Phil Pringle: spiritually abusing and fleecing attendees at Presence 2016

Earlier this year, Chris Rosebrough from Fighting For The Faith reviewed segments from Phil Pringle’s C3 Presence Conference in Sydney, Australia. Chris’ review includes:

  1. The lunacy of a totalitarian New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) “Apostle” Samuel Rodriguez promoting classic NAR ‘devilstomp’ (this is not a Christian doctrine).
  2. A disgusting display of Phil Pringle rebuking the sick at his conference for not using their faith to get God to heal them.
  3. Thieves fraudulently getting money through guilt trips and lies.

How organisations can get away with abusing and exploiting the sick and dying in our communities like this under the guise of “Christianity” should make anyone concerned.


About sixteen minutes in, Chris reviewed NARpostle Samuel Rodriguez. NARpostles are part of the New Apostolic Reformation cult, a cult that emerged from the New Order of the Latter Rain revival/movement in 1948. Many heretical doctrines emerged from this movement including an heretical concept that God is restoring Apostles and Prophets to govern the end-times church. C3 Church is part of the NAR. So it’s no surprise they invited NARpostle Samuel Rodriguez. In this segment, Chris ‘accidentally’ exposed Rodriguez peddling a NARpostolic form of ‘Strategic Level of Spiritual Warfare’ (SLSW) which is akin to the NAR devilstomp.

The spiritual ravings of this man has all the markings of the NAR’s fanatical SLSW doctrines.


At the Presence Conference, Phil Pringle likes to look like a Benny Hinn wannabe. He promotes the idea that he can heal people by putting on a healing ‘signs and wonders’ crusade at his Presence Conferences. When he doesn’t get the numbers up on stage that he wants, he usually displays an attitude that often results in him speaking irreverently and turning people away from true Christianity.

Pringle claims Christ’s death was in vain?

In the video below, you can already see terminally ill and desperate people lined up for Pringle to pray for them during a “miracle” session. Imagine how all the sick and dying would feel having to stomach what Pringle is saying in this clip, (remember – these people are manipulated to give money at these events to get these miracles):

 Chris Rosebrough stopped and reflected on what Pringle was conveying God saying:

“Let see if I got this straight… I just received a report that I have terminal cancer. Okay. So I got terminal cancer so I call out to God.
‘God! I’m perishing!!!’
And God’s response is, ‘I gave you the bible, I sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit…
Yeah! You’re move!
It’s up to you.’

The fact that Pringle has no problem spiritually and emotionally abusing people suffering with sickness and terminal illness, only confirms that all he cares about is himself and his ‘healing’ facade. His sycophantic and unregenerate nature before God and man is on full display. Here is the transcript from the clip:

“Don’t you care [to the audience]?  When we refuse to raise our faith we’ll accuse God of being uncaring about our circumstance. They said, ‘You don’t care we are perishing’. You don’t think God loves you because you’re perishing. Your marriage is wobbly. Your sickness has come. But He’s asleep!

You say, ‘Wake up! Wake up! Do something for me!’


Sometimes He’s saying like, ‘I sent my Son, I sent the Holy Spirit, I sent the Word of God; you’re move. You’re to- You’re to take a hold of it. What makes you think I’ve got anything left up here?’

You can do stuff people! Christian’s hovering around the cross too long. I love the cross. Got saved there. But we’ve gotta move from a Savior to a Lord. 

But He’s ruling in our lives and we’re ruling in life. We’re living the life that he’s purchased for us, to make us full human beings. Not some living, chopped down experience of life. Rise up. Lay hold to the promise. Pick up the sword of the spirit. Fight the good fight of faith. It’s a great fight cos you’ll always win. All you gotta do is put up a bit of a fight. Just whatever fight you’ve got. Just- it might just be a tiny bit. And I’m preaching to you guys here. I hope you’re hearing me.”


The last segment of Rosebrough’s review on Presence Conference was a collection of sound bites exposing C3 for bringing guest speakers in to fraudulently strip people of their money. J John’s was particularly bad. Chris Rosebrough’s expose on this segment was particularly good.

Listen to the entire review here:

I Have a Mantle and I’m Not Afraid to Use It

Click here to download this episode

00:05:49 Todd Bentley Back to the Future Mantle Dream
00:16:47 Samuel Rodriguez I Have a Mantle and I’m Not Afraid to Use It
00:18:54 Phil Pringle God Has Done His Part
00:23:07 Presence Fleecings by Samuel Rodriguez, J. John and Louie Giglio
01:07:34 Craig Groeschel Preaches at Osteen’s Building
01:27:28 Sermon Review: I Am A Sheep by Robert Morris

Source: Chris Rosebrough, I Have a Mantle and I’m Not Afraid to Use It, Fighting For The Faith,, 28/04/2016. (Accessed 02/09/2016.)

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  1. I don’t know how I missed this program. I listen to Chris Rosebrough ALL the time. Thanks for posting.

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