Hillsong cult announces a second church take-over in Norway.

A few years ago, an insider wrote how the now international Hillsong cult orchestrated a take-over of their church in Norway.

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Hillsong Insider (Part 2): “The Hillsong Takeover of a Norwegian Charismatic Mega Church”

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Rosebrough’s interviews with ex-Hillsong insiders Elisabeth & Tanya Levin

Its leader, Brian C. Houston, recently announced yet another Norway church take-over on Instagram.

I am so excited to welcome @krogedaldundee and @britkrogedal into Hillsong Church. So very exciting to see this incredible couple and their church officially become Hillsong Church Norway. WELCOME!

Source: Brian Houston, https://www.instagram.com/p/BUFh1-8FJbK/, Published 15/05/2017. (Accessed 15/05/2017.)

In light of this latest Hillsong takeover, we seriously ask our readers to access the links provided above and read the testimonies of those who have been caught up in the “evangelical industrial complex” that is part and parcel of the Hillsong movement’s takeover of churches around the world.

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