‘divine strategies’.


Benjamin McNair Scott is pro-NAR and argued that Apostles exist today in his book, ‘Apostles Today: Making Sense of Contemporary Christian Apostolates: A Historical and Theological Appraisal‘. In his work we read that he (inadvertently) demonstrates that the Purpose Driven Life (PDL) movement was a product of the NAR – and how leaders in this movement redefine, and downplay, the idea of an apostle but still believe in them nonetheless in governing the church.

Purpose-Driven NARpostles.

This is so the NAR can operate as it usually does – under stealth, in their attempt to infiltrate and take over churches around the globe. They do not like being detected and exposed. For instance, Brian Houston attempted to pull the PDL skin over his NAR wine skin movement with initially much success, until we started exposing the history of Hillsong’s roots with the New Order of the Latter Rain cult (responsible for creating the NAR, their theology is inseparable). However, it appears Mr Houston no longer is attempting to hide his language and image under the PDL skin and has returned to his NAR ways. Thank you Brian Houston for publicly exposing another one of your Generals in your ‘totalitarian’ NAR network.

(BTW – We wish this WAS an April Fools joke!)

Brian Houston writes,

The General @pastorrickwarren with @Catalystleader ‘s @tylerreagin .. It was an honor to pray for Tyler as he leads the great Catalyst Movement forwards. .”

Source: Rick Warren, Instagramm https://www.instagram.com/p/BSUo0SPFaFw/, 01/01/2017.


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