NARpostle Wagner explains Dominion Mandate, 7 Mountain Mandate & Great Wealth Transfer

C. Peter Wagner, was the top leading Apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Although an incredibly dangerous man, he did Christianity a massive favour by identifying the NAR and fleshing out some of its most insidious doctrines.

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Wagner also taught that the origins of the NAR began with the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) cult and how it developed to become the Charismatic Renewal Movement (CRM) then later the NAR. We bring him up again to inform people what he taught his readers about key NAR battle plans in how to take over and transform society:

  1. The Dominion Mandate
  2. The Seven Mountain Mandate
  3. The Great End-Time Wealth Transferal

You can read this material in his book ‘Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians’.


On page 261, Wagner provides the following diagram, stating what he considers “to be the big picture of the Dominion Mandate.”

Dominion Mandate

Wagner writes,

“The central bar is “Social Transformation,” which many are also calling “Reformation.” This is our Dominion Mandate, seeing the kingdom of God actually being manifested here on earth as it is in heaven…

The goal of Social Transformation rests on two indispensable pillars. One is “The Church in the Workplace,” […] and that is based on “The Government of the Church” … The other pillar is “The Great Transfer of Wealth,” based on the principle of “Breaking the Spirit of Poverty,” both of which I am coming to shortly.

Notice, finally, that the only component of the diagram that has arrows indicating action is “Workplace Apostles.” This reflects what I said a page or two ago that is only by activating apostles in the extended church that we will hope to see the necessary gates to reformation and wealth transfer effectively opened.”

Source: C. Peter Wagner, Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians, (Ventura, CA: Regal, 2010), p 261.

Wagner describes how the Seven Mountain Mandate fits into the Dominion Mandate.


The Seven Mountain Mandate (7MM) was invented by NAR Apostles Bill Bright and Lorren Cunningham. NAR Apostles Lance Wallnau and Johnny Enlow are responsible for repackaging the 7MM and continually pushing this dangerous cult teaching on churches around the world.

We used the circular symbols that the NAR made to construct an easy way to remember the NAR’s specific mountains (A-G) of their Seven Mountain Mandate:

New Apostolic Reformation cult - seven mountain mandate

This is what Wagner had to say about the 7MM,

“Obviously, Satan is not going to give up any of the territory that he has held for millenia without a fight. That is why I am so grateful for the decade of the 1990s, which was like a spiritual warfare boot camp for the Body of Christ. Now we know fairly well what the weapons of our warfare are and how to use them; but if we are going to win, we need a strategy.

A question that kept lurking in my mind was: What are the battlefields? I knew that the society we are mandated to reform was not just one big conglomerate, but a unified whole that is made up of several vital pieces, each one of which must take its own path toward reformation. I knew that apostles in the workplace would be the generals, but apostles have spheres. I didn’t know how to identify the spheres or the battlefields.

Then came my friend, Lance Wallnau, a pastor, an apostle and a business consultant. Drawing on insights from leaders like Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham, Wallnau has been able to popularize what he calls the seven mountains that shape societies. Here is his warfare strategy: “If the world is to be won, these are the mountains that mold the culture and the minds of men. Whoever controls these mountains controls the direction of the world and the harvest therein.”

Wallnau’s seven mountains or seven molders of culture are (1) Religion, (2) Family, (3) Education, (4) Media, (5) Government, (6) Arts and Entertainment, and (7) Business. These are the major battlefields for taking dominion over society.

Remember in the Social Transformation diagram that workplace apostles are the only component with action arrows? This is why. We nuclear-church apostles have influence in the Religion Mountain and some (decreasing) influence in the Family Mountain here in the United States. But, by and large, the kingdom of God will only be extended in the six non-Religion mountains under the leadership of extended-church apostles – apostles of the workplace. Wallnau says, “Look at your occupational field and see it as a mountain. What companies and people are at the top of the mountain? What skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics are needed to occupy that position? What would need to exist for you to occupy the top of that mountain?”

