How “God” told David Yonggi Cho to get Yoido Full Gospel Church (Part 2).

Do you know how David Yonggi Cho managed to ‘possess the land’ on Yoido Island?

Do you know how he obtained the finances to starting building his ‘church’?

Cho explains in his book ‘The Fourth Dimension (Volume 1)” how he obtained the property here:

How “God” told David Yonggi Cho to get Yoido Full Gospel Church (Part 1).

It is important you first read Part 1 above so you can understand the nature of the spirit that David Yonggi Cho is operating from.

The most scandalous issue in Cho’s testimony is that he thinks he operated from a “renewed mind” when obtaining money to build his church. However, no matter which way you read his account of obtaining the money from a bank CEO, Yonggi Cho is informing his readers that the Holy Spirit led him commit bribery to the CEO of a Korean bank.

Do you honestly think that the Holy Spirit would tell a pastor (in this case, an NAR Apostle),  to act in such a deceitful way to obtain a church?

This is a crime which falls under international anti-bribery corruption laws.

Yet Yonggi Cho and other heretics like him claim that this is the way God wants us to think. If Christians do not agree or operate from this wicked mindset, Cho and his “Holy Spirit” accuse Christians of operating from “man’s perceived natural order” and of being “confined by a traditional mind.”

In fact, in the excerpt below, Cho said that his church treasurer protested, stating quite rightly that Cho did not “have any assets for collateral” and said: “No paper work [had] been done.” At least this leader under David Yonggi Cho had a strong enough conscience to point out what was right and wrong. But in his book, Cho accused his treasurer of being confined by a traditional mind.

David Yonggi Cho is currently under investigation, suspected of embezzling US$67 million of funds. 

Cho uses this testimony as proof that his teachings on his ‘laws of faith’ work. We beg to differ. In fact, we think that Cho is not even being honest with the presentation of this story.

Yonggi Cho writes,

God is always there, and He is testing you. Sometimes God wants to stiffen and strengthen your backbone; and sometimes while being strengthened you can almost hear the bones cracking. But if you stand on the Word of God and have faith, then God will never let you down. To illustrate this, I will relate another of my experiences.

I once wrote a $50,000 post-dated check, payable December 31. I scraped money from every source available, but I was unable to gather even a small portion of the amount. If I could not put the money in the bank by the designated day, the newspapers would carry headlines saying that the pastor of the largest church in Korea wrote a hot check.

It was twelve noon of the day the money had to be in, and I was praying, “Oh, God, I’ve spent all my money, more than I had. I’ve borrowed money from many people. Father, where will I go? I’ve no place to go.”

I continued praying. Then the clock struck one o’clock, then two o’clock, then three o’clock. My wife then called, “Honey, did you get the money yet?”

“No”, I answered.

She said, “Don’t you know that at four o’clock the last plane pulls out of Seoul? That’s your chance to escape to America.”

“I can’t do that. I can’t avoid my responsibilities’, I told her. “I can’t escape. And if I did, a smear would come to the name of Jesus Christ, I’d rather meet whatever happens here in Korea than to escape the country.”

The bank was to close at six o’clock, and it was now five. I became desperate. I could not sit, and I could not stand; I just walked and walked, back and forth, like a lion in a cage. Again I prayed, “Oh, God, please come and help me.”

Suddenly the Holy Spirit let a thought flow through my mind. This thought was that I should go to the head of my bank and boldly ask him to write me a $50,000 check. “Father!” I responded. “I must be losing my mind. I’ve heated my mind’s computer, and now it’s become overloaded. I don’t have anything to put up for mortgage. I’ve have no paper work done. You want me to just go and ask him to write a $50,000 check? This is absolutely out of order!”

But the Holy Spirit insisted, “Yes, I do those thing which are out of man’s perceived natural order. You go and do it.”

I called in my treasurer, “Mr Park, would you go to the bank with me? I am going to ask the president of the bank to write me a $50,000 check.”

He looked at me, then he began laughing, “You have really lost your mind, haven’t you? This is December 31. It’s five o’clock, you have no appointment, and people are lined up to see him.

“Moreover, we don’t have any assets for collateral. No paper work has been done. It’s foolish. I’m not going with you. If you want to go, go ahead; but I don’t want to be a fool with you.”

