Tentacles of American Heresy: A View from South Africa.

 A very good Pulpit & Pen guest post from Rick Becker.  Rick has a background in pastoral ministry and serves as co-host of Famine In The Land, whose discernment ministry podcasts we posted here recently.

Christian Revival Center “Church”, South Africa

The tentacles of false doctrine are not constrained to North America.   South Africa has all too readily accepted doctrines that tickle ears. The word of faith movement, prosperity gospel, charismania, and the growing NAR have flourished in the past thirty years in this country. To give you an example of what sells here, a leading Christian chain of bookstores in SA has amongst its consistent top ten authors:

Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, Mark Batterson, Rick Warren, and T D Jakes, to name a few. Other influential teachers are Beth Moore, Christine Caine, John and Lisa Bevere and Bill Hybels. Teachers who have passed through South Africa that I have personally heard speak include: Lonnie Frisbee, Rick Godwin, John Wimber, Jerry Savelle, Bill Hamon, Benny Hinn, Peter Wagner and Kenneth Copeland. Before my American friends apologize for the export of these false teachers to our sunny shores, please accept our apology for sending you Rodney Howard Browne.

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