Ergun Caner – from Jihad to Jesus?

Ergun Caner’s journey from ‘Jihad to Jesus’ has been proven to be nothing more than complex lies to give credence to his testimony of conversion to Christ. We offer these archived articles from a variety of Christian sites and news sites.

Dr James White of Alpha Omega Ministries and Ps Jason Smathers of Witness Unto Me have gone to great lengths warning the body of Christ about Ergun Caner’s false ministry and egregious false testimony as to how he became a Christian.

Pastor Jason Smathers of Witness Unto Me

We open with a video by Dr James White, explaining why the behavior and lies of Caner needs to be published,  in addition to other articles and links documenting the developments of this case.




Here are a series of articles examining Ergun Caner’s false  testimony, behavior and his attempts to stay in the Evangelical spotlight:

Ergun Caner’s Secret Biography – March 30, 2010 (Archive)

Ergun Caner, you moved to Ohio when you were 2 years old. – April 26, 2010 (Archive)

Ergun Caner, Ex-Muslim Evangelical Leader, Exposed As Fake – May 19, 2010 (Archive)

After investigation into claims, Liberty University demotes Ergun Caner – June 28, 2010 (Archive)

Caner Out, Age 2 Immigration Proven, yet Supporters Claim Exoneration – July 15, 2010 (Archive)

Ergun Caner Continues to Work on his “Exoneration” – June 13, 2013 (Archive)

Ergun Caner Has Sued Witnesses Unto Me – June 20, 2013 (Archive)

Ergun Caner Intransigent in Fight to Keep His Lies Offline – November 27, 2013 (Archive)

Update on Ergun Caner’s Lawsuit To Suppress Evidence of Misconduct – January 21, 2014 (Archive)

The Ergun Caner Affair – One Assembly of the Evidence – April 17, 2014 (Cache)

Caner Deception of US Marines Video Footage to Return – April 17, 2014 (Archive)

The Videos Ergun Caner Sued to Suppress – April 17, 2014 (Archive)

You Can Tell Ergun Caner is Angry When… – April 24, 2014 (Cached)

Caner Labels His Critics “Cyber Terrorists” – April 30, 2014 (Archive)

Ergun Caner’s Crusade Against The Truth – May 01, 2014 (Archive)

Ergun Caner Fails Again in Suppressing the Truth – May 14, 2014 (Archive)

$59,183.39: Caner’s Cost for Frivolous Lawsuits – October 15, 2014 (Archive)

A Year After Being Sued for Posting Videos […] a Blogger is Vindicated in Court – April 22, 2014 (Archive)

Ergun Caner and the Kingmakers: An Enforcer Leaves the Penalty Box – October 29, 2016 (Archive)

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