“Okay,” I returned. “I am going with a renewed mind, whereas you are confined by a traditional mind.”

I took the car and rushed to the bank. The parking lot was packed, but I managed to park, and I walked into the bank.

Humanly speaking, there was no way for me to meet the president. His secretary’s office was filled with people. “Dear Holy Spirit”, I said, “I’ve come this far. Please give me more instructions.”

The Holy Spirit answered, “Walk courageously. Be very bold. Act like a big shot. Don’t pay any attention to anyone else, but just walk straight through to the president’s office.”

So I straightened up, walking through. His secretary noticed me and asked, “Sir, where are you going?”

I looked right into her eyes, but said nothing. She again questioned, “Sir, what are you? Have you an appointment? Who are you?”

Suddenly an inspiration came to me. “I am from the highest authority,” I responded. I meant I was sent from God, but she thought that I had been sent from the President of Korea, for in Korea the President is the highest authority. Thinking that I was a special emissary from the President, her attitude changed. She became polite, and ready to please. “You’re from the highest authority?” she asked. “Yes, you may meet him.” Then turning to the people waiting she said, “This man must go ahead.”

She took me ahead of everyone else, straight through to the bank president’s office. As I walked in I said, “Dear Holy Spirit, now I’ve gotten this far. What can I do now?” The Spirit of the Lord was upon me, and just as He had come upon other men of faith, I was made bold.

The Spirit kept repeating, “You are a child of the King, an important person. Keep acting like the big shot you are.” So I boldly walked in, sat on the sofa and crossed my legs.

The president walked in, greeting me with a big smile, and extending his hand asked, “What kind of business to you have?” For what purpose did you come? Do I know you?” I did not answer his questions, but instead said, “Sir, I’ve come here with a tremendous project, and I am going to do a great favour for you.”

“A favour?” he queried.

“If you do a small favour for me, then I will give you 10,000 new banking accounts the beginning of the New Year.” I told him.

“Ten thousand new bank accounts!” he exclaimed.

“Pick up the phone and call the police. Ask about the name Yonggi Cho, and you’ll find that he is the pastor of the largest church in Seoul. He has more than 10,000 members, and also has great authority over his Christians. He can have all of them transfer their bank accounts to your bank for the New Year. I will do this tremendous favour for you if you do one for me.

He called his secretary right away to check what I said. All the facts cleared as true. He then asked, “What is this favour I could do for you?”

“You write me a $50,000 check”, I told him. “I have no time to do all the legal paper work. But you are a businessman. I am the King’s Businessman. Many times a businessman enters a huge undertaking with nothing but faith and confidence to show that he will succeed. Small business matters need to go through the law and paper work, but when we make a big deal, we bypass these things and trust that the deal will be successful. If you are a big businessman and I think that you are, then you will do this for me.”

The president called his vice-president, and the vice-president said, “You can’t do that. Your neck would really be on the line. It’s not just $5,000. Its $50,000, and he has no collateral, no papers, you can’t do it.”

“If you won’t do it”, I interjected, “then I have other places I could go. I could do this favour for the Cho Heung Bank.”

The man sat down and shook his head. Then he said, “Sir, I feel funny. I’ve never felt this kind of emotion before in my life. I trust you. If I didn’t trust you so much I would never do this. But I kind of like you; you are a bold person, and I like your faith. I’ll be putting my whole career and life in your hands by doing this, and after this I’ll never do it again; but this time I’ll stick my neck out. Bring me a $50,000 check”, he instructed his vice-president. “I trust you to keep your promise.” He told me as he wrote out a check for $50,000 from his own personal savings.

As I walked out of the office with the check, I felt ten feet tall. Once again I was in the school of Andrew. I turned in the money just as the bank was closing at six o’clock, and I was saved.

Many times God waits until the last moment. Once you renew your mind and once you learn how to walk with God, then you must persist to the last moment. Do not be frightened.

Renew your thinking life. Do not be confined by traditional thinking, but study the Word of God. This is the textbook with which you can renew your mind, and fill your mind with positive thinking, and learn to think in terms of miracles.

Source: David Yong-gi Cho, The School of Andrew, The Fourth Dimension (Vol 1), Published: US, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 1979. Pg 117-122.

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