Protestantism: ‘You are saved by grace’. Catholicism: ‘There can be no absolute assurance of salvation’.

Leading up to Reformation Day – Tuesday, 31 October, it’s important to stress that many Christians today have abandoned the Reformation and its core teachings for the sake of ‘unity’ with the pagan practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

5 SOLAS Symbol

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The Reformation had dared point to the Word of God alone as their final authority and not to man. They dared to challenge the ‘superpower’ of Rome, with many losing their lives, proclaiming that it is God alone who saves us; not man and his works.

This article stresses why the Roman Catholic Church is still one of the biggest enemies of the church today.


In a number of articles where we exposed how Hillsong was grooming Christianity to embrace the Roman Catholic religion when the Pope visited Sydney for World Youth Day (WYD, SYD 2008), we provided images of a booklet that circulated all through Sydney promoting classic Roman Catholic heresy.

In other words, this was a booklet designed and put out by the Roman Catholic Church to teach people what Catholics believe. This booklet was summarized in the following way:

“At 32 pages, Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth is packed with information about the Catholic Church and God’s plan for us. Plus, its convenient size and special pricing make it perfect to carry with you and give to others as you share your faith with them.”

The booklet ‘Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth’ points out that the Roman Catholic Church still rejects the foundational doctrines of Christianity and the essentials of the Reformation – thus continuing to damn all in the Protestant Reformation who rely on the grace of God alone to save humanity.

At its core, this booklet reinforces these spiritually fatal errors:

  • False Gospel
  • “Sacred Tradition”
  • Elevation of Mary (“[God] saved her from all sin”)
  • Transubstantiation (“feeds us with his own body and blood through the Eucharist”)
  • Apostolic Succession
  • Doctrine of Purgatory
  • The Infallable Magisterium (“The magisterium is infallible”)
  • The doctrine of “apostolic succession”
  • Doctrine on Mary’s perpetual virginity
  • Mary’s bodily assumption (“At the end of her life he took her, body and soul, into heaven—an image of our own resurrection at the end of the world”)

Those who simply questioned their worthless, unmerited doctrines were hunted, killed and burnt at the stake. Therefore it is important to acknowledge Reformation Day and the historic Christian faith restored to us through Reformed doctrine, not allowing the Roman Catholic Church and cults such as the NAR to usurp Protestantism.

Since this information has been removed from the website, you can read it here

Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth

One thing that Christians need to pay attention to while reading is how Catholics still deny the five Solas, central to the Christian faith. For instance, consider in this summary of their faith what Catholics still believe:

  1.  SOLA SCRIPTURA (emphasis added):
    “It is new, having arisen only in the 1500s during the Protestant Reformation. […] Although popular with many “Bible Christian” churches, the “Bible alone” theory simply does not work in practice. […] The “Bible alone” theory must be false. ”
    “… there has been an unbroken line of Catholic bishops faithfully handing on what the apostles taught the first Christians in Scripture and oral Tradition […]”
    “Like the three legs on a stool, the Bible, Tradition, and the magisterium are all necessary for the stability of the Church and to guarantee sound doctrine.”Christians for two thousand years have rejected those who reject God’s Word as sufficient, just as the Reformers did.
  2. SOLA FIDE (emphasis added):
    The Catholic Church teaches
    what the apostles taught and what the Bible teaches: We are saved by grace alone, but not by faith alone (which is what “Bible Christians” teach…Christians for two thousand years have confessed and contended for ONE Christian faith (Jude 1) that is anchored solely on the word of God that secures them in saving faith, just as the Reformers did. (Notice they claim to be saved by ‘grace alone’. See point 3.)
  3. SOLA GRATIAS (emphasis added):
    “There can be no absolute assurance of salvation”. Even though only God’s grace enables us to love others, these acts of love please him, and he promises to reward them with eternal life […] Thus good works are meritorious. When we first come to God in faith, we have nothing in our hands to offer him. Then he gives us grace to obey his commandments in love, and he rewards us with salvation when we offer these acts of love back to him.”Christians for two thousand years have condemned those who reject God’s salvation as being a free gift. The Apostle Paul in his letters to the Galatians and Ephesians make this perfectly clear that a Christian is saved ‘by grace alone, not by works lest any man should boast’.  The Reformers reinforced this truth of by grace alone.
  4. SOLA CHRISTUS (emphasis added):
    “[God] guided the Israelites on their escape from Egypt by giving them a pillar of fire to light their way across the dark wilderness (Exod. 13:21). Today he guides us through his Catholic Church.
    The magisterium is infallible when it teaches officially…”Christians for two thousand years have rejected those who claim to share in the same divine nature or office of Christ, who act as Messiah’s on earth. Christians believe it is Christ alone who saves them – not a leader or a church. Jude specifically states that God led Israel out of Egypt THROUGH Jesus Christ. The above quote only confirms that Catholic leaders have replaced Christ with themselves. Jesus guides us through His Word and His Word alone and not through a select few.
  5. SOLA DEO GLORIA (emphasis added):
    “When they contemplate the history of the Catholic Church and the lives of its saints, they realize there must be something special, maybe something supernatural, about an institution that can produce holy people such as St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Mother Teresa.”Christians for two thousand years have rejected those who are glorified or perceived as perfected in the flesh. Scriptures reveal that there are three Persons of the Godhead who not only glorify each other, all of heaven does as well as God’s saints on earth. God is also taught in Exodus that He is a jealous God and wants no man to glory in another. The Reformers made sure all glory was to God alone and not to the dead or a so-called “institution that can produce holy people.”

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