Charismatics desire to replace psychics in mainstream media.

The latest article from fellow polemicists Marsha West of ‘The Christian Research Network’ and ‘Pulpit & Pen’:

“After reading this you will wonder, as Pulpit & Pen News does, if self-professed apostle and prophetess Jennifer LeClaire has an addiction to bath salts. Outrageous claims by charismatics are escalating. For example, a few months ago LeClaire wrote that a “squid spirit” attacked her friend. So she rushed to her home to help battle it. “The attack was severe, but when I laid hands on her and commanded the squid to be bound, the most violent symptoms would cease. Of course, when you stand in the gap, you often take a hit. That squid spirit started stalking me.”

So with this background in mind, here’s P&P’s piece:

Jennifer LeClaire describes herself as an Apostle and prophet, and writes for Charisma News. Additionally, the impastor is the leader of the Awakening House of Prayer. LeClaire is the chief opponent of such devilish fictitious monsters as the “Jezebel Spirit,” the “Sneaky Squid Spirit,” and the “Leviathan Spirit.” Her most recent article at Charisma News claims that charismatic prophets will soon be replacing psychics in mainstream media.

LeClaire prophesies…

There is coming a day when prophets sit behind the news desks as CNN, Fox and MSNBC to share what the Lord is saying, displacing psychics who have held positions on these media mountains. There is coming a showdown between the true and the false in various mountains of influence. It all starts with the true prophetic voices. Amen.

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Source: (Published 2/11/17, Accessed 3/11/17)

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