Religious News Association Panel: James Goll, Holly Pivec and Paula White talk on NAR.

Recently, the Religious News Association (RNA) had a panel discussion with NAR Apostle James Goll, NAR Apostle Paula White and Apologist and Polemicist Holly Pivec. The panel topic was ‘The New Revivalists’. Thanks to the work of Holly Pivec and her well-researched presentation, many reporters now understand that the Presidential Spiritual Advisor, Paula White, is part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

The entire panel discussion is well worth listening to, with James Goll (inadvertently) naming those who are part of the New Apostolic Reformation. The entire discussion can be watched here:

We have observed that cults like Hillsong and even the SDA’s are capitalizing on the Protestant Reformation in order to legitimize their movements. Holly Pivec observed this with Goll, among other observations, as the discussion unfolded on the panel:

“You may notice how the panelist James Goll – a very influential NAR prophet – didn’t directly respond to any of the major points of my critique. Rather he diverted by dismissing critics’ concerns about NAR as pertaining only to excesses that can be found within the movement. He also implied that their critiques are based on an anti-supernatural bias.

I also thought it was interesting that Goll tried to portray NAR as an outworking of the Protestant Reformation. Yet Martin Luther and the other reformers – the leaders of a movement based on the doctrine of sola scriptura – would recoil from the NAR notion of prophets and apostles revealing new truths. The idea that Luther received prophetic “illumination” of the true meaning of Ephesians 2:8-9 ,  – something Goll says during the panel – is a common teaching in NAR. But Luther didn’t claim to discover a new, hitherto disguised sense of Ephesians 2:8-9. Nor have Protestants ever suggested that the discovery of the doctrine of justification by faith alone happened as a result of prophetic illumination. On the contrary, Protestants have emphasized the perspicuity of Scripture, the doctrine that, in matters concerning salvation, the teaching of Scripture is clear, plain for all to see, if they can but read the Bible for themselves. In short, Goll dishonors the Reformers by claiming continuity with their aims.”

Source: Holly Pivec, Update on my speaking engagement in Nashville, Spirit of Error,, Published September 13th, 2017. (Accessed 24/09/2017.)

Pivec reported that the media afterwards showed a particular interest in the research she shared in the panel discussion:

“The reporters’ response to my talk was very encouraging, with many of them coming up afterward to talk with me and get my contact information for future interviews. From what I could tell, many of them didn’t know about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) – and what a massive movement it is – prior to my talk.”

This is a promising result of this RNA panel discussion.

Goll and White avoided the allegations that Pivec raised about the NAR, Pivec gaining media attention after the event regarding her knowledge on the NAR.

We would like to add an additional observation, highlighting the deception of James Goll on the panel.


He did not call what he was involved in, the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’, even after Holly Pivec called it out for what it was on the panel. He rode with the idea of it being a ‘New Revivalist’ movement. However, reformation, revolution or revival are generally used synonymously to further the cause of the NAR and avoid detection.

Furthermore, if you look at our last article where people inside NAR cults left the movement, one person (Jason, in Part 3), reported the following about James Goll when attending a church in Detroit:

“I went to a church in Detroit and James Goll was speaking. And he – my understanding of that is they normally don’t do this – but he said from the pulpit, ‘I am part of a movement called the New Apostolic Reformation’. And there was probably three thousand people in that room.” 18:08

‘Jason’ decided to investigate further what Goll was a part of and then testified that once Goll said this, he left the movement. This is the point – the NAR and its leaders know that as soon as they are identified in any shape or form, Christians will not support them and will leave the movement.


May we remind our readers that Apostle Paula White is not only President Trump’s spiritual advisor, she is a notorious con artist who will happily twist the scriptures in order to financially exploit people. In light of God’s Word, Paula White is a fraud (Matt 7), a false teacher who uses Christianity to fulfill their personal desires at the expense of others. Her presentation offered only the facade of a humble Christian minister, but her teaching suggests she has no interest in acknowledging the Christian faith.

Holly Pivec let pass the claim by Goll that leaders of the movement he’s a part of, did not elevate or boast about themselves but cared more about the Christian faith. We know this is not true – Paula White’s opening speech and her responses in question time refuted this claim; she made the event all about herself.


Essentially we had two very dangerous people on that panel with Holly Pivec. Both are Apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation and both quite prepared to lie to a media audience who could only take what they were saying at face value. Both gave lip service to the bible, the Reformation and the historic Christian creeds misleading others to advance their movement at the expense of truth, integrity and more importantly – the Christian faith.

We commend and congratulate Holly Pivec for being a face and a voice of reason who faithfully speaks out against the lies and abuse in the NAR movement.

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