Hillsong tells youth and elderly to tithe or else they’re stealing?

We often hear Brian Houston claim that he never thought God would ‘bless and lead’ his church to where it is now. These types of claims generally make people ask the question:

Is God really responsible for that success?

The truth is, we all know Hillsong is where it is today mainly through their false Health and Wealth (HAW) gospel and the HAW heresy known as the ‘tithe’.

Although the bible teaches Christians are not to steal, Hillsong appears to think it’s their right to take money from people by making fraudulent claims about God and His word in regards to giving to God. A Christian is expected to give freely and not under compulsion.

“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7

Although the bible teaches Christians are not to lie, Hillsong are prepared to misuse scriptures as long as it gets the money in. For instance, Hillsong offers only lip service to the verse above, often stating, “God loves a cheerful giver.”

Furthermore, those who know their scriptures (and secular media) have demonstrated that Hillsong preaches the false Health and Wealth gospel, a false gospel that teaches Jesus died to make you rich. What accompanies the Health and Wealth ‘gospel’ is the often misused Malachi 3, where they pervert the text to teach that people are cursed if they do not give money to God.

But Hillsong have repeatedly claimed they do not preach this false gospel or force people to give.

Here are some instances where Brian Houston has denied preaching (or even knowing) the prosperity (Health and Wealth) gospel:

Brian Houston Says “There Is No Such Thing As A “Prosperity Gospel”?

Brian Houston: There’s a huge difference to living rich and living blessed

Because Hillsong have been exposed for their misuse of scripture proclaiming their false gospel and the tithe heresy, clearly they felt compelled in their Hillsong Media Releases section under ‘Q&A About Hillsong Church’ to write the following:

“The teaching of giving at Hillsong is identical to the teaching of most evangelical Christian churches around the world and across many denominations, as it is based on Scripture.” [Source]

This is not true – Christian churches do NOT teach the false Health and Wealth heresy, they do NOT misuse Malachi 3 to pronounces a CURSE on anyone who does not tithe and they do NOT call people to give so they can be blessed. In fact, Hillsong is a good example of why they are regarded as a cult – to preach a false gospel is to be (in the words of scripture) are damned (read Galatians 1). They continue:

“… no one is told they “have to” tithe, ever pressured to tithe or even to give at all. We call the offering a ‘free will’ offering for a reason – and many people let the offering containers pass them by without contributing anything.” [Source]

On the topic of tithing, when Hillsong Senior Pastor’ Donna Crouch was challenged by the Studio 10 host who asked if it was an obligation to give money to Hillsong, Crouch repeatedly replied ‘no’. Furthermore, in the poor journalistic piece ‘Inside Story’ that questioned Hillsong’s teaching on tithing recorded Brian Houston stating:

“Tithing is not compulsory. No one’s told, ‘you have to do it’.” [12:55]

So they are PREPARED to lie without shame about the topic of money. Here we have Bobbie Houston preaching after Brian Houston said on ‘Inside Story’ that tithing was not compulsory:

“Malachi 3 says, bring the tithe and offering, bring it into the house of God that there might be food in my house. And in context it’s saying when you withhold or draw back you actually rob God, well we don’t rob God because we can’t rob God, but we rob His heart for the earth…” [Source]

And recently, Cass Langton was demanding Hillsong members, both youth and elderly, to tithe.  Cass Langton is Hillsong’s ‘Global Worship & Creative Pastor‘ (although the bible forbids women to pastor and says nothing about the office of ‘creative pastor’ or ‘worship pastor’). So Hillsong not only misuse scriptures for their own gain and publicly lie to the masses about their beliefs and practices, they make up their own unbiblical church offices.


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“The suitcase wasn’t mine… I gave it back to them. And it made me start thinking about our giving this morning.

Because in your hand, when it comes to your tithe and offering, all of our money ends up looking the same [just like my suitcase looked like the lady’s suitcase]… But the truth is, the Bible tells us the first 10% of everything you own actually belongs to the Lord. It’s not yours to keep.

Malachi 3:10 says… ‘You rob God if you maintain the tithe for yourself’… it’s not yours.

When it comes to our tithes and offerings, you don’t get to keep the suitcase that’s not yours. You don’t get to keep the 10% that’s not yours.

Whether you’re a 14 year old kid… or you’re retired [aka pensioner] there is a portion of your finance that belongs exclusively to God” [aka Hillsong].

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