Rick Warren exposes his totalitarian roots? (Part 1: Communism)

Want to know why cults like Phil Pringle’s C3 “church” and Brian Houston’s Hillsong “church” have their annual vision day campaigns? Well the ApostisLexicon call this type of annual event a ‘reichspar’ (for short):

Reichsparteitag (abr. reichspar) – an annual rally for a type of “church movement” (a nuremberg) that is a large propaganda event that encourage people to get behind their leader/führer’s vision. These events may be called Vision Sundays, Vision Builders, Vision Casting day, etc. Film or other forms of media may be used to commemorate these annual events. These events try to convince people that their leader is set apart because God gave them a vision; filter members who are either for them or against them; and to manipulate people into pledging their loyalty to the vision and cause of the “pastor”.

An informal reichsparteitag can also be a sermon, session, service or segment where the speaker preaches about the history, the vision and the leadership of the movement.
Word origin: German word for ‘Nuremberg Rally’.

Source: -R-, ApostasisLexicon, https://apostasislexicon.wordpress.com/r/. (Accessed 02/09/2013.)

Well these ideas emerged from the Church Growth “Apostles” from the New Apostolic Reformation movement and refined by Purpose Driven Life heretics such as Yonggi Cho, Peter Wagner, Bill Hybels and Rick Warren. Hillsong and C3 are the fruit of such totalitarian cults disguised as Christian “churches”. They have attempted to cloak their ideologies and false ecclesiastical structures with Christian language and biblical concepts – all which have been refuted since their NARpostolic agenda.

However, one such person who really furthered the totalitarian regime of the New Apostolic Reformation has been Rick Warren with his best-selling books ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ and ‘The Purpose-Driven Church’. Warren’s teachings stem from ideological concepts from the philosophies of pre-Nazi Germany.


– Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Book: Life Together.

We expressed our concerns with Hillsong inviting Rick Warren to speak at their annual Hillsong Conference because of Warren’s dangerous fascist agenda within the Christian Church. You can listen to Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith expose these connections and ideologies from Rick Warren and other #Purpose Driven Life# leaders fascist teachings here:

Hillsong, Rick Warren And Fascism

Recently, Pulpit & Pen did an article showing a video of Brannon Howse exposing Rick Warren confessing he was inspired by English Communist Douglas Hyde’s book ‘Dedication and Leadership’.


[Click to Download a PDF sample of book]

Pulpit & Pen write,

Rick Warren Learned Church Campaign From Communists?


Brannon Howse from Worldview Weekend released a Youtube video explaining how Rick Warren learned his church growth strategies. You may be shocked to hear what Rick Warren has to say.

See the video here:

Source: By Jeff Maples, Rick Warren Learned Church Campaign From Communists?, Pulpit And Pen, http://pulpitandpen.org/2016/09/02/rick-warren-learned-church-campaign-from-communists/, Published 02/09/2016. (Accessed 02/09/2016.)

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  2. Rick Warren admitting on camera he follows a Communist blueprint to pattern his ‘church’ after?

    What further proof does anyone need that Rick Warren is not a Christian?

    How can anyone continue to attend Saddleback after he’s made public statements like these?

    People must be begging to be deceived, to willingly follow a man like that. It’s really not that difficult to discern Rick Warren is not someone to listen to. When the end-times heat turns up, those people loving on Rick Warren won’t need much persuasion to follow after the Antichrist either. Warren doesn’t even use any false miracles or signs, but the Antichrist will have a bag full of tricks.

    It’s complete mindless stupidity that we’re witnessing in these nominal anti-Bible Saddleback-type ‘churches.’

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