What is The ‘Vision of the Waves’?

While traveling in the Bahamas in 1956 as part of a gospel quartet, NAR Apostle Loren Cunningham claimed to receive a vision from God. It is often known as the ‘Vision of the Waves’.

Not only did this vision help launch his YWAM movement, it inspired many Charismatic/NARismatic leaders to try and get a vision from God to do similar mission work. Below is a video of Loren Cunningham talking about this vision – but also notice his theology.

Right from the beginning, we can say whatever gave him this vision was not of God but most likely from Satan himself. The reason for this claim is the false NAR gospel, the false NAR Jesus and the NAR mantras that accompany his theology in the remaining part of the second video.

We will be referring back to this vision in future articles. In the mean time, we hope you find the video and transcript below informative.




What I saw in 1956, June, on a Wednesday, (I was in a missionary’s home there on the Caribbean). And I was praying about a group I was to preach tonight of young people. And that’s when I saw this whole vision – because I’m wide awake. I’m kneeling by the bed. And I’m seeing this whole vision of waves. And it was typographical and it was global. And I see – seeing these waves, coming into continents.

And so that I saw – and then it turned into young people from everywhere going everywhere. And I’m seeing all this picture and it was massive. It was millions. And then, I didn’t know because I didn’t think about YWAM. I thought: God’s gonna do something and I want to catch this.

Source: Loren Cunningham, Loren’s vision of waves with Thai sub, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUfeAdy5AJI, Uploaded by Rebecca Gibbons, Published Jan 28, 2015. (Accessed Nov 13 2017.)


Transcript below YouTube video: On July 30, 2013 Loren Cunningham spoke to a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) corporate Discipleship Training School (DTS) about the call that God has on all of us to “Go Into All the World”


“When I was 20 years old, on a Wednesday afternoon, in the middle of June, I was out in the middle of the Caribbean. I was praying because a group of five of us guys were going island to island evangelizing. And the Lord gave me a vision, a picture in my mind, a movie. And it was waves of young people going from everywhere to everywhere by the millions, I was amazed.

God spoke to me by my own mother tongue. I was a body surfer, when I was a teenager in California, I loved to go out surfing. And all of our guys that I knew well, we knew that the ninth wave was the big one. And so, there’s another group who thought the seventh one was, it’s another denomination. But in our world, ninth wave was the big one, you wait for it, and then you get the big ride.

So when I was seeing these waves, and before they became waves of young people, I saw waves and God got my attention. He loves to talk to you in your language, in your mother tongue, in your life. And I counted the waves, I just automatically did it. But it didn’t stop at nine, it went to ten, eleven, twelve, until it became a wave over every continent, I could see it like a topographical map.

Every continent in the world, only it was now waves of young people, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the millions. And God has been bringing that to pass, I’m watching it. People often ask me, we’ve seen over five million in YWAM, but there are millions that are gone out now of young people because the lid is off. And young people are going. And it’s not come to what I have seen yet. But I believe these next seven years, we’re going to see a mighty move of God growing.

It’s starting, and it’s starting among you. And as it grows, it’s increasing the Kingdom of Jesus that will have no end to its increase. Isaiah tells us that in chapter nine. And as it’s increasing we are a part of it. We are that wave, but it’s a wave of Jesus that is growing worldwide. And it all started with Jesus 2000 years ago, He said, “Go into all the world, preach the gospel, tell the gospel, proclaim the gospel, communicate the gospel to everybody in the world.”

The gospel is always the same, but the changes in our methods, in the ways we do, where we go, how we go, when we go, and with what group we go, and so on. But we must go into all the world. And go, you can’t stay and go at the same time. It means a change of location. But He not only said we are to reach every person, we are also to reach the groups, but in a different, go a different way. In Matthew 28, Jesus said, “I have been given all authority in Heaven and on Earth.” Now we need to understand, how could He be given that authority at that time?

You see in the beginning God not only created male and female, making them in the image of God, but He said, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and then subdue it, manage it.” And He gave us what we call the ‘dominion mandate’. Not only just over ourselves, but over nature itself. Over the animals, the fish, over the vegetation. And He has given us something to take care of.

Paul says in Romans chapter 8, “But even nature is groaning for its adoption.” And we must do what God said originally. But whenever we began to send as a people, then a chunk at a time of our authority was given to Satan, as a counterfeit, yes for him, but it was really our domain, our dominion, our authority. And when that happened, as a result of that, we see that Satan took over more and more of this world, and he began to destroy all kinds of people, plus even nature itself.

We need to understand, that God will keep His covenant with a people when He makes it. But who was going to be perfect? Who could really receive that? Who could please Him? Jeremiah 27:5 says, God is saying it, “I have made the earth, the men and the beasts that are on the face of the earth. By My great power, by My outstretched arm. And I will give it to the one who pleases me.” None of us could please Him, we fell short. We sinned and fell short of the glory of God. But there was one, only one that had a perfect life without sin, and at His baptism, the Father said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I’m well pleased.”

He is the same One that God said to in Psalms 2:8, in verse 7 it says it’s His Son, in verse 8 He said, “Ask of Me Son, I’ll give you the nations as your inheritance. The ends of the earth is Your possession.”

So when He was crucified and dying for our sins, taking our place, forgiving us, so that we could get back what we had lost. And if we can move in that power, then we do so in obedience to Him, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Now as we do this, Jesus was not only perfect, but He died, went to Hell, took the keys of death out of the grave. And then God highly exalted Him above every name. That at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, every tongue confess that Christ who is the glory of the Father, and returns and gives the glory back to God. As He does this, God said to Him, “You have all authority, and You have all authority in Heaven and on earth.”

Wow, again we know that in Heaven, He still bears the scars of the nail prints and the side. But as we see Him getting all that authority, He said to you and me, “now go and disciple all nations.” Now that’s different than every individual getting the gospel, that’s the discipleship. And we have to do both. You walk on two legs, not just one. You don’t hop, you walk. And the church, the people of God, the Kingdom of God people, they walk on two legs, evangelising, discipling, evangelising, discipling, we have to do both. Some do one maybe in particular, another does another? And another does Mercy Ministries out of Matthew 25, the beginning of verse 35 to 44.

There you see, we are to take care of the food, drink, clothing, shelter, health care and visit the prisoners to the ones who can’t do it for themselves. And so, as we do those things, we are obeying God, but Jesus said, “Go, and for preaching the gospel, expect, if you believe, the signs to follow you.” And if you go and disciple nations, He says, “baptise them.” It’s to ‘soak’, that word is soak. It’s not an easy baptism we do as a witness, but it’s one of soaking, by how? In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, by teaching all His commandments to the nations. And as we begin to teach, not protest, not do other things, but begin to disciple by teaching, teaching, teaching, then He is with us, and we will see the fulfilment of His great commission. So go into all the world, that’s God’s command through Jesus Christ, that He said, Jesus said, “now you go, and I’ll be with you.”

Source: Loren Cunningham, Loren Cunningham – The Call, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-G8Fb6UzTg, Uploaded by YWAMdotORG on Aug 12 2013. (Accessed Nov 13 2017.)

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