Bethel, Brown & Nabeel Qureshi: The reality of death & God’s sovereignty.

Two good articles discussing the blessed reality of Nabeel Qureshi finally finding perfect healing and rest in the presence of his Saviour. These articles also address the problems of ongoing misuse of scriptures by apologist for charismaticism, Dr Michael Brown and Bethel Church when it comes to physical healing in the body of Christ.

Nabeel Qureshi, in his search for healing, attended Bethel for prayer. Back in November 2016, he addresses the concerns of those warning him about Bethel in a Facebook post (linked below). Sadly, he did not receive the healing he was looking for and to this day Bethel and Michael Brown are unapologetic in their deception as people continue to fall under the sway of their false teaching.

Read the Facebook post and articles below:



Michael Brown, Nabeel Qureshi, and the Futility of Charismatic “Healing”


Why Wasn’t Nabeel Qureshi Healed? (In Response to Dr. Michael Brown’s Article)

Source: Nabeel Qureshi, FaceBook,, 13/11/2016. (Accessed 25/09/2017.)

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