Dr Brown preparing to meet the big purple demon Larry of “invisible atomic wedgies?”

Michael Brown is a man who has set himself up as the Christian mediator. The problem is, once he deems someone to be his friend, Brown knowingly and purposefully turns a blind eye to whatever false doctrines they teach. It doesn’t matter how respectful one is when they raise questions and concerns, all discerning Christians will be thrown into the “hyper-critic” category.

Mutiny Against Dr. Michael Brown

Michael Brown’s “hyper-critics” are “off base” and “mistaken”?

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Michael Brown would be willing to defend the most outlandish and absurd teachings that have crept into the Christian Church. A perfect example would be when Michael Brown came to the defense of his friend Jennifer LeClaire because she was being criticized for her “sneaky squid spirit” doctrine.

“As for a “sneaky squid spirit,” first, I haven’t heard Jennifer’s actual words… second, on the face of it, I can’t say if it’s false or trueWhat if you told me about a vision you had about a seven-headed dragon that was seducing God’s people in a sneaky way? Do I automatically dismiss it?”

Those were Michael Brown’s words a few months ago. He won’t say that a “sneaky squid spirit” doesn’t exist. And there is nothing stopping him from believing in a “big purple demon named Larry who wants to give me invisible atomic wedgies?” [Source]

As we said in the source link above:

“Michael Brown’s obfuscation indicates he is very gullible to say the least! Why is Brown’s standard of uncertainty to be accepted when we have God’s Word plainly written for us to discern truth from error?”

 Recently, he has shown how gullible he really is.

Getting ready to interview my good friend Jonathan Cahn as I guest host for Sid Roth today – the day of the solar eclipse! I was warned not to look directly into his eyes during the interview!”

Source: AskDrBrown, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/AskDrBrown/photos/a.190367064322237.55437.109430102415934/2091122714246653/?type=3&theater, Published 22/08/2017. (Accessed 21/08/2017.)


His good friend Jonathan Cahn is nothing more then a con-artist who, back in 2011, hyped the Christian community up with his ‘Harbinger’ nonsense. The fact that Brown is also proudly ‘Facebooking’ the news that he is guest-hosting ‘for Sid Roth today – the day of the solar eclipse’, clearly indicates that there is something very wrong with his level of discernment – is God handing him over to this superstitious nonsense? And no discerning Christian would boast about working with Sid Roth.

But that’s not the worst of it. Recently Michael Brown promoted witchcraft:

“Is this cool or what? Someone (anonymously) sent me these vinyl prayer mats. You stand in the circle and pray, “God, revive everything inside this circle!”

It’s based on the story of how Gypsy Smith said he prayed for revival: He drew a circle on the ground, stepped inside the circle, and then prayed for God to revive everything in the circle.

I plan to use this at my house in the days ahead. And if you’re reading this and are the one who sent us the prayer mats, let us know so we can thank you and order some more. Oh for a fresh wave of revival, starting with you and with me!”

Source: AskDrBrown, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/AskDrBrown/posts/2088482581177333, Published 19/08/2017. (Accessed 21/08/2017.)


While some Christians saw through this and ‘defriended’ Dr Brown on Facebook instantly, others protested when some tried to argue respectfully.

Do not be fooled by unbiblical arguments. Dr Brown is practicing witch craft and promoting it! He even attributed this practice to the occultist Rodney “Gypsy” Smith. He couldn’t have made it clearer that he knows this practice is not found in the bible by attributing it to the pagan origins of Rodney “Gypsy” Smith.

Marsha West of Berean Research writes,

“The use of this protective circle and other forms of witchcraft have been an integral part of Gypsy spiritual life and culture since the earliest foundations. It’s quite common for cultural traditions to be carried over from generation to generation, even when other religions, including Christianity, become an accepted or even prominent expression of spirituality. One famous Gypsy from the late 19th century and early 20th century, named Rodney “Gypsy” Smith, is widely regarded as a great Christian evangelist and revivalist from England. The practice of integrating the Gypsy witchcraft circle of protection into Christianity is widely attributed to Smith. When asked of Smith how to start a revival, he replied:

Find a piece of chalk, and find an empty room. Go into that room and shut the door. Draw a circle on the floor with that chalk, kneel down in that circle, and ask God to start revival right there.

Of course, this practice of circle-making can be found nowhere in Scripture. This is purely a pagan practice that Mr. Smith adapted from his cultural upbringing to fit with his newly found Christianity. So does this practice of circle-making by Mr. Smith really have anything to do with the ancient Pagan circles of the Gypsies?”

Source: Marsha West, Nancy Leigh (DeMoss) Wolgemuth Mixes Pagan Witchcraft Circle-Making With Christianity, Berean Research, http://bereanresearch.org/nancy-leigh-demoss-wolgemuth-mixes-pagan-witchcraft-circle-making-christianity/, Published 21/09/2016. (Accessed 21/08/2017.)

Dr Michael Brown is becoming his own worst enemy. He is engaging in and working with, his friends who promote ‘Harbingers’, blood moons, new breeds and bizarre imaginings one would expect of lunatics. Dr Brown is a man who appears to have discarded God’s completed work, the bible, to believe in the impossible… like a sneaky squid spirit… or a purple, atomic wedgie demon called Larry.

If you try to convince Dr Michael Brown that good is evil and evil is good – all he can say is, “I can’t say if it’s false or true.” Why is he promoting Jonathan Cahn? Or speaking as a “guest host” for Sid Roth? Or tapping into occultic powers and methods in an attempt to receive revival power from God?

Dr Brown, whether people are cessationist or not, attributing demonic works as though you are doing the works of the Holy Spirit is incredibly dangerous.

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