I believe this is the battle plan we must follow for sustained reformation. When I said earlier that I am still on a learning curve as I conclude this book, discovering how to implement this and how to measure the results toward our goal are still huge challenges.”

Source: C. Peter Wagner, Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians, (Ventura, CA: Regal, 2010), p 262-3.

Wagner then talks how ‘The Great Wealth Transfer’ fits into these mandates.


Before talking about this so-called ‘transfer’, it’s worth highlighting what Wagner said about wealth leading up to the topic:


Did you ever notice or pay much attention to Solomon’s wisdom when he said money answers everything” (Eccles. 10:19)? Throughout most of my life, this verse of Scripture impacted me about as much as the one in Deuteronomy 14:21: “You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk”! A major reason for this is that I had naively succumbed to the influence of the spirit of poverty. Money or wealth, in my mind, was not particularly to God! Sufficiency was all that a spiritual believer should expect…

Why do I tell these stories? Because I don’t believe God would use us in the transfer  of wealth unless and until we had broken the curse of the spirit of poverty. Don’t forget the pillar of Wealth that is supporting the bar of Social Transformation in the graphic. It’s foundation is Breaking the Curse of the Spirit of Poverty.”

Source: C. Peter Wagner, Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians, (Ventura, CA: Regal, 2010), p 263.

The above is important to grasp considering money has never been a focus of Christianity when it came to spreading the gospel and making disciples. The context of Eccles. 10:19 is warning against a kingdom whose “king is a child” and whose “princes feast in the morning.” Ecclesiastes highlights how bad the philosophy of this corrupt leadership is:

Through sloth the roof sinks in, and through indolence the house leaks. Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything.” 

According to Ecclesiastes, what Wagner is pushing as ‘Social Transformation’ is nothing more than social deprivation, underhanded behaviour and theft. The NAR wants to gain and ‘control huge amounts of wealth’ through their ‘workplace apostles’, (as they see that ‘money answers everything’), to win the world for ‘Jesus’.

This is a far cry from Christianity, Jesus telling his followers to go into all the nations to make disciples.

Wagner writes,

The Great Wealth Transfer

I think that it is time we began agreeing strongly and openly that we cannot expect to be agents in God’s hands for massive and sustained reformation unless we control huge amounts of wealth. In all of human history, three things, above all others, have changed society: violence, knowledge and wealth. And the greatest of these is wealth!

It wasn’t until 2004 that I began sensing a direction from the Lord to pay more attention to the great transfer of wealth that several other leaders had been talking about. One of the first things I did was to sit down with Chuck Pierce and probe his photographic mind. I asked when God’s prophets began speaking about wealth transfer, and he estimated that it was around 1992. Since 12 years had elapsed by then, I began searching for possible reasons for the delay. I concluded then, and I still believe this, that God will not release the quantities of wealth He has in mind until a critical mass of workplace apostles has been activated.

I began to picture four links in the chain of the great transfer of wealth:


As you can see, the four necessary links in the chain of wealth are: providers, managers, distributors and field marshals. I believe that three of the four links are mostly in place. The providers either have the wealth or God will give them the power to create it according to Deuteronomy 8:18. The field marshals who direct the extension of the Kingdom on the front lines around the world are numerous. Distributors are of two kinds: Narrow-band distributors are in contact with field marshals in there apostolic spheres; wide-band distributors are in contact with the most effective narrow-band distributors.

Our weakest link has been managers, and here is where workplace apostles are absolutely necessary. Before the wealth from the providers goes further down the chain, it should be multiplied several times, as did the faithful money managers in Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25. In fact, I look forward to the day when our Kingdom-minded ministries will establish ministry revenue funds that will be large enough and be managed aggressively enough to cover a substantial amount of a ministry’s annual budget. I would love to see ministries’ finances eventually come through revenue-based funding rather than donor-based funding as most have been using up to now. Very few nuclear-church apostles would know how to manage such revenue funds. It takes extended-church apostles to do it well.”

Source: C. Peter Wagner, Wrestling with Alligators, Prophets and Theologians, (Ventura, CA: Regal, 2010), p 265-6.




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